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THE AKASHIC RECORDS: The Divine Gift of Dreams

Accessed From The Akashic Records
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We presently live and exist within the third dimension of our emotions, thoughts and physical bodies. When we sleep we move into a disembodied fourth dimension (with no time nor distance) of the astral or psychic where dreams reside. Let us now have a discussion of the meaning, value and purpose of these mystical aspects of our selves. Can it be true that each one of us has a gift from the gods built in gyro guidance system through our dreams?  Throughout our history as a species on this planet we have queried ourselves about dreams endlessly. Perhaps it is time now to know the truth about what dreams are and why they exist within our beingness as human being.

The truth is if we know how to access and use our dreams they can give us insightful, supportive information about almost every aspect of our conscious and unconscious lives, as well as an understanding of the true reality of the universe. It is curious that an aspect of our selves (our dreams) that many of us often do not remember or believe can exist to serve our highest good.

Is it possible as humanity further raises its frequency, thus consciousness we are waking up to an often hidden powerful part of us that happens when we are asleep?  Today the study of dreams (their interpretation) is growing and expanding, as we accept the unseen portions of us becoming valuable components of the seen. Perhaps we are beginning to realize that the part of us we know the less about, the unseen parts, are the most essential aspects of all!  Are we ready to review and apply the insights our dreams?

 Learning how to apply your dream insights can actually have a powerful effect on future dreams for each and every one of us. The Akastic Records reveals that this power is limitless. This teaching/message at this time is being given to humanity, to choose or not to value our dreams, as a tool to assist us within our evolutionary process of moving into We Consciousness.

Let us examine the fourth dimensional, energetic structure of dreams to better understand how they really work. The bases of our dreams are within our emotions and thoughts which create our third dimensional reality all the time.

Visualize your emotional and mental bodies as a cosmic wheel with spokes coming off from the hub/center of the wheel. At the end points of each spoke are our individuated consciousness, our emotions and thoughts.  On the opposite side of this end point are our unconscious emotions and thoughts, closed to our awareness. All the wheel spokes are connected at the wheel hub/center with each other, allowing our conscious and unconscious selves to communication/connect.  The wheel hub/center itself is the multi-conscious emotion/mind of ALL THERE IS/CREATION which connects to the Akashic Records, the Universal wisdom of all Creation, known and unknown. As this cosmic wheel is energetically activated (moves/rotates) through the shift from third to fourth dimensions this is how we access our dreams( through this divine design). Needless to say, we are completely unaware of this process which further reveals the perfection of the creation of us and the universe. But in truth we are mostly unaware of what is happening within and around us most of the time.  But whether we are aware or not our life experiences enter this cosmic wheel to be reviewed/revealed within our dreams and later in our conscious lives, if we so choose through our freedom of choice and will. This is the divine gift of dreams. This cosmic wheel becomes a storehouse, mirroring of the Akashic Records which stores everything.

Deep meditation and hypnosis and practice (write down your dreams and study later)   can bring the unaware into the aware.  So it is the unconscious emotions and mind that awakens when we are asleep (in effect, when we are asleep we are awake, and when we are awake we are asleep). So as we awaken when we are asleep, true insights and guidance,  and other needed healing and individual,  global information, and forewarnings can be received. Since there is not time nor distance in the realm of the dreams, the past and future are presented in the now.

Through practice we can learn to decipher when and how to use the information within the dream. It is essential to learn what is happening in the dream and what is happening within your conscious life and connect the two (this is what the mechanics of the cosmic wheel explained earlier does). This is an intuitive process by actually seeing the patterns in the dreams that connect with daily awaken life.  Looking for the truths, in the unseen world of dreams can be revealed within our awakened and unawakened states of being through practice and accepting with compassion the gift of dreams.

As in all matters in life using your discernment (how you think about it) and your resonance (how you feel about it) are also important within the interpretation of dreams. You can always compare what you receive within your dream from other sources as well. Dreams are not here to hurt or frighten us but to be a storehouse of loving guidance and information to assist in the process of being human. When we further learn how to tap into the reservoir of our dreams life can become a richer more joyful, mystical experience. As we further awaken as a species, the divine gifts of dreams has spread globally and we are learning more and more the meaning, value and purpose of simply remembering our dreams.

Phillip Elton Collins is the author of six metaphysical books: 

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