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The Keepers of Creation

Co-founder of the Angel News Network


Dear Humans being human,

We, The Cosmic Keepers of Creation, accessing The Akashic Records, come to you at this crucial time within your evolutionary path to discuss the significance of choosing to connect with the forces of Creation called God, Creator, Source, ALL THERE IS (or whatever name of which you resonant).

The truth is all of your past Golden Ages (Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Aztec, and Mayan) and the creation of this final Golden Age are maintained and sustained by the higher realms forces from whence you originated.  Your choice to separate from forces of creation, and/or abusing their powers have been the cause and effect of much of the pain and suffering in your world.

At this time of ascension of your planet and humanity (evolving into a higher frequency of existence) the essential connection with the forces of creation are coming to the forefront again.  Many of your sciences are now co-mingling with universal/cosmic truths; allowing a deeper connection between humanity, Creation and consciousness itself. You are once again bringing Creation down from the cosmos into your knowing hearts, transmuting Creation from some masculine God-figure up there to an essential aspect and divine expression of each human being. It is crucial that you reach this profound development within your personal processing at this time.

The big question that the human mind is asking is: “What is the purpose of the creation of humanity?” Your understanding and accepting the answer is the key that unlocks the door to knowing who you are and why you are here. Creation (God/Source/ALL THERE IS) created you, as a reflection of itself, to create communities of equality, harmony and balance. This is being developed through learning to love self and mirror that out into world service; in effect creating relationships based upon love. Since love is the building block of all creation, you are learning to be the Creator. You already are creating your lives, they just may not be what you say you want since you have not yet mastered learning, and being love.

You have been evolving on this planet for eons in an unconsciousness of ‘sleeping spiritual slumber’ which has created the lack and limitation, duality and confrontation leading to pain moving into suffering.  Through self-imposed fear, doubt and ignorance you have not remembered how to create your lives as Divine Beings having a human being experience. Many of you are waking up and have had enough of not remembering and have called forth creating community with creation.

Creating community with creation, true spirituality, is a simple concept that the human mind loves to complicate through thinking it has a better way. Some religions have altered your reality and controlled you for a long time. Many creation and spirituals books are written by people who know nothing of true creation or spirituality. It has been the blind leading the blind. Time to wake ups and see, if you so choose.

Creating a community with creation, true spirituality, is a state of being, a divine state of consciousness that allows equality, harmony and balance, through love. This state of beingness, as a foundation, allows doingness to reflect the highest good of all. Your present social norms, religious endeavors and governments (that you are so eager to give your power away to) do not reflect a divine state of beingness.  Are you ready to make another choice in connecting with your divine essence and reflect that out into your world?

The purpose of this message is to bring a simple tool to humanity to assist you in creating community with creation, a brother/sisterhood that reflects your divine essence creating a new world paradigm of We Consciousness. Creation never intended to be separate from humanity. Humanity separated all on your own, thinking you had a better way. Creation’s intent is to bring an awareness of the divine into physicality, thus into your three dimensional world of emotions, and thoughts.

Know this dear one: Creation actually needs you (humanity) in the never ending evolution of creation. That’s how essential each and every one of you is or you would not be here!

We can hear the human mind now saying, “And why would all powerful Creation/God need humanity in any way?” Dear ones it has to be and do with love and oneness. Your eternal, divine souls have been created out of Creation’s desire/intent for community. The mechanics of Creation is ultimately connection with the rest of Creation, and that includes you. Connection and love can only be experienced in relationship to other beings. This is why learning to love self is so essential to allowing loving community with creation, loving God, loving you. Your experience mirrors back to Creation; allowing conscious reality.  You experience of what you feel and think of reality is actually a mirrored reflection of your true reality as experiences in consciousness. The delineation between creative reality outside self and the human reality inside one’s self affects your relationship with Creation.

Creating community with creation is a process of learning to love inside out, not outside in. This is why learning the importance of the loving relationship with self is so essential to loving others and creating communities of equality, harmony and balance with creation.

One of the most challenging aspects for humanity, in creating community with creation, is to know and accept that you are spiritual beings having a human experience. This requires moving from the mind that wishes to hold on to the physical third dimensional world rather than move into your loving heart that knows your eternal spiritual being. You are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; you are spiritual beings being human. You are not attempting to become something else that is not already within you; you are already spiritual beings (in spite of what you have been taught or forgot in the past). Your heart has all this truth stored within it; time to fully access the truth, to think with your heart (as the heart moves into service to the mind).

You have been taught or forgotten you originated in community with creation, as Children of Creation. You have had so many lifetimes where you believed your physical earthly lives was all there is; you simply no longer remember from whence you came. Your soul plan at this time is to bring the community of creation back into the earth plane.  Many have been taught or believe that the mission is to get out of the Earth plane. Dear ones Creation has been expressing itself through you all the time.  You and Creation are co-mingled.  You are in the process of learning to co-exist and merge with Creation so that the divine will manifest through you. The truth of being in community with creation is an essential aspect of your ascension process now, not something that happens when you reach enlightenment or after your so called death. Your mission is to heal the wounds and ego defenses that have kept you in lack and limitation and separate from Creation. There are many teachings and tools available to you through endeavors such as THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK and other sources to assist you in completing your mission.

Acknowledging and surrendering to higher realm greater wisdoms and guidance is essential. Through your personal process your wounds and defenses are released and you become receptive (eliminating resistance) to assimilating the community with creation into your emotional, mental and physical bodies. In effect you begin to experience the community of creation with all your bodies, by becoming it.

Each of you has within yourselves the innate embryo of consciousness of the community of creation that has been pasted on from lifetime to lifetime. Right now is the time for the birthing, if you so choose. Your human heart has always known of the divine community of creation. The way to access all of which we speak is through your knowing heart, to think with your heart.  The purpose of your heart is to know you are One with the community of creation; thus to experience the intimate/personal aspect of Creation.

We of Creation define ourselves as that reality that is the Source of the universal experience of being;  the I Am Presence/experience.  You are beginning to realize there is an intersection where we meet. That place is within your heart containing your I Am Presence. Take a deep breath, and repeat after us. “I AM CREATION CREATING.”

Welcome to Creating Community with Creation!

We The Keepers of Creation, by Creation, for Creation.


By Phillip Elton Collins


The entire cosmic universe
Was involved and ignited
In the creation of planet Earth.

Twelve Star systems came together
To bring the best of each star
Into our reach from afar.

It was called the grand divine experiment
Inspired by unconditional love,
So they called us,
The Lover-versity of Love.

The whole universe is waiting
And watching us now
To see if we can ace this
Final place, the final Golden Age.

To learn to love self and another is the mission
In order to become the master teachers
And preachers of love,
And be the love stuff of submission.

In recent years we have discovered
Billions of galaxies,
Many like us.
Needing to learn like us
About the reality of love.

Are we ready to accept
That this immense galactic universe
Is not averse to a total

Connection through affection.

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