Saturday, March 24, 2018



Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


On March 14, 2018 tens of thousands of students walked out of their schools to honor students killed in a mass shooting at the Parkland Florida high school and to protest the failure of government officials to legislate common sense gun controls.

That day St Germain said: “These youthful individuals are completely prepared to deal with the economic, social and political environment they have incarnated into and to stand fast against the corrupted forces of government that are simply preventing common sense by not honoring the sacredness of human life and have replaced that with greed.

“They are ready to stand their ground until change takes place and to expose all of the elements that have prevented change. They have a strategy. They understand civics. They understand the inter-workings and the checks and balances of the democratic system of government. They are fully equipped.”

Today, only ten days later, hundreds of thousands of students and their supporters staged demonstrations in Washington DC and cities around the country—and on every continent but Antarctica—demanding common sense gun controls.

The impressive student speakers were moving, articulate and delivered this powerful message to lawmakers: Pass common sense legislation to control gun violence or “we will vote you out.” St Germain’s description of the students was right on.

Here are St Germain’s observations about today’s demonstrations:

“On this day of your gun control marches nationwide you are experiencing the voice and power of the youthful people of your nation who had been dramatically affected by the inaction of their government, a government being bought and controlled by others.

“These young citizens, using their democratic rights to protest and speak, are fully equipped with the spiritual DNA and present incarnational experiences to be the needed voice of change.

“As a result of the choices made within your last presidential election, a great clearing and cleansing of the old paradigm is playing out. Trust, surrender and know all is in perfect divine order for this nation, the United States of America, to become the beacon of light for the world.

“This healed new paradigm can insure a nation based upon love, equality, harmony and balance being led by the feminine energies balancing the “controlling” masculine energy. Beloved humans, you cannot and will not evolve as a human species without this balance. Balance is the way creation maintains and sustains itself, and the present imbalance is the cause and effect for your duality and separation.

“Democracy is not a spectator sport. It requires the heartfelt participation of each one of you. The largest political party in your nation is those of you who do not vote. And now you see the consequence of not being responsible. It is time to balance the universal equation Responsibility=Consequence, if you so choose, through your free will and choice.

“If it resonates, beloved souls of Mother Earth, ask yourself, “Am I ready, through a loving relationship with self, to support a nation and world that has been created from the integration of some of the most loving forces in creation? Am I ready to commit to being an agent of love, built upon love? If not now, when?”

Your friend and teacher,
St Germain

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