Sunday, March 18, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Strengths and Limitations
Where is Your Focus?

From the Archangel Realm of Michael this is Michael, and We welcome you at this most glorious time as you continue to move into the Soul Space. Many now are  begnning to look into the mirror and perhaps looking at their limitations.
And many are training their focus there.

Every human has limitations and enormous strengths as well. Looking at your limitations coincides with looking at what you think isn’t in your life. Looking at the glass as empty. If you are looking at your limitations and focusing your attention there, We ask you now to shift this focus. Can you simply accept what you see as limitations and then shift your focus to begin looking at your strengths or “what is” in your life? This allows you to shift your energy and raise your resonance and vibration. Looking at what you think are limitations and focusing your attention there, will lower your resonance and vibration.

What most have been doing is feeding “what isn’t” with energy. You are focusing your energy on your limitations and trying to perfect them, and thus neglect your strengths. You know you have strengths, yet some take your strengths for granted. You look at your limitations, at what isn’t, and focus an inordinate amount of energy on them tying to get better, perhaps perfect yourself to be whole and complete.

Can you look at your limitations, perhaps looking at what is regarding your limitations and accept them? Do you compare yourself with others? Perhaps look at who they are and what they do well? This may trigger who you think you aren’t and what you don’t do well. 

Can you focus on your uniqueness and the uniqueness of your talents and gifts to then express that uniqueness as opposed to looking at what you don’t do as well as another? What another does well is quite different from what you do and where your strengths lie.

This goes hand in hand with moving forward and towards what you say you want.

If each and every one of you can focus on your strengths, on your unique talents and gifts, then what you say you want will come to fruition. Yet, as long as you focus on your limitations and look at what isn’t, this will hold you in the old and perhaps yearning after what you say you want.

As you look into the mirror, perhaps what you are doing is labeling what you see as limitations. This label is based upon conditioning where what was reinforced was who you aren’t or what you can’t do, as opposed to who you are and what you do well. Now, look into the mirror and see who you are now and what you do well and shift your focus there. This will begin to shift the old conditioning.

This is most important because your glass is always FULL if you choose to look at it that way. If you choose to label who you think you are not and what you aren’t good at yet, or as good as someone else, you will continue on the hamster wheel of lack and limitation and struggling to survive not to mention JOYLESSNESS.

We ask you now to focus on who you are and your talents and gifts and what is in your life. Make a list. Read that list to yourself then ask, how does this make me feel?

Might you feel joyful?

You can look at what you have labeled your limitations, and perhaps they are limitations, and accept that this is what you are doing. In this case, see your limitations and then see your strengths and shift you focus and energy there. Doing this will strengthen your strengths. Your strengths come from the depth and breadth of your heart space, your limitations are labeled as such through the conditioning of the mental body. Your strengths are your uniqueness.

In order for you to walk through the new doorway, it is important to know you can now make the choice to focus on what is. Focusing on what is, is focusing on your strengths. See your limitations and accept them. See your strengths, accept your strengths and focus on your strengths.

As you look at your limitations and focus on them ask yourself;
What am I feeling right now?
What is coming up for me when I focus on my limitations?

Then, look at your strengths and your talents and gifts. Focus on your strengths. Ask;
What do I do well?
Then move within and ask yourself;
How does this make me feel?

Then, ask yourself;
What am I choosing to focus on?
Am, I choosing to focus on Joy, my talents and gifts, my strengths and what brings me Joy through my talents and gifts?
Do I focus on who I think am not or not good at yet, and feed that with more energy than I feed my strengths?
If you are doing this, does it bring you Joy and resonate for you?

So we ask you;
What are your gifts and talents?
What are your strengths?
Where are you focusing your energy?

When you focus your energy on your strengths, your talents and gifts; your talents and gifts will and you will grow. If you focus on your limitations you will remain limited.

Focus on your talents and gifts and nurture them by feeding your strengths with energy. Nurture by feeding you with energy. Feed your strengths and your talents and gifts will become a bigger, larger and a greater tool to express the depth and breadth of you.

You can now choose to look at what you have as strengths.

This is part of the growing process, moving deeper into the depth and breadth of you. It is another step in taking responsibility for yourself. It is the wounded little boy and girl inside that focuses on what they think they don’t have, who they think they aren’t yet, what they think they are not good at yet. This is all based upon the conditioning of Mom and Dad.
It is an old habit. It is an old pattern and most of all it is an Ancient Ritual.

You now can choose to shift your focus and focus on your strengths. What you are focusing on will affect your pathway into the unknown. Focusing on your strengths will strengthen them so you can walk into the unknown strong and powerful.

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