Sunday, March 4, 2018


Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

 Serve Others and Reveal the Light

It is important now to congregate with those whose basic truth is peace, community, harmony and equality. Many now may be feeling powerless. By utilizing the teachings and tools you have been given, that has led you to your powerfulness and greatness, you can begin to show others the light. You can now remind others of their greatness and powerfulness.
It is important to realize that you are powerful. You can serve others with your tools and talents and gifts that can remind them of their powerfulness that is based in peace, community, harmony and equality and intimacy.  

The powerfulness We speak of is not meant to override what is happening in the world outside of you or change it or those holding onto the old. It is a powerfulness to create a new world.  It is not about fighting or opposing what is transpiring in the world.

Many are having feelings about what is transpiring in your world.  Suppressed and repressed feelings are surfacing, and it is important to have these feelings. As these feelings surface, do you respond or react to what is transpiring outside of you?
If you are reacting, simply become consciousness that you are, and accept with compassion that you are. By doing so, you then can make a choice to respond to what is happening.  By consciously responding, you will be doing so through a powerfulness that is peace, community, harmony and equality. 

It is important now to not stand alone with this. Begin to bring it out into the world and share with others these teachings, so they can see they too are powerful.  Please keep in mind that it is not about changing anyone nor the world outside of you, it is about shifting to a new collective consciousness.

The tools We give you, help you entrain and assimilate your powerfulness and greatness inside of you. So you then can assimilate you out in the world.

It is now about shifting from the low dense vibrational energies of the third dimensional realm to the higher vibrational energies of multi dimensional realms.
When you look out into your world, you are only seeing, viewing and experiencing one dimension, and it is of a low vibration and resonance.  You are a multi-dimensional being that resonates at a frequency that raises constantly as you release your old wounding and old belief systems.  It is about resonating with truth, peace, community, harmony and equality.

Do you resonate with peace, community, harmony and equality?

The challenge, when you see what is transpiring outside of you in the world, is to remain in this place because you may be triggered by what is happening out there. Your nervous system is triggered as well as old belief systems, conditioning and comfort zones.  When this happens, you are being asked to move out of this place. This is when the ego will begin to fight movement, the movement from the status quo and comfort zones. 

What is happening outside of you in your world is dramatic and the way in which the human can become aware and awaken. This is happening for many, especially those who have been in a place of sleepfulness.  When the nervous system is triggered, the first reaction for many is moving into fear and defense, defending the comfort zone, the status quo or the old. 

By utilizing your tools, you can nurture the wonderful and most glorious souls who are moving through this . Doing so by nurturing them through their feelings, and help them know that it is possible to shift their consciousness and stand in their power of who they are.

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