Wednesday, March 21, 2018



A Template for Living: The Second Coming of the Soul

Inspired by our Higher Selves & Higher Realms
By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Humanity is once again reconnecting firmly with the higher realms from whence we came. We are remembering and realizing that we are not alone, have never been alone and that higher forces are at play to assist us in evolving and advancing as a human species. Our destination is our Divinity.
The ‘new normal’ is for we humans to be multi-dimensional; this allows us to be in this 3D world of emotions, thoughts and physicality and at the same time connect with higher frequency realms that assist in our ascending from where we are now to a higher vibrational existence of love, equality, harmony and balance.
Throughout this endeavor focus on the content of what is being suggested if you have an issue with the source. The wisdom shared here transcends the believing human mind and reveals what is stored within our knowing hearts. In effect, the words in this endeavor come from ‘thinking’ with our hearts with the assistance of higher realms. This will allow us to create lives and a world of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance. This is our heart’s desire.
Since the focus here is transformative content, I shall not focus on the higher realms inspiring this endeavor beyond explaining that the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR) is composed of the Archangel Gabriel (a major data base of All There Is); Archangel Michael (moving us from our believing minds to our knowing hearts); Archangel Raphael (assisting in the full healing of humanity); and Archangel Uriel (acting as a protector of planet and humanity). The ascended masters are higher realm beings who were once human and are now assisting us in ascending/evolving to a higher state of being through our higher selves. Additional material on these higher beings is available through many other sources.
As we look at our present lives and world and discuss where they could be with the application of higher realm support, two factors and tools prevail; love and healing.
If you so choose, allow this endeavor to serve as a ‘template’ for living as we discuss many of the arenas of being human in our world today. Applying higher realms teachings and tools will assist us in “re-founding” America and reflecting those divinely democratic principles further out into our weary world.
We shall discuss exciting possibilities that are quite possible through the foundation of awakening our collective soul, and unified field of oneness consciousness. We shall lift many human stones and look under and beyond them through our emotions, thoughts, relationships, the past, religions, governments, health care systems, the arts, the media, education, corporate America, the economy, justice, the planet/environment, building communities, family, aging and death, politics, activism, and always a good look at what the future could be (our divine destination).
It is essential at this time (if we so choose through our free will and choice) to look deeply and carefully at what is happening in our lives, our nation and world and understand why and how the higher realms are assisting us to advance/ascend and create the lives our hearts so desire. This process will allow not only the survival of our planet and our human species but for us to flourish as Divine Beings…
Onward and Upward,
Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder, The Angel News Network

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