Wednesday, March 7, 2018


From the Archangel Uriel, Lord Sananda & The Great White Brotherhood
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

THE ‘I AM PRESENCE, (From Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages)

What is this thing, this force called the I AM?
What exactly is present in this name?
A force, a presence that has no shame nor blame.
We hear The Christ, and the name Saint Germain,
Associated with this, the same.
Does anyone truly understand this name,
That has neither shame or blame?
Let us now attempt to explain…
The I AM seems ancient in its claim
To have created all in this domain,.
By the mere spoken word the power of creation
Is released in elaboration.
But since we are part of creation,
This I AM force is part of our self-relation.
Dear Beloved Children of Planet Earth, we world teachers would like to discuss an energetic divine aspect of yourselves called The I Am Presence.

The I Am Presence is a frequency vibrating from your heart and soul that lives inside in you. It is not something to be brought in from the outside. The I Am Presence is always present. It’s just a matter of you accessing it. Its energy is most powerfully felt in and around your heart and your throat chakra where it is expressed in the word.

Your resonance and discernment activate your I Am Presence through your freedom of choice and will. When events flow in your life with grace and ease, that is a sure sign you are activating this divine gift and presence.

When humankind’s monster of fear, doubt and ignorance is not present; your I Am Presence is present. When there is no duality, separation, isolation nor conflict, your I Am Presence is present.
Knowing and loving this innermost being will allow complete manifestation of your soul plan (your purpose in being here) and bring you great joy.

It is essential that you begin to know and love this divine aspect of yourself. When you have gratitude for your I Am Presence, great abundance comes forth…

Your I Am Presence is innately gifted to all, a force from creation that allows you to know who you are (a divine being) and why you are here ( to be in world service), and where you are headed…

The divine soul who we are speaking through at this time has compiled a volume of “Present Phrases” called THE HAPPINESS HANDBOOK, Being Present Is The Present. This endeavor, which we inspired, will give you further in depth wisdom concerning your I Am Presence and how to use it.
Being human within the dense 3D frequency, you are in the process of learning how to accept and access your I Am Presence. A key component to access your I Am Presence is seeing yourself good and worthy enough to receive it. Teachings and tools within The Angel News Network allow you to heal unloving aspects of self in order to fully receive all the abundance life has to offer.

Your I Am Presence allows you to receive ‘downloads’ of your divinity on a regular basis which raise your vibratory frequency, thus consciousness. The increased consciousness allows the creation of a new you and world. The word consciousness contains the letters “I-O-U” (consc-I-O-U sness). The “I” is “U”. This means your consciousness owes you your I Am Presence! 

With an open heart recite after us:
I live, move, breath and have my being within the invincible strength and power of my mighty I Am Presence inside me always. Take a deep breath, dear ones, and on the exhale drop your jaw and release the sound AHH. The sound/vibration AHH connects you with the same frequency/vibration where your I Am Presence eternally lives.

Know through your heart and loving sense of self that you can receive your I am Presence in each moment of the present. It is your innate divine right. When you fully connect with this presence you know what it feels like to be free of the unhealed ‘me’ and join the ‘we.’

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