Sunday, March 25, 2018


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
Dear Loving and Sexual Human Beings,

What love and your sexuality are has eluded you for eons. When you lost your direct higher realms connections from whence you came, you lost your true connection to the purpose of love and sexuality. In advanced civilizations love and sexually are direct expressions of your divinity. It is your destiny to reclaim this. What you now have experienced with both is but a shadow of the true reality of love and sexuality. In golden ages past you did experience the divine connection of the building block of love and the human connection of your divine erotic life forces energies you call sexuality. The time has come to recapture unconditional love and know the purpose of sexuality .It isn’t what you have been taught and may think.
As you are waking up more and more, let us remember together the meaning value and purpose of love and human sexuality. Love is not just an emotion felt, and sexuality is not just your gender, about reproduction, or with whom or where you place your genitals. Your corrupted non-loving relationships with self, others, and your world through distorted teachings in religions, cultural beliefs, and governments are now fully enforced in your definition and experiences of what you call love and sexuality. Love and sexuality are essential elements that hold your world and universe together and are here to bring you great joy, not what they now often brought you. How often has your present experience of love and sexuality brought you joy, and fulfillment dear ones.? They have often created feelings of control, sadness and suffering in your lives.
There have been volumes written and spoken on these topics but let us see if we can further clarity through a brief understanding of the meaning, value and purpose of love and sexuality in your lives. Suffice to say, you do not yet fully comprehend the purpose of love, how to manifest with it, and that sexuality is far more complex than two genders, heterosexual or same sex expressions. Since you are remembering that you are Oneness with ALL THERE IS; there are many diversified ALL THERE IS expressions of that Oneness. For instance, soon you will be ready to learn there are multiple expressions of gender reflecting the multiverse.
It is the fear of the full expression of how powerful and multidimensional you are that causes you to create your small boxes containing love and sexuality. Your chosen journey has been about self-empowerment and self- realization, a journey with many twists and turns. While the chains of non-truth remain strong, it is your divine right to know truth. The veils between untruth and truth are very thin now due to the ascension process your planet and humanity are experiencing. Your 3D illusion world is dissolving as the old paradigm of duality dies replaced by the new paradigm of paradise on Earth.
There are many courses of study available such as the one we come to you through now: THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK, that will assist you in unravelling the mysteries of life and the universe. We teach and know that the soul does exist and live throughout eternity, and your sexuality and love are portions of this immortal aspect of you. Your sexuality is a component of your love-force energy that maintains and sustains your desire to be here. The expression of this has no limit in what you call gender; it is the diversified ways creation wishes to express itself (like the many life forms on your planet). Your fear of this truth has created your small definition of what you call love and sexuality. A divine expression of love through sexuality can never be anything less than a true expression of god expressing itself.
Remember dear ones, the purpose of planet Earth is to learn to love. How often have you shamed, blamed and judged a loving sexual expression as a result of a non-loving relationship with self and others? Please know that responsibility comes with this. In advanced civilizations individuals are allowed full loving sexual expression while being taught how to prepare themselves parenthood. There are no children having children. Much of your existing sexual behaviors today are individuals attempting to fill an empty hole due to a lack of love.
As the consciousness of humanity increases, most of the negative consequences you now experience with love and sexuality will no longer exist. As you advance into your multidimensionality and sustain a direct connection from whence you came, love and sexuality will take on cosmic consciousness. The effort needed now is to keep your heart open to receive the many answers to your questions.
In order for you to receive from higher realms and you to be able to apply it you must trust and surrender to what is given. If there is not a balance of giving and receiving the journey becomes more arduous. Allow your resonance and discernment to connect with the higher realms that are here to love and support you, dear ones. Being ready to commit to receive is crucial. Are you ready?
As many of you have learned humans have been given more than your five physical senses, it is your additional higher telepathic senses where love and your sexuality truly reside and express themselves. And they have become quite creative in how they do that! You see examples of that in your many ‘unaccepted’ or not main -stream love and sexual expressions which you are in the process of accepting with compassion. You are slowly beginning to see they are all expressions of the same Oneness.
All of which we speak of at this time is a wisdom already stored in your heart that you are learning how to access; listen to. How do you do this dear one? By simply asking your higher self (soul) to support you. Ask and ye shall receive. 
Dear ones look into the mirror and ask yourself what is keeping me from reclaiming my power and speaking my truth, stating my needs, and setting my boundaries? 
It is time to know that love and your sexuality are your fullest expression of god being you, and you being god expressing itself divinely; that your love and sexuality is a way to join your divine higher selves with another, and reflect that out into the world.
Love and your sexuality are alive and well within your heart. They are the empowerment of the multiverse forever. You humans have often distorted both turning them into something they are not. It is time to trust and know and create a healthy relationship with love and sexuality that reflects your love of self.
Between your many lifetimes you have been required to forget your true divine beingness. This allowed you to experience life more fully. This is also one of the reasons you have not yet awakened to the more expansive nature of love and sexuality. IT IS TIME TO ASK THAT THE VEILS OF FORGETFULNESS BE REMOVED. Then you will know more about love and sexuality than you ever thought possible. What you see now is the tip of the iceberg waiting to melt to join in oneness.

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