Thursday, March 1, 2018


Received from The Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)
By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Humans-Beings,
As you spiritual DNA and higher chakras are now being activated once again through a process you call ASCENSION, it is time, if you so choose, to once again directly connect with the higher frequency/vibrational realms from whence you came and who maintain and sustain you at present.
What has been called your ‘junk’ DNA by your scientist which is your true energetic connection to your higher self is now allowing the re-activations of your eight through twelve chakras (above your present one through seven) which coordinate with the twelve star systems that seeded your planet. Not to over-load you with too much star data at this time, please know each star system brings a monadic/priority to the diversity within your planet and humanity’s soul plans. There is no planet in the universe with your diversity of star systems. You are a divine experiment of diversity learning to love itself.. Your higher DNA and chakras were originally de-activated from past abuse and disconnection to higher realms. Now you are being the opportunity to permanently re-connect to higher realms to manifest your final golden age….
What all this growth and expansion means with your DNA and chakras is that you are re-connecting with dimensions/realms above and beyond where you mostly reside now. There are many light workers and way showers showing the way by being their message and allowing higher realm connections/guidance. There is nothing special about any one connecting (channeling) with higher realms at this time. If they say so, or insist they are the true, one and only path to truth, use your own resonance and discernment to move away from them.
Master teachers do not call themselves “masters,” they simply re-create themselves! Be cautious of anyone who ask you to follow or worship the guru. Your higher selves reside within you and are patiently waiting for your awakening, dear ones. Your ascension process has always been and always will be a process of inside out (not outside in) through your freedom of choice and will. You’ll all eventually get there; it’s just a matter of when and how.
Each of you has ‘fragments’ within your soul plans which will allow you to resonate with specific higher frequencies as essential aspects of your soul plan. You will each receive/connect with the frequency/consciousness that best serves your highest good and needs. This is a divine union that only you can choose or not….once you choose you are chosen, dear ones!
Beware dear ones, your mental body or others may attempt to sabotage the entire process, by telling you, you are not good enough or worthy enough to receive such a connection. Or others may tell you this goes against all established beliefs and truths. Well a belief from the mental body often changes and truth only lives within your knowing hearts (not outside yourself).
Take another deep breathe dear ones, release yourself from yourself and know what you are about to receive is not about you, dear ones. Allow yourself to become connected to another multi-dimensional aspect of itself and become a vessel of it. You are finally realizing you’re here to be in world service to one another and Source/Creation/God. This service can only be achieved from your divine self -love reflecting out…
Dear ones all of your so called inventions and advancements as a species were/are the result of the higher realms connections of which we speak now. Your brains simply received, they did not create! It is the unconditional love of the higher realms that makes all of this possible.
So take another deep breathe dear ones, and begin to know and realize who you truly are as multi-dimensional beings having this human experience and begin to accept with compassion that true wisdom (not knowledge) comes from the higher realms you are beginning to accept as an essential aspect of self.
You are more glorious and amazing than your minds can ever imagine right now, dear ones. Once you truly know this, you will create a world that reflects this truth and then you real work begins….

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