Sunday, March 11, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart

Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for March 2018
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Nurturing You and Receiving Love

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael, this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now moving through new aspects of your life and moving into the new of your life.  You have moved through your first two months of 2018 and now move into your month of March.

Many have realized deep aspects of the old. Many are being triggered as they look outside of themselves at the world in the macrocosm and in the microcosm of their own personal life and relationships within their life.  What has come to the surface for many is the old. Many are moving deeper within to deep core aspects of their wounding, and it is now becoming more palatable, easier to accept.

For many, these core wounds are being triggered by what is happening and transpiring in their life.  What is being triggered are deep rooted suppressed and repressed feelings.  This is frightening, troubling and challenging for many because of the repressed feelings that have been lying dormant since childhood.  Your core wounding is now being triggered. Many are trying to explain what is transpiring but find they cannot. And when they try to, the cycle repeats itself over and over again.   What you are doing is trying to figure out in your mental body how you are feeling and why you are, as opposed to feeling these feelings. 

The charge to these feelings is enormous because you are hitting the deep, primal root of your core wounding.  It is deep, raw and palatable. Quite possibly you are feeling vulnerable and not sure what to do about this.

As you move into your month of March, this will continue for many. So We ask you to look at the last two months to see what relationships may have triggered you and what is being triggering.  As feelings come up, are you allowing them to flow through your body as frightening and daunting as it may seem?   This is transpiring now for many who are on a committed personal process toward self-mastery and living the soul’s journey, growing each and every step of the way.    

As you move into your month of March, We ask you to see where you have been triggered and what is transpiring within your physical body because it is now time to begin to nurture yourself.  It is time to observe where you are and nurture where you are.  Many find this difficult and challenging and perhaps do not know how to nurture themselves.  

If you have been triggered in the depth of your heart and core wounding is surfacing, deep, perhaps dark feelings are surfacing that have been suppressed and repressed.  You may not be sure what to do. 

We have said to you throughout 2107 and into 2108, it is time now to move in congruence with like-minded individuals and open your heart to them to be supported and guided through this process.  This is another aspect of moving into community, harmony and equality with yourself and others. 

In this year of 2018 you are continuing the process of moving into your truth and fully expressing it by being who you are.  It is about releasing doing and moving into being who you are. Look at the first two months of 2018, are you being who you are, are you challenged at being who you are?  Do you continue doing, and pushing your energy outside of you, thus holding at bay opening to receive love?  

March is a time where you can begin to open to receive love.  

We have just explained what may be transpiring for you, it is most important to being the process of nurturing.  This process begins with you first.  You can begin this process by asking yourself:
Where am I?
What is transpiring?
What am I feeling?
What do I need?   

Remember, it is about opening to receive love.

When you move through the process of being triggered, core wounding is triggered and suppressed and repressed feelings will surface.  Many might move into blind spots as to what tools to use, and how to use them.  It is important that when you move into blind spots and not sure what is transpiring, yet know that it is deep, core wounding has been hit, and the feelings are intense, begin to breathe deeply to allow the energy to move, and ask yourself the questions We just gave you.

If you are ready to receive love, it is important to understand that it is not imperative that you go through this alone.  If you are moving into a new collective consciousness of community, harmony, and equality, begin to reach out to those who can support, assist and guide you through this shadow period, the darkness or the deep aspects of the core wounding.

If you are trying to explain what is transpiring, understand that what is transpiring is deep and primal and most likely cannot be explained. You are hitting the core wounds of the wounded child.  This child does not know how to explain what is transpiring but needs to feel it and express it.  You can express it through sound or physical action, or whatever you need to move the energy. It is deep, core and primal and it need not be explained. 

When you hit core wounding as the adult, and you try to figure it out and explain it, in doing so you will be repressing the feelings once again.  If I know what is transpiring, and what it all is, then I can avoid the feelings. 

Each and everyone of you is being triggered by what is transpiring in the macrocosm in the world outside of you and possibly in the microcosm of your life and relationships within it. This is bringing up old memories, behaviors, habits, patterns and rituals. Yet most importantly it is bringing up deep-rooted suppressed and repressed feelings. These feelings must be felt and the energy must move in order for you to take the next step in your soul’s divine plan.

It is now most important that you begin to connect with others who can support and guide you through this. It is also important to allow yourself to open and receive love.  In turn, it is also important to open yourself to help support and guide others moving through this process. And in doing this, will move you into relationships based in community, harmony and equality. 

As you move into your month of March, it is important to observe your life, what is transpiring in it and observe your relationships.   What is not important is to initially try to figure out what is transpiring to try to get the lessons.   As you are being triggered deep within your heart space, and core wounds surface along with deep, suppressed feelings it is important to experience this.  Allow yourself to be in the experience. The way in which you do this is to allow yourself to feel your feelings and begin to nurture yourself. 

The core wounding of the wounded inner child, is based upon mom and dad not allowing the child to experience what is transpiring and their lack of nurturing that child.

As your core wounding comes to the fore, and the charge of suppressed and repressed feelings surfaces, this can be overwhelming. Many then try to figure everything out in your mind.  It is most important to allow the experience to transpire, and if you find yourself trying to figure it out, allow yourself to be where you are in that moment, then begin to nurture yourself through it.

The reason why this is happening now in your adult life, is the wounded child was never nurtured properly by mom and dad.  It is up to you now to nurture that wounded child thus nurturing yourself.  Be aware if you are suppressing and repressing the feelings. Nurturing yourself will allow you to move through this easily and gracefully.  Also be aware if you move into resistance when this is transpiring.  If you do move into resistance, once again allow yourself to be where you are.  

Remember, it is not about knowing everything. It is about becoming conscious and aware about what is transpiring in your life in the moment. If you find yourself in a place where it is overwhelming, it is then important to reach out for support and guidance and to open your heart space to receive love and nurturing from another.  

As you move into your month of March it is most important to begin to experience what is transpiring within you and observe your life. As you move through the experience, the gifts and lessons and teachings will come through after nurturing. It is about nurturing first then teaching and receiving the lessons.

To all the light workers and way showers; if you are called upon by others to support and guide them through their process, be aware that it is important to nurture first then teach.  We express this to you because most move into their mental body in these moments and want to figure out what is transpiring.  

Your month of March is a month of nurturing and observing where you are. Opening your heart space to begin the process of receiving love.  It is most important as you move through this month of March to open your heart to receive love from one another.   




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