Thursday, March 29, 2018



Transcending Self:
The Human Soul & Eternal Spirit

We have entered the “Epoch of Soul & Spirit,” allowing us to transcend “Me Consciousness” into “We Consciousness.” This is happening as a result of the ascension process of the planet, ascending from a carbon based reality to a higher frequency crystalline reality. Thus, it is also affecting humans living upon the surface of the planet. The unseen portions of us, our life-time souls transmuting into our eternal spirits are also being activated, for this is the ascension of Earth and humanity. The timeline on this began in 2012 and is destined to be a 2,000-year cycle.
Our past few hundred years were consumed with the individual, as we deepened physical understanding, perfected survival skills and strengthened ego defenses and the ability to manipulate others. As we got good at this, we systematically eliminated the human soul (this life) and spirit (our eternity beyond this life) from our lives, especially in the workplace.
A grand awakening is upon us as those who achieved great wealth and fame maintained a feeling of emptiness, a lack of purpose and even sadness. They inwardly knew there had to be more to life than teachers and religious leaders told them. This post industrial revolution spiritual awakening was causing us to ask, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” This new spiritual epoch is redefining and refining what we know about ourselves, one another, our leadership and the world.
As the old paradigm leaders attempt to dismiss the truth of our souls and spirits in our lives, our resonance and discernment are alerted to a new paradigm reality, to embrace our souls and spirits as equal aspects of the human experience (knowing we are spiritual beings having a human experience). This is the single most significant factor in our lives within recorded human history, transforming every aspect of humanity. Let us look at twelve developments that represent the twelve star systems that originally began this world:
* Higher realms are assisting humanity within its advancement/ascension into a higher frequency/dimension of existence. We are not alone, never have been, never will be.
* The reality of the existence of our souls and spirits will more increasingly gain an equal voice in all measures of how we live. Being the world’s leading nation has meant being the world’s leading economy. America will continue to lead and inspire success, but the new ingredients of soul and spirit will change everything.
* We are learning to inspire rather than motivate ourselves and others. Motivation is backed by “Me consciousness” while inspiration is a relationship with souls (inspire; meaning spirit, to breathe, to give life). The old paradigm leader motivates (based on greed); the new paradigm leader inspires.
* Change is all there is so we are in a constant state of needing to learn. It is our divine right to learn, which a defense against ignorance. Life is a lifelong learning process and it feeds our soul to learn what we need to connect with in the world and beyond. We are here to grow and expand and without it, the soul aches.
* Sacred workspaces are being created to inspire the human soul. Creating work places (that we love and respect) factoring in the human soul will transform offices, factories, and distribution outlets. This will transform human performance, further integrate human lives, and allow the creative expression of everyone.
* Each human being has a purpose/reason to be here (soul plan). Everyone desires the activation of that purpose. The new paradigm leader’s responsibility will be to assist the individual in matching their reason to be here with a function. All humans desire to find joy in their work, to have a relationship between their soul and work, and not just have a job. When our work engages and nourishes our soul, we are truly alive, and more productive.
* What humanity is intending (as a birthright) is a comprehensive integration of work and life. Humanity intends to transition from a balance of life and work to a complete integration of the two. The new paradigm leader recognizes and applies this. We are entering the epoch of total integration of all aspects of life.
* People are intending to work for a cause(s) that inspires their soul, not just a corporate mission statement or marketing plan with financial rewards. Individuals intend to have the freedom to carry out their responsibilities, take ownership for what they achieve, earning fair financial rewards. A cause seduces the soul.
* Through the ascension process of the planet and humanity, humans are evolving into a new conscious approach to life rooted in (true) values. We have seen the abuse of the word ‘values’ with political, religious, and business leaders! It is time for a higher realm renaissance for the life we say we want. Let us create the change we intend. Values mandate strategy, not vice versa. Through true values (love, equality, harmony and balance), the greatest positive change awaits us.
* To compete means someone or something is better than another and there is a loss for one. The word ‘compete’ actually means “to create together”. Our world is filled with competition and it has negatively affected our relationship with our self and others and created much imbalance in our world. Competition not only creates low self-esteem, it creates emotional, mental and physical stress weakening the human immune system, and poisons organizations. The irony is that competition is a counterproductive way to build teams since it focuses negative energy of ‘beating’ the opponent instead of creating positive energy benefiting both sides. Competition comes from the densest, most unhealed energy within the human condition rather than from the love force within the human heart. Honoring our interdependence as a human species will create greater results than competition ever did, so let us now apply the actual definition of the word compete and create something wonderful together.
* As we advance as a human species higher realms keep sending new wonderful technologies to us to assist in our divine journey into a higher frequency of consciousness. When used positively, as intended, technology becomes the connecting vehicle of our souls through human consciousness, allowing us to engage differently than ever before. One of the most self-empowering tools gifted to humanity has been the Internet, a way to free humanity from the three dimensional world, and integrate our lives. We have now entered the epoch of ‘Universal Consciousness’ creating an unified field of Oneness. At long last, technology is allowing the mission of the planet to come into fruition: connecting the souls of humanity into the ‘Divine One.’
* It has become quite obvious that the leadership in our nation and world needs to change. What we currently have does not meet the needs of the people nor represent the highest good of humanity. Conscious leaders are aware that we now live in a global world of organizations that are interdependent upon one another. This has become the most powerful force on the planet with more than half the world’s economies being corporations, not nations. The choices and influences of these companies can be negative or positive. Their future success will not be solely measured by monetary success but by their effectively being protectors and god-fathers of the human soul and spirit. Our feelings create our thoughts and actions, future corporate leaders will need to understand the feelings of others and to lead from their knowing hearts. The old paradigm of fear and competition is ending, replaced by love and truth, meaning, value and purpose, joyful fulfillment; all qualities that feed the soul and spirit, as well as the monetary purse.
As ‘Me consciousness’ continues to morph into ‘We consciousness’, remember the soul and spirit of humanity will have equal balance in all human endeavors through love.

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