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Originally received by trance channel Edgar Cayce
Adapted and expanded by conscious channel Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

Ever since humanity lost our connection to the higher realms from whence we came, we have struggled with our way back home. There have been many way showers along our recorded and none recorded history that has blazed a bright pathway to our original divinity.  None is any more divine than the humble being named Edgar Cayce who in his brief life assisted thousands in healing what troubled them, creating a trusted, loyal following, while at the same time being misunderstood or not trusted by the established medical and educational community of his time. Cayce’s life was filled with personal and professional misfortunes that would have destroyed many (including his own self-doubt of his innate gifts and talents) but his inner voice kept him going forward with the best use of his life energy within his lifetime. Perhaps, during these crucial times now, it is time for more of us to remember this human being who brought wisdom’s into the world that can surely assist our healing how.
It appears I have been invited to join the soul plan of Cayce, to discuss many of the wisdoms he received regarding human life and expand upon them within my own metaphysical training and what I have received from higher realms at present. The purpose of this tome, not being biographical, is to support our accelerated planetary and human ascension process which was not the topic of the day during the time of Cayce who died a few months before I was born in 1945.With a deeper understanding of the truth we can lessen pain and suffering, preventing long term suffering, while further embracing the eternal spiritual beings we all are.
Since Cayce was a devout Christian professed deeply within the Bible, with limited traditional education and little  personal metaphysical knowledge what he received during trance often appeared to have the language of Christianity while at the same time transcending it into universal wisdom. As I integrate what Cayce received my task will be to maintain and sustain a universal, cosmic viewpoint while expanding upon what already exist. Throughout this endeavor I shall be mixing the past (Cayce) and present (Collins) without focusing on credit to either. Since all of it came from higher sources it’s not about either of us who are in service to it all. Know in your heart this is a blending of the two. You will use your own resonance and discernment as what is true and useful for you. Again, the purpose of these words is to assist in our immediate ascension process, increasing our awareness/consciousness, raising our frequency/vibration, clearing our path back home…
The pathway back home whether it has been through the ancient mystery schools or our current metaphysics is the same:  it is solving the problem of freeing the human soul from our physical bodies and the world. The ‘soul’ being the etheric, unseen portion of us that dies when we die and transmutes into our eternal ‘spirit’ that can never die. Within the masculine energy control mechanisms when Christianity was demanding to become the dominant religion of large parts of the world, many ancient truths about the human soul and spirit were hidden and denied. Much ancient wisdom was destroyed or made inaccessible preventing all truthful pre-Christian data coming forward.  It’s curious to note that in spite of Cayce’s conservation daily Christian views; universal spiritual God truth came through his trance channelings (when he was unconscious  he became conscious) transcending current dogma, setting us free with truth. I am what is called a ‘conscious channel.”  It doesn’t appear higher realms need to knock me out completely in order to receive higher dimensional messages. I am not sure the reason for both trance (Cayce) and conscious channels (Collins) but I sense it has to do with the configuration of our soul plans. I shall not compare nor judge them but be thankful for both. Through this material the word “God” (Good On Demand) is used to attempt to simplify subjects that are not simple. If you do not resonate with this word God pick one of your choosing;  Source, ALL THERE IS, Universal Mind, Creator, etc. It really doesn’t matter to the forces that created us all.
Following are twelve Spiritual Segments which marry the channeled wisdoms of Edgar Cayce with my own. Enjoy them and apply them where they resonate…

Spiritual Segment 1
The human mind, housing the altered ego demands and commands a reason/understanding for almost everything even when it is not ready to understand/receive or accept what it ask. The big question has always been: how did it all begin? What Cayce received and I confirm in receiving myself from higher realms some 72 years after his death is the simple truth is that God/ALL THERE IS was a lone and wished companionship by creating expressions of ITSELF, you and me. To know ourselves is to see it in another, including God. Can we finally accept we are all God experiencing itself in a fantastic multi-diversity?  We are all each other in disguise mirroring the building blocks of creation being the creator creating all the time. We are a self-empowerment sent out from God expressing creation through our talents and gifts through our God-given life energy essence for each life time; knowing we have had thousands of life times on this planet and elsewhere to master what we need to self- master, then our souls can be freed from this three dimensional world, transitioning into our eternal spirits and continuing our expression and service to Creation/God/All There Is or whatever we chose to call it through our free will.
Spiritual Segment 2
Another reality that has threaded through all pre-Christian (Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, Aztec, Mayan) and Christian spiritual foundations has been something we now call the Christ, meaning soul, Consciousness  and the  many embodied comings of this consciousness that resulted from the law of diversity that originated everything. Now we are realizing that the presence   of this Christ Consciousness energy (most recently through Buddha, Mohammed and  Jesus Christ) is not through someone else coming again but through   ourselves awakening to who we truly are. Each embodiment of this divine energy carried within it a plan that supported the evolution/ascension of the planet and humanity. These Christ forces know the human senses/actions did not operate outside the Earth’s atmosphere and are constantly balancing the above and below energies to assist us moving into a higher frequency of existence (our divine destiny and soul plan). All of it is part of God expressing itself, remembering human souls were created as companions for and with God, supporting the reality the only relationship we are having is the one with self-reflecting ALL THERE IS, God.
Spirituality Segment 3
Creating the companion to God employed what is God Itself: energy/consciousness, eternal spirit, universal mind, individuality, cause and effect and intention into manifestation/action. First there was energy that drew spirit into itself and created the individuality of God, our soul.  Spirit gave the knowledge of God to the soul which allowed the experience to be separate or one with God. Thus an individuated human being came forth dependent upon God but aware of an existence separate from God, call this free will and choice. The record of our free will and choice is the soul.  In effect, the first human thought was the beginning of the soul. So we can see the soul consist of two states of consciousness: that of knowing it came from God, (Christ Consciousness), and the knowledge of everything the individual chose to experience (evolving back into Christ Consciousness). So the game plan for the soul is a series of incarnational cycles filled with unlimited experiences, to know all aspects of creation through free will and choice. To learn what we need to learn, the way we need to learn it. The incarnational cycles will end (human death will be conquered and unnecessary) when the desire of our will no longer is different from the heart of God. Then our consciousness will morph with into Christ Consciousness with God and our soul will return to and embrace its source as the true companion of God it was created to be. This is another explanation of the ascension process. The return of the soul to source is not any loss of individuality; the return of the soul is the return of the image that was originally conscious of it.  When the soul returns to God it becomes fully conscious of itself not only as an aspect of God but a part of every other soul: this is what ONENESS means. What is healed is the mental body ego that intends to be and do other than the heart of God. When the soul returns to God, the soul lovingly surrenders to its Creator. As our planet and species approaches its final 2,000 year ascension cycle, we humans are experiencing all the duality, separation and confrontation to know this is not the path to from whence we came. The soul is one of the grandest things ever made with its free will and choice. God has done nothing to interfere with our choices so there could be a permanent healing and our insured return to God.
Spiritual Segment 4
All of humanity’s problems stem from its separation from the higher realms from whence we came. Religions call this the fall from spirit. All our past human golden ages were created with the assistance of higher realms and our final one now will require the same. So what is required now for our ascension process to take place is a strengthening between our two states of consciousness, that of spirit and that of the individual, in effect for them to integrate into balance. When our souls embraced the consciousness of creation it also chose to separate from the consciousness of its spirit. So for a long time we have been stumbling along on our own free will and choice. This way of learning is coming to an end and many are choosing to reconnect with the consciousness of creation and create a committed path to their ascension.
Spiritual Segment 5
Our solar system represents a blueprint for our evolution, growth and expansion with the destination of being a committed companion with God, in effect being co-creators in the vastness of creation. Our planets represent the various dimensions of consciousness within our solar system. Each of our planets (more being discovered all the time) represents the consciousness of its intention with civilizations living within the various dimensions, most of which we cannot see yet due to our consciousness and their being inner-planetary worlds, living inside the planet not on its surface. The Earth is the third dimension of emotions, thoughts and physicality, living on the surface with higher dimensional civilizations within the interior.  The Earth is called the ‘Lover-versity,’ with our mission to master learning to love, with our own planetary laws, soul plan, and ascension process. The eternal spirits wishing to become Earth souls who were attracted to what this planet had to offer appeared as aspects of their individuated soul plans.  Intially we were androgynous of an etheric nature, not fully dense physical. There were parts of us which did not wish to separate from whence we came.  We became denser as each soul’s commitment grew to be here and as our entanglement into matter strengthened.
Spiritual Segment 6
 Of all the souls that God created in the beginning only certain ones chose to come to this solar system and planet to experience the mission of this planet to master learning love. Twelve different star systems came together to assist in the creation of this world. Each star with an unique purpose to support our evolution. The Divine Plan for Earth’s soul cycles has also included incarnations dwelling on other planets within other dimensions within this solar system. Ultimately when our emotions, thoughts and physical body are no longer a hindrance to the free expression of the soul (when human mind has morphed into divine mind) we transmute into our light soul bodies and ascend into a higher frequency of existence; our souls have completed their experiences of creation and we return to God, becoming a companion and co-creator. This is the soul man called the Christ. Then our souls get ready for new missions beyond this solar system, planet and perhaps galaxy.
Spiritual Segment 7
As mentioned earlier when souls first came to Earth they partially inhabited physical bodies, holding onto from whence they came. Incarnation after incarnation our souls descended into our Earthliness. We remembered our true selves in our dreams, myths/fables, often verbally handed down generation to generation. Then along came religion, an attempt to remember memories lost. The expressions of the arts and sciences eased our pain; these were brought to Earth from incoming souls inspired and receiving from higher realms these gifts (even though the human mind could not acknowledge from where the gifts came). Eventually humanity at large was left with a consciousness separate from the higher realms. We created theories and philosophies for what we felt were the truth, led by the human ego. Not able to access the higher realms, humanity created the sciences to explain what it saw around itself.  With the human plan in full force, more Earth-bound we became further separated from the higher realms. Now knowing our sciences, religions and philosophy cannot reveal the complete truth, we have begun our ascension upward healing our lack and limitation, duality, separation and confrontation with a lot of help from the higher realms.
Spiritual Segment 8
Lemuria and Atlantis sank, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec and Mayan civilizations fell, others rose to fall. Humanity was fully saturated in Earth-bound consciousness but we have begun our ascension back. In 3D Earth time it has been a long but necessary journey back home; a journey we all chose and committed to long ago. Humanity has been in a state of great spiritual darkness but the darkness precedes the dawn; for we cannot know the light without the darkness. Science, religion, and philosophy having no interest in the past to join forces are beginning to merge revealing higher realm wisdoms and truth. This will also be a game changer for governments, corporations, education and medical systems, as humanity awakens further.
Spiritual Segment 8
We are all unique, diversified versions of one another with our own personalities and emotions and thoughts. The law of karma, cause and effect, also makes us different in our happiness, sadness, in our strengths and weaknesses, our talents and gifts, actions, reactions and our consciousness. There is karma for families, tribes, races and even nations. Every person’s life is affected to some degree by karma. Debts incurred in the flesh are paid in the flesh. But none of this is greater than our free will and choice. It is how we react or response to a situation that matters in our soul development. Because of karma some things are more likely than others but so long as there is free will and choice anything  is possible.
Spiritual Segment 9
Did you know “GOD” means Good On Demand. Are we ready to see ourselves good enough to receive our good and give more of it in like kind? Once we balance the giving and receiving life become sheer joy.
Spiritual Segment 10
No soul embodies in human form without a soul plan, a purpose, and a reason to be on Earth. Much of each life cycle is to clarify who we are and why we are here; mastering self and bringing our talents and gifts out into the world. These tasks are seldom perfectly filled and often it takes several life times to achieve success. Choice of incarnation, parents, location is usually made at conception when energetic channels of communication are wide open by the parents. Soul plan patterns are made by the mingling of the soul plans of the parents and the one intending to incarnate. Often karma conditions/considerations are similar between parent and child coming in.  This can effect location and physiognomy.
Spiritual Segment 11
The soul’s selection of a physical body is affected by former historical associations, former relationships with the parents,  timing of the incarnation, and what issues are intended to be worked out in that life time. The soul may occupy the physical body as early as six months before birth, or as late as a month after birth. Once the decision is complete an energetic envelope encompasses the new person and the soul, and the earthly record of the child begins; all stored in the eternal Askashic Records.  As the physical body is formed in the womb it is also greatly affected by the life streams of both parents. A long-term personality can form over two to five incarnations depending upon Earthly experiences and exactly what the individual wishes to heal and work out. Emotional and thought patterns come into focus, talents are formed, the intellect surfaces. Life times in other locations in the solar system and the star system the soul originated from….all come into play. But ultimately each one of us is a blood cell in the body of that loving force called God, Good On Demand. Each one of us is an intention of the planetary forces in action on Earth. Each one of us selects a body to express self (being a reflection of All There Is).We humans chose to learn what we need to learn through something called the relationship with self, reflecting that out into the world. We are waking up to know we are in service to this world and all those upon it.
Spiritual Segment 12
Each soul enters this dense Earthly plane not by chance but through the intention and will of a loving Creator so that the human soul through its own free will and choice may work out whatever is preventing a permanent connection to the higher realms from whence we came. Whether a soul is developed or retarded in a certain lifetime depends upon the ability to master life through self-mastery. Life is all about activating our soul plan, our purpose in being here and the decisions we made in being where we are in this three-dimensional frequency.,and taking responsibility for those decisions as the co-creator creating our lives all the time.  Let us remember we have never been alone and never will be. There are immutable universal laws, equations and tenets being repeated at present taught by higher realms to ease our journey in being human until we all join in oneness.


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