Sunday, April 22, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins
Earth Day 2018

It’s no secret how much
Mankind has abused and
Misused Mother Earth.

We rape her body, so oddly,
By taking her vital organs,
Air, water, oil and minerals,
Like there is an endless supply,
Not thinking or caring we are killing
The Mother whose body,
We so rely.

The time has come for Mother Earth
To protect and serve herself,
Due to the lack of consciousness,
Among us.

All nature is a self-purifying and protecting,
Let us now stop
Mankind’s endless capacity for destruction,
So new constructions can begin.

Mother Earth’s method of self-defense,
Is to return to humanity her offense.
That which has been imposed upon her,
For eons past, that shall no longer last.

So mankind shall now experience
Universal Law:
What you cause others to experience,
You shall experience yourself,
In the end.

When mankind, not being kind,
Has fully awakened and gained further wisdom,
We may join in perfect cooperation
With the magnificent force of Mother Earth,
Creating heaven on Earth,
Being One again.

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