Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Our focus this Sunday will be celebrating the angelic realm. We will be highlighting the "Angels News Network" and sharing some wonderful testimonials of some of our experiences through Divine Discussions and the Ascension Ceremonies. Phillip Collins, one of the Directors of Angels News Network, will share and I will also be offering some deep reflections of my Angel experiences.
This I know .... I have been impacted by angels throughout my life. I have felt their Presence through my dreams, through some of the darkest moments, and received their channeled input as I opened to receive it.
Angels have given me my "transcendent moments" which I referred to last Sunday, that gave me glimpses of my Union with the Divine and all around me. I have felt their touch upon my head and seen their glistening light around me. When I have been teaching, or in deep prayer and meditation, I have felt the intensity of their light to such a degree that I couldn't open my eyes.
They awoke me out of a deep surrendering rest after my mother's transition to go outside and see the double rainbows in the sky and seagulls passing by ... to let me know she was free and at home.
Angels pulled me up from a darkened street after being attacked and then spoke to me the next day to remind me how their love was always upon me.
I have had communications from my pets through angelic hosts in the pet kingdom.
I do know there's 100,000 angels watching over me always ... and I invite you to share in our experience this coming Sunday celebrating this amazing kingdom.
LOVE, Charles
Sunday, April 29th Sunday Service

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