Sunday, April 8, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Event: A Grand Awakening

It is not so much about an event as opposed to an awakening. There is never just one event, there are many. Quite possibly the word event and awakening are similar in this case if you choose to use this terminology.  

It is about a grand awakening.  Many now are experiencing individual events in their life that are bringing them to a grand awakening of who they truly are. It is a grand awakening of their truth. It is a grand awakening of community, harmony and equality.  

Beginning in your month of April you are moving to a grand awakening.  It is an awakening in the depth and breadth of your heart space. It is a grand awakening in the microcosm of your life and in the macrocosm in the third dimensional realm.   

This grand awakening is moving to the depth of the core of who you are and knowing that you are one with the universe.  You are one with others. 

It is about releasing the need to separate in duality. 
It is about coming together in a grand awakening in a new collective consciousness.  This new collective consciousness is peace, community, harmony and equality. 

As many move through their personal process or their “spiritual” life, they move through it with many attachments. The attachments are about what can transpire in their life in the third dimensional realm if they undertake doing this work and moving on an inner soul journey.   The attachment is, what will I get in the third dimensional realm if I do this work, and move through this personal process? 

The process is an incremental step by step process of awakening.  It is a series of events that transpire within you that are triggered by what happens outside of you.  It is these events or awakenings, that allow you to grow and move into the fruition of who you truly are.  

Many hold a linear attachment to the third dimensional realm. When you move within and open up to the depth of their heart space you begin to heal. This healing process is triggered by various events in your own person life. It is important to be aware of the attachments you have to doing the inner work.      

What transpires for many is the perpetuation of herd consciousness.  It is the perpetuation of following something or someone outside of you, and you think that what is outside of you is greater than you.  Many seek this and there are those who prey upon this.   

The teachings We and others bring you is about moving within into a greater empowerment of the self and who you are. It is through this process that various events will happen in your own personal life that will lead you to an awakening of who you are, your greatness and your powerfulness.  This is so you can stand individuated as an adult in charge of yourself and your life and moving to fully loving, honoring and valuing you.   

Yet, there are many who have attachments to this. 
If I do this work, if I follow this soul journey, if I move on the path to the great awakening to who I am, what will this get me in the world outside of myself? 

It is important to understand that there are no attachments to the personal process. It is not about the attachment of getting something outside of you if you do the personal inner work.  It is about moving within to remembering and rediscovering the greatness of you. Then formulating the reason why you are here in service to the world outside of you.  

Many choose to form new modalities and new endeavors to support and guide others outside of you. This is standing in the powerfulness of you.  
If I stand in the powerfulness of me and express the beingness of me in the truth of who I am, this can affect others so they can move within to a greatness and powerfulness of who they are.   

This is all done through the resonance and vibration of love, peace, community, equality, harmony and all inclusiveness. 

This event is a grand awakening to a greater depth of self and a greater love of self.  
As you move deeper within in this grand awakening to who you are, you then begin to form a new collective consciousness with like minded individuals.    

This grand awakening takes place within you in incremental periods of time that may be triggered by events in your life so you can see the mirror that is held up to you.      

Your month of April is a grand awakening and it has been a slow process, quite possibly a tedious process.   It is a grand awakening by individuals to their greatness, powerfulness and truth.  Then en masse in collective consciousness, expressing that message and beginning a grand awakening in the third dimensional realm.  

The awakening is a new collective consciousness and you are that consciousness.
Can you open yourself to the possibility of new awakenings? 

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