Saturday, April 14, 2018

Adama, Father of Humanity, Discusses s Inner Earth LIfe

Captured by Phillip Elton Collins

(One hundred wisdoms that can change the world)
1.      Peace is a necessary factor for the human evolution/ascension and evolution/ascension is a necessary factor for the continuation of the human species.
2.      Lower and higher realms are here so we may together find our way back home into higher dimensions of light.
3.      It is the destiny of humanity to have the freedom and protective environment necessary to allow us to evolve into the Light Being we are. This is what ascension is all about.
4.      Humanity is receiving Light from Above and Below: Galactic Command and Inner Earth. We are between two great forces of Light.
5.      Earth is a lover-versity; we are being schooled in life evolutionary processes,
6.      Inner Earth Civilizations are connected to all solar systems in our galaxy. There are amino acid computers connected to the Akashic Records that convert teachings into readable data.
7.      When we are truly ready Inner Earth Beings will surface and merge with Lightworkers for the final stage leading to ascension.
8.      Waves of ascension energy are being generated from the Creative Force of the Universe; these are in unison with God’s Plan for Earth. There is a Divine Timing at play.
9.      We Lemurians are hefty and strong having been on a vegetarian diet for the past 12,000 years. We are able to prolong our life for as long as we desire; knowing emotions and thoughts create realty. The fountain of youth is located in your emotions and thoughts.
10.   Grow older in age with grace and dignity and maintain your physical prowess, agility and strength through conscious diet and exercise. Don’t allow age to limit you or what people say. You are unlimited.
11.   Ascension is about determining how long to remain in physical body before moving on.
12.   Are you ready to adjust to your Immortality, knowing you can live forever.
13.   When your vibratory rate reaches a certain frequency it triggers the light particles or photons in your body and turns on the Light in your body.
14.   Lemurians works with the etheric body to restore lost limbs and body parts. All physical parts remain in their etheric blueprint.
15.   Lemurians thoughts take us wherever we project them by being fully conscious of our thoughts; we project them out wherever we wish to be=Astral Projection.
16.   You are never alone. We are working with you always, our thoughts and meditations join us= Telepathic Message.
17.   Your planet is under siege right now. But the dark forces are being turned back and the Light is rapidly spreading around the globe.
18.   You are all Light; As we are all Light; And soon our two Lights; Will merge into; One great Light; Of planetary Ascension.
19.   We Lemurians evolve consciously, this is the difference between our civilizations, as more become conscious, merging will take place.
20.   It is spiritual evolvement that is causing the confusion and chaos on the earth, as those entities who are not prepared to evolve resist the energies that are pouring in. When Light is resisted, the pain and confusion exist in the hearts rather than love, equality, harmony and balance.
21.   You are made of pure white, golden Light from the Inner Heart of God. Most of you forgot this.
22.   Your hundreds of thousands of lifetimes are merging and you are remembering you are waking up remembering who you are and why you are here. You came from higher dimensions.
23.   To remember: focus on yourself; see yourself enveloped in white, golden Light of perfection and beauty. Know this is you. Know you are beautiful beyond words and perfect beyond sight. Bring this beauty and perfection into your vision and see yourself standing as the magnificent being you are !
24.    Knowing that we are all truly one, in Lemuria we are one extended family, borrowing and sharing all we have.
25.   In Lemuria we practice unconditional love, knowing it will be returned many fold.
26.   Living long lives allows us to apply knowledge into wisdom.
27.   It is important to achieve immortality; you then have the advantage of putting all your accomplishments to use so you can experience a life of creativity and joy.
28.   The purpose of life is to dream and in the dream to create all you’ve dreamed. All we dream, we create and all we create we honor.
29.   The key to our success is the purity of our emotions and thought’s and our love for life.
30.   In Lemuria all food and commodities’ are free. We do not think about money or taxes; our thoughts are free to roam the multiverse.
31.   You have become slaves to a corrupt system of usury. You have given your power away and work long days to pay debt you really don’t owe.
32.   We believe in democracy and the right of all human beings to live in peace, with abundance in a system supported by justice for all.
33.   Our positive emoting and thoughts project a protective  layer around us that tempers the elements and brings us perfect weather.
34.   Earth is one of the few planets that still is in the dust regarding access to past life experiences. Amino acid based computers allow learning from past lives which is vital.
35.   Our sunlight is a reflecting crystal brought from another planet, All Light is one, no matter how produced.
36.   We have amino acid computers that link to the star systems that seeded Earth.
37.   You on the surface are still eating dead foods; foods that no longer carry the Life Force of raw foods.
38.   Nature left alone produces abundance which will raise vibratory rate.
39.   Know that you are composed of many layers of Light, the densest of which is the physical body.
40.   You vibrate according to the Light Quotient contained in what your body assimilates. You control your electron spin by what you eat.
41.   It is always “now” here in Lemuria because we learned the Universal Law of being and doing in the moment.
42.   No matter what happens around you, now that you are safe in God’s Arms.
43.   There is a correlation between the lack of stability in your lives and the weather patterns.
44.   The Earth is a great reflector and she reflects the feelings and thoughts of all life on and in her body.
45.   You are here to maintain balance and regain Earth’s composure as a Great Being of Light.
46.   You determine all conditions surrounding you, as you set up the parameters for all things to interact.
47.   You, too, are leaning to detach yourself from the past and future and float in the “now.”
48.   We use electromagnetic energy and crystal energy to navigate around the inside of ourg lobe. Our energy is all free and clean.
49.   With freedom comes true joy of living. Without freedom there can be no evolution, without evolution there can be no continuation of life. A species either evolves or dissolves.
50.   The merger of our two great civilizations is necessary for the ascension of the whole planet.
51.   Mother Earth has sacrificed her precious body to be a host to life. She has sacrificed her well-being so here children could learn there ascension lessons of love and abundance. Her time of sacrifice is over. It is time to transition into Light.
52.   Once you reach a certain vibratory frequency your body will not be affected by the 3D dense plagues and diseases.
53.   When humanity evolves in consciousness to the state where they will accept us, we shall surface.
54.   You on the surface are kept in the dark by your governments about us in the Inner earth.
55.   We have learned war is futile and aging and   death is totally unnecessary to God’s Divine Plan.
56.   All humanity has suffered greatly from its limited vision of Universal Laws.
57.   You are the Second Coming of the Christ. You are the Christ and you have come again in this incarnation to bring the Christ energies to Earth where they can permeate all life forms.
58.   All things are of God. Knowing this can change your life.
59.   Knowledge of your Divinity is the best guide of your Soul’s Path. Travel on the Divine Path to God, knowing your divinity every step; one step from Below, one step from Above in the Divine walk through life….meeting as one in the stars.
60.   All souls whoever incarnated on Earth have now returned to experience the ascension of humanity.
61.   The reflection of Cosmic Consciousness is infectious and spreads like wild fire throughout humanity.
62.   The Light is now blazing brightly, as Lightworkers and Wayshowers are waking up in unprecedented numbers across the globe.
63.   Join us brothers and sisters of Light as we all travel higher and higher in consciousness until we meet on the planes of reality where all glistens with the golden sheen of God’s Light.
64.   A Spiritual Warrior is one who acknowledges the Light within and knows that they are here for the purpose to bring more Light into the Earth.
65.   Your soul and spirit are all Light and when you merge with your I Am Presence you bring the Light into your core knowing you are One with All.
66.   The Light never fails and all those who are responsible for destructive actions will be dealt with by the Spiritual Hierarchy and not allowed to return to Earth.
67.   Know that the Light will overwhelm all life on Earth and those who cannot hold the Light will leave en masse.
68.   The souls who have been manipulated by dark forces will be cared for and honored and raised into the Light of their Ascension. This will be the last great play of the dark forces for soon their power will want and they will crumble and fall like dust on the Earth.
69.   We are Creation and yet we are the Creator all in one, It is the Creator within us that allows us to experience and evolve infinitely as we create.
70.   To ever live immortally and to grow and expand in consciousness each step of the way. This is the glory of God and it is within us all.
71.   Love flows to you whether you open your heart to it or not. It is ever present.
72.   Love is the glue that will adhere our emotions and thoughts into one presence of love for self, each other and the planet.
73.   When we speak of God know that we refer to the Source of all Creation.
74.   There is only one source of love and it is from the Divine Heart of God which is in our heart. God’s Divine Love dwells in our heart ready and waiting to  be releases and sent to all.
75.   Your planet is now reaching the stage of adulthood where poverty, wars and greed are no longer acceptable. The mass consciousness is now calling for peace, abundance and well-being.
76.   Having entered the Photon Belt the planet began its ascension December 2012.
77.   Love all unconditionally and this Love will further hasten your reuniting with all who wait for you in the Higher Realms.
78.   Know there is life on all the planets in your solar system. These are your brothers and sisters living in higher dimensions. Your electrons will soon pick up speed and be able to join them.
79.   All celestial bodies are hollow with life within them. The Earth’s interior is the mirror image of the surface.
80.   You, on the surface are direct descendants of roving bands of ET’s who created you to mine the Earth’s resources. These Creator ET’s don’t reside on Earth t this time. You all have the sane spiritual potential as Inner Earth Beings.
81.   The history of all life everywhere resides in the Inner Earth Library of Porthologos. Here there are living records of life stored in crystal formatting. Concentrate on the crystal and the wisdom you wish you will experience.
82.   Our goal is that to create higher and higher states of consciousness until all of Earth explodes into her ascension Light and all are free of Earth’s density forever.
83.   All life forms on Earth are opting for their ascension. With love and peace, all life will be assured a rapid evolvement to make up for the lost days of darkness.
84.    You are in the process of the merging of peoples, places and principles as all come together in One United Earth….no matter how things appear at present.
85.   Heaven is not in another place; its location is right here on Earth. For heaven is just a frequency and you are now rising rapidly toward accessing that frequency.
86.   In the 5D everything is known and everything is light and everything is One.
87.   Humanity has its own distinct vibration that interfaces with the whole Earth’s surface and culminates in what I called your ‘mass consciousness’ which registers your state of evolution and determines the rate in which you evolve.
88.   Whatever you perceive, you receive. Your perception of yourself will reprogram your cells into your true Divine Blueprint of physical perfection; the perfection we live daily in Lemuria.
89.   There are Earth Elementals reflecting back to you what you project out to them. The spirit of the hurricane is located in its eye and you can communicate with it and send love to diminish its intensity and change its direction.
90.    All time is non-existent. It only exists in your 3D world so you can learn your lessons in progressive order. In higher realms everything spins around in a circular fashion, occurring simultaneously.
91.   At some point you will be living in an uncountable time frame noted by cosmic events; this is how you say immortal.
92.   Put crystals in your over night water; it will charge your body with electrical currents and open up blocked meridians.
93.   Once Oneness is acknowledged people will revere the Earth as sacred and the environmental destruction will end. Destroying Earth is the sane as destroying yourself.
94.   Ascended Beings know that all substance is made from Light that can create anything and everything at the flick of a thought.
95.   Beings from all over the Universe came to Earth to experience physicality. Some were not of the Light and created chaos, clinging to greed and attempting to control Earth and enslave people. Some life forms evolved out of the substance of Earth and honored their Mother. Remember everything in the Universe is an experiment, including your body.
96.   The Hollow Earth exists in the very center of the planet which is hallow and starts 800 miles down. The diameter of open hollow space is 6.400 miles (the diameter of the entire Earth is 8,000 miles).
97.   The 4D, astral, psychic dimension is being dismantled to accelerate ascension into 5D. The 4D has been used by departing souls who did not go directly to the Light but lingered for great lengths of time there.
98.   Conscious is all there is. Every thought, feeling and action and words you use determine your level of consciousness.
99.   Take the time to invest now in mediating, by exploring and by loving yourself.
100.            Raising your consciousness is where you want to be. It is an investment in the continuation of the world.

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