Sunday, April 22, 2018


Our Education Needs Educating

It is time to feed the souls of students as well as their minds.
As we take a micro/macro view of the educational systems in America it becomes clear there are similar problems that can apply similar solutions (balancing the universal equation: problem= solution).
How humans apply compassionate, loving tools in the present and future will determine the ‘re- founding’ of America and the world. The call for being into doing is for parents, and communities to work together with educational systems to create a new vision and means for present and future generations to live in a conscious, peaceful, loving, affordable, wiser world. This can be achieved by feeding the souls of students through education; thus, it is time for educators to recognize and know how to access the souls of their students.
Four key factors are essential in this process:
* Without expanded, integrated support services beyond schools students from impoverished environments find it challenging to succeed academically. This includes emotional and financial support without creating student debt that handicaps an individual for far too long in their life cycle. These support services will come from the created communities of love, equality, harmony and balance, which have been and can be again the backbone of civilization.
* Since students are multi-diversified versions of each other with different social, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds they also need unique ways to learn. Educators need to expand the methods of teachings to effectively reach all students; one format does not work for all.
* Change is all there is and it is happening faster than ever. The speed of change is reflecting the ascension process of the planet and humanity transmuting into a higher state of being. It is essential that social and educational systems remain in a constant process of that change. Conscious humans are choosing to maintain and sustain a constant personal process (deep examination of self), and so need the structures that support being human.
* The gift of cyberspace from higher realms allows humanity to access information and to learn immediately. As advanced technologies continue to be gifted to humanity, as it is ready to receive them, it is essential that students have the training to be able to access this wisdom.
As humanity continues to progress through radical cultural and technological change educational systems are critically affected. Here are seven questions that need to be answered within the new paradigm:
* The cost of education; who pays? Where it is not free, who will be able to pay for the current and future high(er) costs? Is education a divine birthright of being human?
* How does current culture and the marketplace determine academic curriculum? In effect, who determines what is taught and how?
* With the advancement of technology (all information available to all), how impactful will it be on how and what is taught? Who is in control?
* With current focus on science and technology, what is the value of liberal arts education in life and the workplace?
* Beginning to live in an era of ‘lifelong learning’, what effect does this have on ‘core education’ for professionals in contrast to vocational learning in the workplace?
* Is it time to revisit the relationship between various forms of education and social responsibility? How does education prepare one to be a more responsible human? Does this matter anymore?
* How can society better support those who drop out of school? How can humanity more effectively create different teaching/learning programs and learn more about how variant humans can be in learning/intellectual maturation?
Perhaps it is time now to be reminded of the meaning, value and purpose of learning. Humans are born in ignorance that does not have to develop into stupidity (knowing something and not applying it).
Four essential gifts/values the self-empowerment of education can be in human lives may be reviewed:
* As humanity awakens as a human species, they are remembering humans are here to be in service to one another. Through a loving relationship with self, humans can reflect that out into their lives and world. In effect, humans learn in order to serve. Humans learn to strengthen their ability to connect with their higher selves, their moral compass. They learn to further awaken innate talents and gifts and learn how to bring them out into the world. As humans are more creative they are better able to find solutions to social issues. As they receive education, humans learn that giving back is the balance of giving and receiving. Being educated teaches humans to be more soulful (heartfelt) and mindful of factoring in their humanity in institution’s. Humans learn to bring the eternal spirit of their beingness into doingness, serving the highest good of all. Humans learn “to think” with knowing hearts, not just minds. They learn to activate their soul plans (reason to be here) to come to know the universal truth that they are in service to one another through a healed relationship with self. Humans learn to know and apply the truth that they are diversified aspects of each other (each other in disguise).
* The ultimate mission/purpose of planet earth and humanity is to build communities based upon love, equality, harmony and balance (you have seen that mentioned often within this endeavor). The foundation that defines humanity’s being is community. The importance of education at this time can be to awaken the essential aspects of community in human lives. The connection between learning and the human foundation in community takes one back to their origins, the present and the future. Through advanced technologies ones actions will now impact others like never before in human recorded history. The role of education in providing a historical and ethical framework factored into working, family, and spiritual communities defines who humans are and why they are here. Communities are the hub of a cosmic wheel and each community is a spoke off that wheel spinning through the entire social/cultural fabric.
* The most essential thing humans can achieve within education systems today is to recognize the spirit and soul of a student and feed those unseen energetic portions of that human being, the student. Connecting a new paradigm vision of education to service and community leads one to the path that unites experience and wisdom, awakens a student’s life to the universal meaning of life (to learn to love) through a reunion with the individual’s spirit and soul. This allows a self-empowerment that unites teacher and student as essential aspects of the universe here to support and love one another. Then education provides a healing environment allowing the learning to be integrated into the wholeness of the student. The by-product of this type of education will be the creation of new governmental, corporate and spiritual leaders to forge a new pathway into ‘we consciousness’, through their eternal souls servicing the highest good of all.
* Factoring in service, community and spirit in learning and the interweaving of these values, brings the fourth higher purpose of education: stewardship. To be in stewardship one needs to balance the equation: Responsibility= Consequence. To be in stewardship humans need evolve from the ‘me’ to the ‘we’, choosing service over self (interest). Of course, stewardship reconnects one with service and community and education has taught the importance of these. In reality, humans don’t really own anything on this planet and cannot control what they did not create. Humans are simply here to care for things during brief lifetimes and to pass them on (improved) to the next generation (which might even include themselves). When responsible, humans create outcomes to their liking that benefit others. When not responsible, humans create consequences not to their liking. And this is how humans learn; often ‘what is’ through ‘what is not.’
Right here, right now, affirm an unified/united world of education that creates a new paradigm of what learning is, how it occurs and who receives and benefits from it. Humans no longer have to worry about brick and mortar or location and it is a 24/7 option for anyone. The ideas of unaffordable, elite and social class melts into the diversity and divine rights of being human, with possibilities and probabilities becoming unlimited for everyone. As the ascension process of the planet continues and humans advance as a species and are able to receive (from higher realms) more advances of science and technology, they learn that creativity is less of a mystery and more of a divine right to be received and shared. Education and learning can be without limits of class, race, time, location or any other barrier put on it in the past.

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