Saturday, April 21, 2018


Harnessing Health

“Being heard is the beginning of all healing,” Archangel Raphael.
Ever since humans arrived on this planet, they have struggled to understand how to maintain and sustain health through their limited time within each lifetime. Humans have often looked outside themselves for the cause and effect of dis-ease, not realizing that the solution lies within through accessing the unseen aspects of being human. The eternal duality between the soul and body (the body being the prison of the soul) is now merging into oneness as humanity wakes up, and the soul is freed from the body.
Now at this point in the evolution as a human species humanity is realizing and applying the wisdom that emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions are vital to good health. Humans are mastering how they feel and think knowing it effects the life force energy in physical bodies. When energy is impeded, where it stops dis-ease can occur. Eastern medicine caught on to the “energy truth” faster than the West but the West appears to be catching up in spite of their present broken medical systems. Comprehensive, integrated medicine is the catch phrase for the day where combining the seen and unseen aspects of being human into the diagnosis and prognosis result in the best outcome for the patient.
For a long time in the West and America, health had been defined as the absence of disease (without truly knowing the true cause and effect of disease). Now some awakened souls understand that being well (wellness) is not just the absence of disease, but a higher level of emotional, mental and physical well-being. So the new paradigm doctors and healers will integrate all three dimensions of humanity’s being with traditional efforts, if needed.
The new paradigm hospital will be a ‘green’ comforting environment merging the latest integrated modalities from a wide source of systems of healing. There will be “teams” that meet together and recommend the most appropriate treatments for the patient.
The most self-empowering aspect that will create these new medical paradigms is the power of the patients and the public at large. Change is often challenging but change is all there is in the evolution of the human species. Broken medical systems today (the pain of it all) are acting as the catalyst for the needed transformation of creating healthy healing environments with a mix of the old and the new, the traditional with the holistic. Stopping the pain of humanity’s broken medical system from continuing into prolonged suffering can become a catalyst for transforming lives for the better.
As stated at the beginning of this subject being heard, creating awareness, is the first step in healing. As also stated throughout this endeavor, love is the building block of all creation and that includes human lives. The quality of each humans loving relationship with self and others strengthens the ability to heal. If you know people (including your doctor) are listening to you, it strengthens your trust in them. The strength and support of communities and the openness of hearts are paramount in survival. These factors of love allow one to make choices that are more likely to support the highest good. One may choose (through their free will) to stop smoking, doing drugs or overeating or working too hard.
The true pandemic in human lives today is not cancer, HIV or obesity it is “emotional and spiritual dis-ease”. The pain that many humans are feeling is not the problem. The pain (not becoming long-term suffering) is a wake-up call saying, “Please pay attention!” Consider making another choice. The one(s) previously made are not serving your long-term or highest good. If one medicates or bypasses the pain without listening to it, they are killing the divine messenger within that can reveal the true cause and effect of what one is experiencing.
While genetics plays a factor in health, much more important are the conscious choices one makes regarding what is ingested and lifestyle choices. Decoding the human genome allows some new therapies but the lifestyle choices one makes remains the most important factoring in determining their well-being. The innate divine factors of freedom of will and choice are at play here big time. Humans are the creator creating their lives all the time.
As human evolution advances, humanity is awakening to learn that growing older does not have to mean slowly deteriorating. Humans are finally learning to know the underlying cause of a problem rather than just treating the symptom, which can mean traumatic surgery, and drugs with harsh side effects.
Affirm and know that conscious comprehensive healthcare is the divine right of all humans and need be affordably made available to all without any profit incentives. It is time the peoples of the world demand and command this.

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