Thursday, August 9, 2018


Collective Consciousness On The Rise

As mentioned earlier, things are still bad but better than they have ever been. If you look beyond the need for negative headlines in our media and our addiction to bad news you will see that in spite of what we are told on a daily basis people are living the best they ever have. This does not mean that there is not a need for improvement. There is. In order to create communities based upon love, equality, harmony and balance we need to balance the masculine and feminine energies all over this planet. We need to recognize there is enough for everyone without the few controlling the majority of wealth and resources. We need to know the planet is a conscious living being and we cannot keep abusing her organs (air, water, oil, minerals, etc.) without it becoming a form of suicide. We need to recognize we are each other in disguise, and that our diversity is our strength, not a weakness.
Right now, in combination with the planets’ ascension process, and along with all the bad news, there is a radical transformation of human consciousness’ taking place worldwide. By acknowledging our malfunctions, we make space for healing and ascension to take place.
There have been many master teachers before now, many silenced or killed, who taught the importance of us moving beyond our aforementioned mindful malfunctions. The question now is: Are we ready to apply what we already know (and have been told multiple times).
Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

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