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By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder The Angel News Network 

NOTE: Forward & Preface previously shared 


Phillip Elton Collins and twin brother William Ogden Collins were born in southeastern Georgia, near the secret meeting place of the Illuminati, August 16, 1945, on the eve of the largest bomb- drop in history which brought World War II to an end. It was a challenging birth since 90 pound mother, Joyce Strickland Collins would have to endure at the time a risky surgery to bring her nine and ten pounds boys into the world.  Dad would have to bribe officials in order to gain the needed medical equipment. We were given family names of the men who had most assisted our father, Robert Eldrige, surviving being an orphan in rural Alabama.
Two twins had never been any more different than Phil and Bill whose names sounded alike but that was the only sounding thing that was alike. We were two eggs that decided to be “sperm-met” at the same time and that timing was the only thing of which we had in common..  Bill focused upon the physical, while Phil concentrated on the mental and spiritual. Later I was to know our mission was to honor each other’s diversity.  All the while older brother Robert, Jr. was overwhelmed at two younger brothers becoming the focus of the family.
As of this writing all my immediate family members have transitioned from this frequency. As the last one standing within this world, I have gained a greater understanding of my purpose in being here. Much of my existence has to simply be with being, not some much doing without deep discernment.
Before I was five years old I was already developing a flair for selecting my own pathway by connecting with fairies and Earth beings in our flower beds. I shared this ability to see what others did not with no one. My father’s grandmother was a back -woods Alabama healer and herbalist and I was becoming a culmination of past generation’s nonconformity. The past male members of the family who were grand wizards in the KKK and Masonic brothers, I chose to take a pass on.
From records of family history and accomplishments; Mom’s Dad, my grandfather, was head of the cotton exchange in Savannah and headed the railroad there and beyond the 12 children with my mother’s mother, my grandmother, managed to common-law twice as many children with other women. Dad’s father, who died when he was six, was the first in south Alabama to gain a college master’s degree and be principle of the only local school.  As it was back then, external achievements of the Collins family were fulfilled by men. Bur I remained forever influenced by one strong female ancestor, my healing practitioner grandmother. Sitting by her sick bed as an old woman, she would look into my six year old eyes and take my hand and tell me, “you are the chosen one, you got what I got.” I would listen to her stories for hours and her Nature-based philosophy which stressed the divine orderliness of the universe. Even though my father transcended being an orphan and became a very successful businessman pioneering food processing techniques that built mega empires, it was my mother’s beauty and cosmic consciousness that transcended her upbringing, always my champion and defender; when I appeared different. Since my father had no father during his formative years, his idea of being a father was being a great provider and that he did very well. But it was mother’s affection, humor, grace and style and powerful feminine strength that I would mirror later. These qualities would later allow me to reconnect with Dad after Mom’s transition from this world, and become his champion and defender in his elder years. I would never resonate with the traditional male-dominated perspective of attempting to control what they did not create through might and being right. My mother and grandmother were exceptions to the male dominated society into which I was born. Their influence nurtured what would later blossom into a passionate desire to eliminate discrimination wherever it lingered in the shadows of humanity. I was preparing myself to commit myself to endeavors that would benefit all humanity by reminding us who we really are,  knowing what causes our pain and separation, and learning how we can heal ourselves. I instinctually   knew the solution to these problems would not come from a human mind that had created the problem. I would need to learn and master how to connect with the higher realms from whence we came to gain the solutions. I had no idea just how simple and joyful that would be.
I would come to realize that the imbalance of the masculine and the feminine in our world was the foundation of all our gender, racial, religious duality, separation and confrontation. There is a cosmic reason for these two forces in our lives, and like the universe itself, they must be in balance. By being “two-spirited” myself,  I would begin dedicating myself to understanding what had caused this imbalance and what it  would take to balance it.
Later as I transformed from a successful Ad man career on Madison Avenue, becoming a successful filmmaker with film directors George Lucas and Ridley  Scott, I   began my New York City metaphysical studies and training, I maintained my childhood connection between human beings and the forces above and beyond the natural realm within which we reside.  
A lengthy period of silence and study would take me within the ancient mystery school’s arenas of energy and healing. This period was peppered with sacred journeys to Egypt, Brazil, Sedona and the standing stones of England, while being in a continuous personal process of a deep examination of myself.  Only through healing myself could I better assist others in being and doing the same.  Crawling through worm hole of this ‘initiation’ I came out the other end transformed as a light ascension reiki therapist, acupuncturist, and homeopathic practitioner.   I quickly developed a private healing arts practice which became very successful.  Later I would found a Modern Day Mystery Day and teach others what I had learned myself, balancing what I had received by giving.
Unbeknownst to me, I was now ready to become a channel of higher realms.  “We have been knocking on your door for many lifetimes, but there has been no answer from you. Now we shall crash through that door and ask you, are you ready to become a messenger of the Archangel realm of Uriel?” This booming voice came through my friend, colleague and channel Jeff.  I had no idea who or what Archangel Uriel was. “We shall give you fifty days to decide and shall be back to you then,” this vast voice proclaimed. My heart began racing and I was suddenly filled with joy. Even though I would need to learn who and what this voice was, I knew my answer was a resounding yes!
It is essential to explain I am not a psychic medium who connects with spirits in the astral real. The astral realm is a disembodied reflection of this world filled with mischief and no universal wisdom. The higher dimensions I connect with are beyond the astral/psychic and are filled with truths to set us free from our Earthly journey in order to assist us in evolving/ascending to a higher frequency of existence which is our destiny. The higher being with whom I channel are not going to connect you will a dearly departed loved one, or predict the future or tell you what to do. That would be an entrenchment upon your freedom of will and choice. What I do connect with are higher realms (archangels, ascended masters, etc.) that will teach you the tools  to make a self-empowered decision for your highest good that is the best use of your energy.
During my Florida colleges and New York City young adult days of the 1960’s and 1970’s America was filled with rebellion, sexual expression and self-empowerment. With my first pair of glasses to correct my acute near sidedness, I was seeing and gleefully participating in the world.  I often felt reborn and felt I was ordained into the epicenter of reality. I was determined to try to fit in and appear as normal as possible.  But I knew I was always looking from the outside in. I did not know the word at the time but I was becoming ‘multi-dimensional,’ in two frequencies/realms at the same time: the one of emotions, thoughts and physicality and another that transcended time and space and being human. This ability allowed me to develop and exhibit an innate compassion and respect for human life which would eventually become the hallmark of becoming a metaphysician that allowed me to bridge these two realities while appearing normal. I was creating what I called a ‘new normal,’ since I knew what I was experiencing was the destiny of everyone. It was my task to be a way shower into this new normal.
Through the intimate involvement and acceptance of my multi-dimensional self I was gaining an appreciation and gratitude for this gift I had chosen and been given. Now to know what I would further be and do with it. I knew it would involve improving the lives of others.

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