Sunday, August 5, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network 


After years of receiving and teaching wisdoms directly from higher realms as a channel and writing some twelve books about those experiences and messages, I thought perhaps it is  time to share how I personally feel and think and have integrated what some would believe  as mere madness or at a minimum, delusion.
What I have gleaned talking to Archangel Angels, Ascended Masters, Inner Earth Civilizations, Mother Earth herself, and Star Realms  that began our world,  is that the grandest resources to be found in humanity come from these higher realms: our eternal spirits that can never die, the intelligence stored in our hearts from life time to life time, and knowing we are divine beings having a human experience that allows us to be self-empowered with the choices we have made in being human; knowing we are a cosmic experiment learning to master being love. Love the building block of everything.
The work I have been engrossed in for three decades is intended to create new energies within others by directly connecting them to the finite and the infinite.  I have used narrative adventure story telling, poetry, radio shows, web sites, social media and multiple classroom teachings with direct access to these higher realms to create individual and collective energy so we may know and experience there are no boundaries in being human. In effect my work and that of many like me has been to introduce us to ourselves, knowing we are each other in disguise.


What I have come to know through all this is that humanity’s evolution/ascension into a higher frequency of existence is not a straight line forward and does not lie within governments, corporation, religions or other formalized organizations but rather within individual human beings. I am convinced more than ever that the youth of world and the women of the world are leading the way to our ‘divine destination.’ These two segments of humanity embrace ‘you and me’ more than ‘you or me’ and are hot-wired to create communities based upon love, equality, harmony and balance. The higher realms I have been so connected to are teaching us how to be and do whatever is necessary to support humanity’s attainment of this transformational moment.
The hardest part for me to accept is that any individual could, by making the subtlest of pressure in the proper place can become a critical cog in the wheel of humanity. History has shown this time and time again but for some ‘unworthy’ reason many of us don’t know it is our self..  Time and time again history has shown us that one individual could accomplish for humanity what no organization, government or business, regardless of its size and power could do.
In a world filled with duality, separation and confrontation these higher realms repeatedly have told us there are enough resources on this planet to support everyone. And yet the few still continue to attempt to control what they did not create. Let us remember it will only take one single committed individual to begin a ground-swell that positively affects us all. Is it you? Is it me?
This is one Uni-verse which you and I are an essential part of (or we would not be here), and that universe would be incomplete without each of us. Let us stop separating ourselves from that Universe. Since everything is composed of energy, we are that condensed energy being human.
The challenge for scientist and scholars is to accept what they cannot see, not realizing that most of existence they cannot see and only through mastering the unseen can we master the seen. This endeavor will now continue my conclusions and confessions as to how what I have experienced has affected me, being an essential aspect of the whole of creation….

More to follow….

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