Thursday, August 16, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Are You Defending?

As you continue to move steadily on your pathway, you are opening to new aspects of you. Many of you at this time have been asked to look in the mirror at something about you and your initial response may have been to defend. We come to you now to asking you to look at this. 

When another through their loving heart asks you to take notice of something about your behavior or aspects of yourself, is your initial response to defend?   
Do you feel your heart close down and you move to defend yourself? 
Many of you have done this.
Can you open your heart space to receive from another through love?
Do you hear what another says as judgment and shame? 

At times you are hearing through your defense and the conditioning.
What comes up for you in the moment when another asks you to look at something about you? 

It all comes down to how you communicate with each other when doing this. 
How are you communicating with another?
Are you pointing your finger and blaming and shaming?

As you move on the pathway towards self-mastery it is important to see when you move into your defense.  For many this is a blind spot. 
When another points out an aspect of you and asks you to look at that, where does your energy move within your physical body? 
Do you feel it rise?
Are you triggered in that moment? 
Or do you remain neutral in that moment? 

What are you hearing when another asks through their loving heart, “Can you look at this?” 
Each and every one of you from time to time hears what is being said through your conditioning, your wounds and your defense. 
We ask you to pay attention to what you are hearing because this is where the illusion is created. 

You might be hearing mom or dad judging and shaming you. 
If in fact you defend in that moment, how are you doing it? 
Do you project onto another when through their loving heart they simply ask you to look at your blind spot.  

It is important to raise your awareness and consciousness to what you are hearing, how you are hearing it, if you are receiving it, or not, and if you move into defense as your first reaction. 

When another shares with you something about you ask:
Am I defending when you ask me to look at something about me? 

It is important to become aware of this and raise your consciousness to it.
See the myths and the illusions in what you are hearing from another. Perhaps the voices you are hearing. 

For example:
In that moment when you said this, what came up for me is mom. I heard when I was 5 or 10 years old mom saying this to me. 

In doing this you can begin to heal these wounds and the conditioning from mom and dad. 

It is time to open your heart to the loving heart to love yourself. As you share with another are you sharing through a loving heart? Or are you blaming and shaming and judging? 
Most of this has to do with the balance of giving and receiving. 
How are you giving?
Are you giving through the loving heart and are you receiving with your heart open with love as it is given to you with love? 

It is time to move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart and open to you to raise your awareness and consciousness. This is another step to raise your consciousness and awareness to your behaviors. 

In those moments when another asks you to look at you and your behaviors it is not about judging and shaming. It is about love to see if you can be your greatness and to see if you can be you.  With love, can you through acceptance and compassion, say, “Yes I am defending. Thank you for pointing this out.” 
How does it make you feel when someone points out something about your behavior? 
How does it make you feel when someone points out the wonderful aspects of you? 
Are you receiving love?  
Do you continue to look at what think you are doing wrong and what you haven’t fixed it yet? 
Saying, “I am not perfect yet.” “I am not good enough yet.” 

Can you look at what you are learning about yourself and realize that it is just an aspect and another step in your growth in your soul’s divine plan? 

By becoming more aware of yourself and your behaviors you are growing and ascending, raising your resonance and vibration and opening your heart. 

Do you choose to only open your heart when someone says something wonderful about you? 
Do you choose to close your heart when someone points out something that triggers you and then you defend? 

In the moment you are defending your heart shuts down. When someone points something out to you it may trigger a memory, conditioning and a feeling. We ask you to be with the feeling in that moment.
What are the feelings that come up that trigger you and may move you into defense and then shut down your heart? 

The defense will fight to hold itself in place. 
It is important to raise your awareness and consciousness to this.

Your partner may point out, “I see you may be defending right now.” 
What feelings come up within you?
You may not even know you are defending. 

When you begin to see this, it is another step to being who you are. 
Always be aware of judgment and shame because each and every one of you has moved through a lifetime where mom and dad judged and shamed you in certain aspects of you life. 
It is important to make yourself aware of the constant ridicule of judgment and shame.    
Be aware when you continually judge and shame yourself as you move through this process.
It is important to see this. 

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