Thursday, August 9, 2018


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message for August 2018
Releasing, Being and Allowing

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move into various aspects of your life that are bringing you to crossroads or intersections. As you move into your month of August and move to these crossroads and intersections, many are being faced with decisions as to what the next step to take in life is.  Many look at their old life or the life they are leading right now and aspects of it that may no longer resonate for them. They stand at this crossroad, this precipice, look out and wonder, what is next in their life?    

As you move to the precipice of these crossroads it important to relax, move into your heart space and ask for guidance and support.  Your month of August is about surrendering and releasing to higher dimensional energies or the will of God.  

It is now about surrendering and releasing trying to control everything in your life and what is transpiring in the world outside of you in your life.  Your month of August is about allowing yourself to simply be and be who you are.  

You have moved very rapidly to these crossroads and the precipice. And you have diligently moved within in your personal process and come to this point in your life.   Many of you are realizing the fruitless ways of your doing, and spending an inordinate amount of energy doing. Doing this, keeping busy, doing that, keeping busy.  As you may wonder what to do and try to find the answers as to what to do, it is time to move within and open up with prayer or affirmation. This will allow yourself to release and let go and allow multi-dimensional guidance to come in as you simply just be.  This guidance and support will come through you, to you and for you.  

It is not about sinking into or indulging in beingness, it is about continuing to live your life. Yet, many now are seeing their incessant doing in their life.  Much of this doing may not be getting you anywhere.  You are doing because you have been conditioned, trained and taught to do. 
“If I am not in motion nothing will get accomplished.”  
“If I am not in motion, I will not move to an inordinate amount of abundance.” 
“If I am not in motion, nothing will shift and change in my life.” 
There are parts of this that is true because it is always about staying in motion to move forward and toward. But now, it is about seeing the excess motion, the excess and inordinate amount of doing that you have been perpetrating in your life.
Many are feeling tired and quite possibly run down mentally, emotional and physically. You have come to a precipice to open your heart space and simply be where you are and who you are. Open your heart and your consciousness to multi-dimensional energies that will bring you guidance, support and much love during this period of time. 

For many, this is a great disruption of your nervous system. This is a crossroads for many where they are shifting and changing the patterns and the configuration of their nervous system. 
“If I stay in motion, I will be alive.”
“If I stop and just be, quite possibly I will die and will no longer be in control of everything outside of me.”  

If you allow yourself to be, you will see the illusion of the conditioning.
You are now at a precipice and crossroads to be where you are and allow. Allow yourself to be where you are.  Nurture yourself as you are being where you are.  

Your month of August is about releasing and energetically letting go of anything you are trying to control outside of you. Simply, be and release and surrender to the moment of now.  Be in the depth and breadth of your heart space.  

Many at the precipice know that there are great changes ahead in your life. Many are conditioned to push forward, constantly prodding at what is outside of you.  Many are searching for what to do outside of you. This is an aspect of the conditioned nervous system.  As many to continue to push and prod, and do, they look out and see nothing is transpiring the more the earnestly they push and prod and do.  If you are in this place, observe what is transpiring if you give yourself the freedom to be. 

In the next three-week period, We ask you to simply Be. This is a major shift and change for many. As you begin to be, deep-rooted feelings will surface. Your defense will come into play. Simply allowing yourself to be is a vast unknown for many.  “If I allow myself to be, what will transpire in my life?” 

Many will feel the shift in their physical body. Many will begin to tremble because they are unsure and addicted to doing. If you choose to simply be, perhaps you will see your addiction to always needing to be in motion and doing. As you see your addiction, your physical body will respond and react to it. It is important to be conscious and aware of what transpires in your physical body as you allow yourself to be if you choose to do so. 

Simply Be, nothing is lost, nothing is gained. 
What you will see if you choose to be, is your world will become more clear to you. You will begin to “smell the roses”.   If you will allow yourself to be, quite possibly you will see all those who love you.  You will then see what is in your life.  

Many incessantly do, because they are chasing after what they think isn’t in their life that they need to get. 

If you allow yourself to be, it will open up your senses to the wonderfulness around you, what is in your life and to those who you may have pushed aside in your incessant doing. 
Your month of August is about releasing, being and allowing. If you allow yourself to be, you will then see the gloriousness of your life and open to receive love.  This is what each and every one of you say you want. Yet, it is through your incessant doing and the need to do, to prove to others that you are worthwhile and you are on a mission in your life.    

You year of 2018 is a year of moving from doing to being to doing.  If you allow yourself to be where you are and be who you are, you will then see your life shift and change. Your purpose may become more clear to you. If you allow yourself to be who you are and where you are, perhaps who you are and where you are will become more clear to you. If you allow yourself to be, you will see with greater clarity what is transpiring in your life. You will gain greater clarity as to what is changing, what has changed and how you have changed. 

As we say this to you, many are feeling their nervous system twitch and twitter. You may be feeling the feelings of fear. You may be feeling feelings moving through your physical body and surfacing.

“If I allow myself to be will I be alive?” 















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