Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Divine Order

It is challenging for the human mind to accept there is an order within the universe when our human lives are often filled with chaos. We fail to realize that chaos is an essential aspect of creation; we think it is something bad. We often see the events/content of our lives in good or bad. This is a fragmented view of the entirety of life since everything is interconnected; good-bad, bad-good. They are all aspects of the same thing: feminine=masculine, problem=solution, dark=light, right=wrong. You cannot know one without the other.
Beyond and behind the seemingly random (sometimes chaotic) events in our lives there is also (not in view to most) an unfolding higher (divine) order and purpose. Each raindrop knows exactly where to fall.We shall never know the higher order of creation through ego thinking.The Divine Order emanates from a formless higher realm of universal intelligence, Consciousness. We are all in the personal process of becoming realigned with the wholeness of Creation.

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder, The Angel News Network

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