Tuesday, August 28, 2018



(Poem by Dr. David Spangler to Phillip Collins on his 2018 birthday) 

How do you return the energy, support and love he has given you over the years?
Though you don’t always agree, you seek him out first when you’re in trouble. 

Like a big brother, he is there for you…Fists clenchhed and confidence high,
And most importantly, non-judgmental.
Defending, admonishing, protecting.

Rain or shine, thick or thin, he has been there for you,
And given you wisdom, inspiration, caution, truth, faith, and a dash of invincibility. 

I need to give my beloved brother a birthday gift.
But he is so self-sufficient, autonomours and strong that any gift seems insufficient.
How do I contribute a balanced sense of “give and take” to this cherished relationship?
Propitiation, sacrifice, or gross display? I don’t think so. 

Maybe just an energetic jolt from my psychic loins that lets him know
The depths of my love, passion and admiration for his being.
Thank you so much dear friend, for being in my life, 

And sharing these years of growth and expansion.
I’ll continue to pursue something in the physical world than can still put a smile on your face,
\And a party in your pants. 

Happy Birthday Brother and many more, if anyone is still counting.


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