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COMING HOME TO LEMURIA: Conversations with Adama

Chapter 23: Questions and Answers

Now having an idea of what, why, and where Lemuria is and how I came to connect to it, let us address additional questions in order to deepen our knowledge of this remarkable Inner Earth civilization. My questions were answered by Adama, high priest and Lemurian spokesman.

There are many extraordinary temples in Lemuria. There are seven major ones that house what are called the Seven Sacred Flames, which contain tools and wisdom that will allow humans on the surface to join the Lemurians in what has been called an ascension process.

The following conversation took place in the Temple of the Second Ray, which is known as the flame of illumination and wisdom. There are many other higher beings associated with this temple, such as Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, and an ascended master known as Lord Maitreya. As I arrived in my light body, I saw a huge golden flame being attended by many angels. Adama and I sat down in golden crystal chairs in front of it.

Adama: You have too many erroneous belief systems imprinted in your soul that keep you in pain and limitation. Let us be together, as long as you need, to bring light into your hearts and souls.

Phillip: Thank you for being with us at this time. I know it is as important to you as it is to us to share as much light on Lemuria and where our world is presently, as possible. Let us begin by asking why are you making your presence known now?Phillip Elton Collins Coming Home to Lemuria

Adama: This is a very special time for our planet and both our civilizations. All planets go through what is called an ascension process where they shift to a higher frequency in order to continue their growth and expansion. That time has now come for Earth. And we Lemurians who once walked upon the surface of this planet, through our love of you, wish to assist you in the process of ushering in a new golden age of love, peace, enlightenment, and true oneness. The world cannot stay the way it is and survive. So Mother Earth has already changed her frequency, thus everything within, and upon her body must shift also. You have all agreed to be here for this wonderful event. It is time for you to remember who you are and why you are here. The name of our capitol, Telos, means “communication with spirit.” And we are now communicating with you. All planets are hollow and inhabited by life forms of many vibrations. The sun is also hollow. There is much truth to be revealed. So let us begin...

Phillip: So exactly how many of you are there in our hollow Earth?

Adama: There are over 120 subterranean cities within the Earth’s interior, with millions of inhabitants. They can be accessed through holes at either the North Pole or the South Pole. The northern and southern lights you see in your skies are actually reflections of the Earth’s central sun, which we created. There are many names for all the places and peoples, but we do not wish to overload you with all that now. Suffice to say, it is well organized. And all that information can be made available to you. Although Atlantis and Lemuria have become myths in your world, the people of both cultures are living in underground cities.

Phillip: Why have we not heard about all this before?

Adama: There are many in your world governments who know all about this and keep it from you in order to continue to control you. We have not come forward because your world has not been ready to receive us and we cannot interfere with your freedom of will and choice. If we come too early, there are many who will try to destroy us. But our being revealed is happening sooner rather than later, since many of you are now ready.

Phillip: There is a lot of corruption in world governments on the surface. What is the core issue?

Adama: The governments you have on the surface reflect the consciousness of the people they govern. The people have largely given their power away due to a lack of interest or feeling nothing can be done. It’s not your leaders, it’s you. In Lemuria we have highly-evolved individuals as our governmental and spiritual leaders. Stand in your power and make another choice.

Phillip: In keeping with changing government leaders, what do you 

Lemurians think about our President Obama? [Note: This book was published in 2011—author]

Adama: The entire planet shifted its consciousness 1 percent on the night he was elected. That is huge. His divine plan includes assisting in making the necessary shifts possible to move your world into unity, equality, harmony, and balance. There were many things about the office of the president he did not know until he got there. Most world leaders are at the mercy of the hidden forces that control your world. Your current president’s intention is to reduce and/or eliminate the power of these hidden forces. It’s no easy job. They are powerful and have been in place for thousands of years. Most people are completely unaware of them and consider any discussion of them as conspiracy theories. You surface people are largely asleep on this major issue. Wake up! Other enlightened leaders are being sent. We are hopeful they will be accepted.

Phillip: Do these hidden forces apply in the other major aspects of our world like religions and corporations?

Adama: Of course. Religions were the first governments and became fairly corrupted early on. Jesus, aka Lord Sananda, who we in Lemuria work with closely, never intended the creation of what became humankind’s version of Christianity. He wished his primary teaching (“Love one another”) to be purely made available to all.

Your corporations reflect the structure of your governments and religions. And the three—religion, business, and government—control your world. It’s time for a new world creation filled with truth, transparency, and authentic leaders. This is not to say you don’t have some good people in places of power, you do. But they are largely handicapped by the existing systems. You the people can choose to change the system.

Phillip: What’s happening with the planet with all these manmade and natural disasters occurring?

Adama: Please know, dear people of the surface, that your Mother Earth has had enough of your abuse. She is a living being who has been largely ignored and been patient long enough. The natural disasters are her way of getting your attention but they go ignored most of the time. Do you need entire continents to sink (it has happened before) to understand? The air, water, and natural resources are her vital organs that make life possible for her and you. They are not a limitless supply to be bought and sold for profit. All the elements on the planet (plants, minerals, animals) are connected and have a right to be here. They are not here for your exclusive use and abuse. Human-made disasters can show you the same consciousness needed as the natural ones. Be aware all of these will increase until you shift your consciousness and behavior.

Phillip: Are the financial shifts and changes taking place reflecting a larger picture?

Adama: Yes, they are. The forces that control the world’s finances (largely unseen) know that what they have been doing for a long time no longer will work in the future of the new world. They know light forces are in place to replace greed and separation with abundance and unity for all. So you will continue to see stops and starts of the old, until the old collapses and a new economy is created.

Phillip: What will that new economy look like?

Adama: It will be based on truth and reality, not myth and fiction. Most of the world’s money supply is based on inflated credit. Most money is an I.O.U., not real money. You will return to a precious metal economy, based on things that are real from Mother Earth, not human-made fiction. Economies that reflect the balance and structure of the Earth will maintain and sustain the Earth and those living on its surface. This means some of these precious metals must go back to serving the Earth, not just humankind. Eventually you will become as we Lemurians, not needing money at all. You will be able to create everything you need through the power of manifestation.

Phillip: What was it like to have your entire civilization physically destroyed over night?

Adama: We knew for many hundreds of years this would take place, that there would be an ending to our great continent, and that we were not to interfere with the destruction. Out of the destruction would come creation. The spiritual leaders throughout the land prepared the people as best they could. They stayed with the people and went down with them. Most were sleeping when some 350 million of us perished. Many of you were there, including you. As horrible as it was, we were allowed to save the jewels of wisdom of our civilization and bring them underground to our home beneath Mount Shasta. Our enlightenments are now available to you on the surface so you do not have to experience what we did. And now we can advance together into our divine plans...

Phillip: What was the cause of the destruction?

Adama: It was two powerful civilizations not agreeing on how life should be, and one trying to control the other. One was an assertive masculine energy, the Atlantean civilization, the other a receptive feminine energy, the Lemurian civilization. In the end, both were destroyed. War never works.

Phillip: Please explain some more the importance of our knowing one another now.

Adama: In order for this planet and all upon it to continue to ascend in consciousness, the entire planet must be united and join into one light from below (us) and one light from above (you). That’s why we are connecting with you at this time. Knowing us now will prepare you for what is to come (us). Books like this help greatly in revealing our existence further (for those ready to receive it).

Phillip: What is like to be immortal and why do you do it?

Adama: All advanced civilizations are immortal. Only lower-vibration civilizations have life and death cycles like yours. When you live a very long time you can apply your experiences to your civilizations. When you have limited life cycles like yours you forget from lifetime to lifetime what you learned. It is limiting. This limited cycle is coming to an end for you. You’ll be amazed how natural it will feel to live forever (you already do you just don’t consciously experience it). The best part of being immortal is your conscious connection to the Creator.

Phillip: We live in the third dimension and you live in the fifth dimension. How many dimensions are there?

Adama: There are an infinite number of dimensions reaching toward the Creator who is forever expanding. So the Creator is always allowing us to rise to higher frequencies, as it does the same. For the moment, we all have enough to be/do to achieve unity on this planet by both our civilizations achieving a higher frequency than the one you live in now.

Phillip: Why did you pick to live under Mount Shasta?

Adama: The atmosphere of the planet was largely interrupted by the nuclear warfare between Atlantis and Lemuria. There were also other beings from outer space on the surface and within the Earth. We needed privacy and non-interference from the others. Mount Shasta gave us privacy and protection to advance into who we are today. It’s a new concept to you, but most planets are lived from within. When our continent existed, Mount Shasta had always been a beacon of galactic communication and a remaining part of our homeland. So it felt very natural to go there.

Phillip: Why have you not made your presence known before now? We could have used your help.

Adama: We went underground so we could evolve without any negative interference. We had enough war and destruction in our time on the surface. If we had revealed ourselves sooner your world would have seen us as the enemy. You were not ready. By universal law we were not allowed to interfere with your affairs. You have your own path to follow, as we have ours. Now that we have advanced to the level we have, we can share it with you. If we had not done what we did, you may not have a way back home. So we did what we did for love, for both of us.

Phillip: We know you are immortal and taller than us. Are there any other major physical differences?

Adama: Even though we feel as physical as you do our bodies are much lighter due to our higher vibration. We experience many different sensations in our bodies you will experience when you shift. Our having sex is more of a connection with the Creator experience than an orgasm. We have eliminated disease and can repair and replace organs and body parts at will. We can become invisible by shifting our vibration. This allows us to travel to higher frequencies. This is an ability you should not develop until you raise your consciousness. Can you imagine if your criminals could become invisible?

Phillip: Can you explain how I and others are able to connect with you?

Adama: It is part of an individual’s divine soul plan to be able to do so. They usually spend many lifetimes to prepare for this. Basically, they remove themselves from themselves and let go and we come into their being. There are conscious channels that stay awake and trance channels that have to be totally removed from their bodies to receive messages. More and more of you are connecting to your telepathic and astral projection gifts and connecting with frequencies beyond your own. Humankind has done this from the beginning. Most of your advancements were a result of such connections. It’s actually a very natural part of your being. Simply trust you can...

Phillip: Is it true you don’t need money in Lemuria?

Adama: We have no need for money. We create our own homes through the power of manifestation and all foods and commodities are free or bartered. There is no profit gained at the expense of another, for we are truly one. We believe in the rights of all to live in peace and abundance, with justice for all. We do not need to own everything and share what we have. Your system of money on the surface has made you all slaves to taxes and making money for many things you do not need.

Phillip: What are the Seven Sacred Flames? And how do they relate to ascension?

Adama: The Seven Sacred Flames are a process one must go through to shift frequencies—for you from 3D to 5D; this is called ascension. You ascend from one vibration to another. The planets and the universe are in a constant state of ascension, shifting to higher and higher frequencies, ever toward the light. These flames, also called rays, are a great gift to humankind. Without them you would have no way to get back to your true home, directly connected to the Creator. In Lemuria, we have temples dedicated to these flames with many ascended masters and other beings maintaining these unfed flames. We have kept these flames for us and now for you. Remember ascension is the main purpose of your many lifetimes on Earth.

Phillip: How did you create a sun inside the Earth?

Adama: Our sun is not as big as yours. It reflects all the light we need. This light is a crystal we brought from another planet and it will burn brightly for millions of years. All light radiates life rays and creates life. The crystal and our thoughts create all the light we need.

Phillip: Where do your water and air come from?

Adama: We have Inner Earth oceans, which flow through the Earth creating streams and lakes, not unlike on the surface. We harness ocean and lake energy to create our atmosphere underground. Before surface air became so polluted, we used to have openings to the surface for air. We now produce all our own pure air. Someday soon we shall share our crystal technologies, which will clean your oceans, other bodies of water, and air.

Phillip: How do you create perfect weather?

Adama: Your thoughts and consciousness creates all the negative weather on the surface. Our atmosphere is protected by the content of our thoughts which is always in harmony with the planet and the Creator. Thus, our weather is perfect. As you are experiencing more love and light on the surface your weather will shift. Have you ever paid attention to where you have bad weather and connect that weather to the thoughts or conditions of that area? Begin to pay attention to this. Reliable weather has allowed us to evolve more quickly. We can use our talents and gifts and inspirations and not have to wait for bad weather to pass. How many opportunities do you think you have lost on the surface due to bad weather?

Phillip: Is it true you have living crystal libraries in Lemuria?

Adama: Yes, we have wonderful living libraries within crystalline platforms. You can go to any of them and experience firsthand any history you wish. These libraries are filled with the truth of this planet’s history that no one on the surface knows. Much of your history is not true. True history is an effective way to learn and grow and expand. These are one of many technologies that we have that will amaze and delight you.

Phillip: Are there really space ships coming in and out of Mount Shasta?

Adama: Of course, we take many explorations into outer space and also monitor conditions on this planet from space. Once you know there is more to life than what you just see now, the entire universe will open for you. You will see oneness and the beauty of the universe. We have the ability to make our space ships invisible to keep your military away from them. There are many people in your world who know all about us and our space-faring abilities. Your governments have kept the reality of UFOs away from you in order to control you. Suppose you knew for a fact there were advanced civilizations all around you. How would you and your governments feel about that? Are you and they ready to accept this truth? Not see it as a threat?

Phillip: What do you eat?

Adama: You on the surface largely eat dead foods that contain little or no life force. No wonder you are sick so often and die so young. We only eat live food, vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. And we do not destroy the plants in the process. There is no eating meat, thus no killing of animals to eat them. We have special areas where our organic hydroponic gardens produce all we need. We don’t freeze, can, or process our food. Our advanced technology allows us to produce large quantities in efficient areas. We use everything and discard nothing never burying anything in our soil. The Earth and soil are alive and we honor and protect them. You vibrate according to the light portion contained in what your body assimilates. You maintain and sustain your body by the light you consume, what you eat.

Phillip: Do you have sex the same way we do?

Adama: Not quite. Our bodies are less dense than yours so we connect with our partner on a higher level. It is a complete union with each other through divine love and the Creator. Our relationships and sexual expression reflects a more evolved understanding of love and sex. Your relationships on the surface are often based upon duality consciousness. We have learned that our partner is a mirror of our self from whom to learn. We come together with a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. When this balance is in place the perfect relationship always shows up. Then a divine union with your twin flame of your heart will appear, reflecting your higher self. We have several levels of relationships that allow complete sexual freedom until a couple may choose commitment leading towards parenthood. We have the same sex organs and never dishonor them. It’s revealing in your slang language on the surface you often use the names of your sexual organs as curse words.

Phillip: Do you have children the same way we do?

Adama: Not exactly. Much more responsibility and preparation comes into play before a couple can have a child. There are no children having children or unwanted pregnancies here. Since our bodies are less dense our gestation period is one third of yours. A couple must be in a committed relationship (remember we are immortal and bringing another soul into physical form is a well thought out, planned event). When the couple is ready to commit to a child they have the spiritual training and support of their temple and community. In fact, most of the pregnancy is spent in a temple where the couple and child-to-come are in a loving and supportive environment. The child receives this level of divine love throughout their childhood and adulthood. The actual physical aspects of the pregnancy are very similar to yours, reflecting a complete balance of the male and female energies.

Phillip: What do you wear down there?

Adama: Not much, since our weather is perfect. We have no shame associated with our physical bodies so nudity is a non-issue. For eons robes and loose-fitting clothing has been used.

Phillip: You have spoken a great deal about light. Can you please explain further the principles of light?

Adama: You are composed of many layers of light, the densest of which is your physical body. You have other bodies that are not physical (light bodies), which support your physical body. All this vibrating light (energy) is what you are. Everything is composed of energy and light. You came from light and will return to light. There’s nowhere else to be, to go. You are an eternal light being having a human experience at this moment. And you’ve had many of these human experiences in preparation to return to the light as an immortal light being.

Phillip: What do you mean it is always “now” in Lemuria?

Adama: Because now is really all there is. Your mental body creates the past and future, which we no longer need. Universal law has taught us to always be in the moment of now. Now is your contact with your divinity. Life is meant to be lived in the present moment. Think about all the time you have wasted being concerned about what happened or is going to happen. It takes away much of the joy of life. The now allows you to take full advantage of all the forces coming together to create growth and expansion.

Phillip: What exactly is universal law?

Adama: The purpose of universal law is to maintain oneness throughout the universe. All advanced civilizations enforce this law, which requires equality, peace, harmony, and balance in all expressions of life. This law establishes divine order and maintains it. The law comes from the mind, love, and will of the Creator.

Phillip: So, who or what is the Creator?

Adama: The Creator is love that creates, transforms, heals, and harmonizes all things. It is the highest consciousness, and through its ever-expanding wisdom it creates the elements necessary to manifest seen and unseen reality everywhere. You are an individualized, unique, unlimited expression of the Creator experiencing itself. Your religions have largely personified and misrepresented the Creator. Since it is love, it cannot judge, condemn, or punish you. That is control. The Creator is an unconditionally loving force that knows you and it are one. The Creator is trust that only exists in the heart, not the mind. The divine union of you and all that is being spoken of here is the Creator.

Phillip: How do you transport yourselves inside Earth?

Adama: Through our advanced technology we use crystal and electromagnetic energies. It’s the same technology we used when we were on the surface. Nothing better has come along. It’s clean, and free. We have a major tunnel system using this technology. These will be shared with you when we join. We can also travel telepathically through our thoughts and astral project anywhere on or off the planet. Thoughts are light, and light is energy, and energy manifests matter as it becomes denser. You will soon experience the unlimited freedom this creates...

Phillip: When do you come to the surface?

Adama: There are many openings that only Lemurians know about, which allow us to come and go rather often. We are constantly checking conditions on the surface. More and more we are revealing ourselves to light workers on the surface. There are many surface people living near Mount Shasta who are there to stay in contact with us. You are one of those who came home to visit us. Many more will follow as the time draws near for our reunion. Many tunnels are being prepared for you to come to us and us to you.

Phillip: When you come to the surface, where do you expect to stay?

Adama: There is more time needed for the surface to become less dense so we may come up in larger numbers. We plan to bring all our technology with us that we know will delight and amaze you. Many light workers are being contacted to gain permission for us to stay in their homes. If you would like for us to be with you, simply let me know through your thoughts...

Phillip: What is the significance of the recent natural events that have been taking place on Earth?

Adama: This is a very special time for your planet. It has changed frequencies in order to move forward in its evolution. Thus, everything within and upon the planet needs to shift also (this includes you). This is the ascension process. So things are changing rapidly and significant cataclysms will continue to take place. Preparations and messages from many sources, like us, are coming to you now. Allow them to connect you to your higher selves and the light. We have been waiting many thousands of years for this ascension to take place. Mother Earth has sacrificed much for us below and you above. The end of that time has come. The time for transition into light is here.

Phillip: The alternative media has been talking about government cover-ups of chemical and biological warfare. Many think this is all conspiracy theory thinking. What light can you shed on these matters?

Adama: First and foremost, biological and chemical warfare is real and so are the cover-ups, and most of the people on the surface are completely unaware of these. We check these conditions regularly (chem-trails in your skies, land and ocean mines buried all over your planet). Many of your diseases (HIV) are manmade and have been released on purpose. These same measures took place when the Atlanteans and Lemurians were on the surface. We are saddened that this behavior is repeating itself...attempting to destroy the Earth and her peoples again. We ask you not to turn to fear, but to choose ascension into another frequency where these 3D dramas cannot harm you. We tell you these things not to upset you but to make you aware of the truth. The truth will set you free to make choices that serve your highest good.

Phillip: It’s really difficult for many to believe, understand, and accept what you are saying about our government cover-ups and control of the people. Can you please explain further about this?

Adama: Throughout the planet’s history, human beings have been controlled by other beings from other galaxies (ETs) and advanced civilizations here. Your genes and DNA have even been altered by them in an attempt to control you for their purposes, but they are now being repaired and additional genes are being activated. We know this sounds far out for most of you. But for those of you who can resonate with this truth, we ask that you begin to make other choices in empowering yourselves. We had this same thing happen with our time on the surface. The assertive masculine energy, the Atlanteans, often tried to control us and others with gene manipulations and enslavement. This was the major reason for our destructive wars with them.

What’s happening to you is not new. Your wars and even the events of 9/11 were recent examples of governments creating situations to control the populations for the benefit of a hidden few controlling the many. The terrorist is within yourselves, not outside of you. The dark forces that are creating these events are ancient. But their time of control is coming to an end and they know it. But they are putting up a fight to the finish. They have been in power for a long time and do not wish to give it up. But give up power they will, for we are all destined to return to the light.

Phillip: Why was I led to create the journey to Mount Shasta, and what was its purpose?

Adama: It was in your divine plan to do so in this lifetime. You were once an important part of our civilization in Lemuria. You still are. Along with many others, you chose and were chosen to assist in revealing to the surface world that we exist and for what purpose. Your entire life has been a preparation for this. The actual physical trip to our home, Mount Shasta, was to open an energetic gateway between our world below and your world above and beyond, and to assist in balancing the masculine and the feminine energies (to balance giving and receiving). You also opened additional vortices and performed specific rituals, as guided by Archangel Michael, who was instrumental in the creation of Lemuria. The creation of these new vortices and the opening of the Lemurian Gateway allowed the rebooting and activation of certain crystalline technology within the mountain. The energy from these activations will allow Mount Shasta to become an even stronger beacon in assisting the planet and its inhabitants to make a shift into a higher frequency of existence. Each member of your expedition was very different from the others, because you represented proxies for humankind.

Phillip: What prevents us from coming to Lemuria now?

Adama: Your consciousness and frequency prevents you from coming to Lemuria now. When you reach a critical mass of consciousness concerning immortality, that’s when we shall join in balance and harmony. If you came down now it would interfere with our frequency. Remember, you are not told of our existence when your government knows. And your governments are working to keep you in their control. Things are labeled top secret. But soon your cyberspace communication will break through this barrier. When this happens and more people on the surface accept us in their consciousness, we shall more and more come forward.

Phillip: What do you consider to be one of the most im- portant missions of your civilization?

Adama: It is an essential part of Lemuria’s divine soul plan to care for this planet until you on the surface can. We shall join together and bring the light of ascension into the entire Mother Earth, to assist in moving the planet and all her inhabitants into a higher, more evolved frequency of existence (which is your destiny as much as hers). Everyone who ever lived on Earth has returned for this amazing event of Earth’s transition into the light. That’s why there are so many people on the Earth now. Our light has never stopped being sent to the surface, this is the main mission of our remaining here. As below, so above...

Phillip: If some on the surface were once in 5D Lemurian experience, why are we still in 3D now?

Adama: Because only a few Lemurians were given dispensation by the Creator to move down from 5D to 4D after the 3D destruction of our continent (due to the abuse of our wisdom). Some 25,000 Lemurians were allowed to be reduced into 4D reality and to work their way back now to 5D reality. Humans on the surface are descendants and reincarnated souls from the original 3D population that remained and are now being given the opportunity through ascension to regain 5D reality. You who remained in 3D chose to do so in order to be part of this process. This process will ensure that you never lose your higher connection or abuse it again. And that you step into your divine soul plan as master teachers of the universe. The universe awaits you, and thanks you for your great contribution to all civilizations.

Phillip: Who are the light workers and what do they do?

Adama: The light workers are individuals and groups committed to assisting the Earth to transitioning into light, moving into a higher frequency. These people receive large volumes of light from below and from above, which supports the planet and increases the people’s consciousness, mirroring universal consciousness. And this consciousness travels at the speed of light, consuming lower frequencies all over the planet. Light workers are being born at increasingly faster rates. Children (indigos, rainbow, and crystalline children) are coming into the earthly plane fully equipped for the task at hand, which is to bring humankind into oneness.

Phillip: What is your hope for humankind?

Adama: Our hope (and promise) for humankind is for you to live as immortal beings (like us) and to grow and expand in consciousness in an ever-expanding universe always toward the Creator within each of you. For you are the Creator experiencing itself.

Phillip: What is love?

Adama: Love is the highest vibration and frequency (energy) in the universe. Thus, it is the building block of everything. Everything is maintained and sustained by the love. Without love there is no creation, only destruction. Love will always bring our thoughts and emotions into oneness. The organ of love is your heart. Your heart knows that love is all there is. Everything else is the absence of love. We are all here to learn to love of the self first and foremost.

Phillip: There surely are going to be people who have difficulty believing what is said here because of where it came from. Can I believe the message if I don’t believe the messenger exists? Can you briefly discuss the difference between beliefs and truths?

Adama: At one time you believed your Earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the Earth. And those who said otherwise were punished or killed. At one time you believed (or in many cases were forced to believe) that religion was the only true path to God. Beliefs come from your mental body, often representing control, and they can change. Knowing comes from the heart, and truth does not change or wish to control. Your acceptance of truth can change. You may now believe that Lemuria inside the Earth, within another frequency, does not exist. Because you can’t see it, your mind can’t believe the flat Earth and revolving sun. You just haven’t arrived at the truth yet.

There is actually very little truth you do know about your world. And new truths are soon to be revealed that will amaze and delight you. You will come to have a deeper knowing of what we say here. Through acceptance of not-knowing, you can arrive at the possibility and probability of truth. For the moment, focus on the message if you can’t accept the messenger. You have killed or not believed many important messengers throughout your Earth’s history. Killing them did not make them untrue.

Phillip: There has been a lot of talk about crystals and their importance in your advanced civilization. Can you please tell us more about crystals?

Adama: In most advanced civilizations, crystals are the main source of energy and are used in every aspect of our lives (transportation, healing, communication, travel, building, in- formation storage, and so on). What you are aware of in your world about crystals is rather limited. Crystals, like animals and plants and you, are conscious living beings. They are a fundamental part of the structure of the universe. The core of this planet is a crystalline grid that is the heart of the Earth and has received ascension activation. So, in effect, the crystalline heart of the planet is powering all the shifts that are taking place now. Crystalline technologies are powering your advanced computer communications, as well. The first radios were called crystals because the crystal inside the radio was the receiver.

There is an important difference between your crystalline structure and ours. Since we live in a higher frequency, our crystals are lighter, clearer, and more luminous, and more able to absorb and store light. We can create crystals through our thoughts, and they can take unlimited shapes and frequencies to meet our applications. The use of crystalline energy is limitless. Your world is changing dramatically and quickly as the result of crystalline technology. When we introduce you to our level of crystalline ability all things will become possible.

Phillip: Consciousness appears to be an important part of advanced civilizations. What are the basics of consciousness?

Adama: The teaching of consciousness has filled entire libraries and continues to do so. So in a limited amount of space let me say this: Consciousness is a unique choice and path for each individual who chooses it. Consciousness is a heightened awareness and understanding of yourself (self-mastery), which reflects beyond you a total understanding life. It is an ever-expanding process that unfolds according to the level of readiness and commitment you are willing to put into it. It is about knowing who you are and why you are here. It is about knowing through your heart your purpose (your divine soul plan), which is to be expressed through your talents and gifts; and by choosing to give these to the world. Developing higher consciousness involves moving from the “me” to the “we.”

Phillip: Thank you, Adama, for this time together. Your answers to my questions will hopefully give readers more insight into the Lemurian civilization and your purpose in assisting us to grow and expand into a higher state of being.

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