Wednesday, April 2, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Astral Plane

By Joel D. Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author

With channel Robert Baker (1946-2013)

J: I have to confess that your description of what happens to us in the astral plane after we die sounds more than a little cold. I’m not hearing anything about love or joy.

G: Well, there is no love in the desire elemental. The desire elemental operates through survival and fear and is governed by the astral plane. The desire elemental is all of your emotional, physical, and mental desires that are attached to the physical world as the source of your sense of self and source of reality. Once you make an inner connection to the soul, you then govern the physical world through your inner self, through the connection to the truth of your being. Then you’re not attached to the world to gratify and satisfy you. You use the world simply to grow, to gain experience, and to learn. But the source of power and sense of self comes from your divine connection inside. You’re not seeking it from the outside. This is the transition that you go through now in this two-thousand-year cycle, the transition from your outer illusion to your inner reality. You then begin to direct the outer reality based upon the inner reality.

J: When I referred to love and joy I was thinking about when I die. It’s a comforting thought to think I’m going to be greeted by souls I love. Many spiritual writings indicate that is what happens. What happens when we die? Are we greeted by souls we love?

G: It depends entirely upon the person and the person’s intentions. If that’s the intention you set, then that’s the reality you will have. It is important to understand that reality is not something that is arbitrary—it is something that you create. How you motivate and move your consciousness, what you feel and what you believe, is what creates your reality. For instance, take people who grew up in the East Indian religion. When they go to the astral plane, their idea of heaven is based upon their archetypes, the things with which they grew up. So that’s what they will experience because that is their reality. Whereas, what you might experience in creating heaven in the astral realm would be based upon your beliefs related to the Christ. So whatever you have created in the physical world reflects your belief system because the physical world is created through beliefs, not necessarily through truth, but through collective belief systems.

The astral world contains the collective belief system of humanity and what it perceives as reality. What you perceive as reality as an individual is also how you will experience the astral world, just as you experience the physical world. At the death of the physical body, you simply continue on from the moment that you left the physical body in consciousness exactly as before. That is why we encourage everyone to do your transcendence here in the physical world, to find reality here in the physical world, to connect to your soul consciousness here in the physical world. Then when you move into the astral world, you will be directing your reality consciously. You can also transcend death altogether, and you can decide to recreate and reform the physical body any way you like because it’s just energy, molecules moving in space.

J: When would we be able to do that? G: Not for awhile. J: So at some future time, some members of mankind will be able to do that? G: Eventually all members of mankind will be able to transcend the physical altogether.

There will be no need for it because the physical world is simply a state of consciousness used for the purpose of experiencing the evolution of the soul. So the soul’s evolutionary or growth experience—how the soul grows, expands and deepens its consciousness and awareness of itself—is the purpose of the physical plane. No other purpose. Through experience, God, God that is all there is, gets to experience him/herself in something called a remembering experience of all the different parts of him/herself through all the different aspects of humanity in the physical world, as well as the animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, and plant kingdom. And now you are entering into the divine kingdom in your evolution. It’s all very complex.

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