Monday, April 7, 2014

JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART: Moving Through The Shadow Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Folks just wanted to share with you on a personal basis…


We have moved into April, into Spring, rebirth and renewal and into the second  three month period of 2014. Have any new doors opened for you? What doors have closed behind you? What of the old has come to the surface for you to see, experience and release? 

These last 2 weeks in my life have been a journey into the shadow. A dark night of the soul experience where old behavior surfaced combined with very deep feelings and emotions that at times reverberated throughout my entire being. Old memories surfaced that challenged me deeply. The feelings of my core wound along with the old behaviors that supported that wound and the defense of it came up for me to face. I needed help and support through this and asked for it and found it from those I know care for me and support my highest good. I needed to be loved and nurtured where I was to move through it, yet also knew that I needed to experience it. Man was it challenging! 

Michael has told us that in order to move forward in our lives to give as light workers it is important that we now experience old suppressed trauma and feelings. Receive the healing and learn and grow from it.  Then change can occur.  I realized through this period that my heart was shut down and I was living in my head. I had created a veil around my heart so I could survive and thus created separation that limited the flow of giving and receiving love. We all want to be loved and the main lesson I learned was value. Honoring and valuing me and my talents and gifts. I realized how and where I was under valuing me in my life that revealed my behavior of struggling to survive life and how I was fighting deprivation. I needed to FEEL all my feelings, surrender to what was transpiring and be in it and experience it so I could move through it. I found I was trying to control everything to avoid the very experience I went through and also avoid my feelings related to this. 

Perhaps you might the going through something similar, many are at this time.


A Message from Archangel Michael
November 28 2014
Channeled By Jeff Fasano
Moving from the Shadow to the Light

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you at this time as you move on the pathway in life releasing all that is no longer appropriate in your energetic field. Shaking off the dust in your energetic field and reconfiguring and recalibrating your energetic field. You are opening up to the depth and breadth of your heart space, becoming more pure within the physical body and releasing that which no longer serves your highest good and your mission and purpose in this lifetime.

Each and every one of you is moving on a more strident pathway to the depth and breadth of your purpose in this lifetime. Moving to a more joyous aspect of your life and opening up to the pathways that best serve you on your journey in this human incarnation.  What is transpiring for you now are shifts and changes on an emotional level, mental and physical level.  You are reconfiguring the body system, the system of your physical beingness through releasing the old aspects of the self.

Yet you are now shaking up the old comfort zones that you have been inhabiting. These are the comfort zones in your life now and it is time to move out of them.  In order to move out of these comfort zones it is about understanding them. Each and every one of you is being tapped on the shoulder to take another step through the doorway.

As your year of 2014 is coming to a close various doorways have opened up for you.   It is now a wonderful time for you to look at these doorways and recapitulate the year and see what has transpired. You have released inordinate aspects of the old. 

What is transpiring now is a new recalibration or a new entrainment of the nervous system.  Your physical body is moving through periods of change, periods of releasing and down time.  It is about the recalibration of the nervous system and the physical body. As you recalibrate the physical body, the emotional body recalibrates then the mental body recalibrates. It is a full recalibration of the beingness of the self.

Moving into your new year of 2015, a year of fruition so you can bring yourself level with the full purpose of your mission in this lifetime. It is about moving through the old aspects of the self, of you and begin to look at what has transpired in this past year of 2014. What doorways have you walked through? What doorways opened for you that you may not have walked through? As you have moved though these 11 months of 2014 and into your final month, recapitulate what has transpired for you this past year. You can now begin to reminisce about your year of 2014.  What has transpired? Where have you grown? You also can begin to set your goals and intentions for 2015. It is about looking at growth.

Look at your growth in your year of 2014. See where you have grown.

Look at what is in your life. What have you released? Where have you shifted and changed? What relationships have shifted and changed? 

So in your final month of 2014 as you make the transition to 2015 utilize this final month to reminisce, to recapitulate, to plan, to set goals, to set intentions for 2015. You can begin to set these intentions and what is important for you to do and accomplish, and where it is important for you to give in service to the world in 2015.

You are moving from the darkness, the shadow to the light. Your year of 2015 is about moving into the light. Releasing the shadow and moving from it into the light. Your year of 2015 is about moving into the light of you and your life and creating new aspects of your life.  

In order to begin to create the new it is about seeing what transpired in 2014 for you and what doors you need to close and lock behind you. So you can take the fresh pallet of 2015 and paint your new picture. The way you begin to paint the new picture in 2015 is about seeing what you have learned and where you have grown, what you have released and what you need to release so you can begin anew again.

It is time to recapitulate, to reminisce, and to see where you have grown and see what has transpired in 2014. And then what your aspirations, your intentions and goals are for your year of 2015.

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