Wednesday, April 23, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Duality

By Joel D. Anastasi, Spiritual Journalist and Author 

Archangel Gabriel: The Christ Consciousness is the awareness and it is the job, so to speak, of the Christ to awaken the awareness of the soul. The Christ Consciousness is the ascendant master who awakens the awareness of the soul in physical matter. Therefore, it awakens the connecting point between spirit and matter, the physical. So he is the one, so to speak, who trains you, carries the information energy to awaken that within you. Jesus the Christ was the physical embodiment of the Christ Consciousness and became Jesus, the Christ, man of the soul. So he embodied the teachings of mastery of the Christ Consciousness.

Jesus the Christ taught about the awakening of the heart, which is where the soul awakens. He taught about the divine feminine because until you awaken the emotional body, you cannot awaken the soul. The emotional is the feminine. He worked with the ascendant mastery from the Sirian system, which is the vortex that opens the solar system to the divine plan.

Joel: You said that Jesus taught about the divine feminine and linked that to the awakening of the heart and the soul. These wars the United States is engaged in, I would guess, reflect the patriarchal system.

Gabriel: They are the extremes of duality acting out of the physical objectification of the world. They are simply mirroring what is going on inside, the wounded child inside of each and every one of you. What happens in the collective is mirrored in the microcosm. 

As long as there is duality within between the mental and the emotional, between matter and spirit, between the inner child and the adult, between the divine feminine and the divine masculine, until soul and spirit are joined together in the physical, you will see the duality acted out in the world. What you are seeing right now is the battle between the patriarchy of the masculine as it has been interpreted for power and control in its distortion. You’re seeing the ultimate acting out of its distortion and its denial of the divine feminine.

Joel: Are we in a period of healing of that? 

Gabriel: That’s what you’re going through right now. You’re going through the healing. 

Joel: We don’t know how it will end up. 

Gabriel: That’s entirely up to you. 

Joel: If we’re going through a healing, wouldn’t all these energies aid in the healing process? 

Gabriel: You are going through the healing process. You are being given all the energies needed to be able to create the balance. You will create the balance according to your choice. You will either create it through pain and suffering, or you will create it through divine grace and inspiration. The more of you who choose divine grace, inspiration, and acceptance rather than resistance, the easier it will be. That is where freedom of choice comes into it. It’s man who creates pain, not God. Man creates pain through duality. 

Duality is created through holding onto the past. The wounded child within is the child who holds onto the past, all the past emotional memories of trauma in its experience that created its defense patterns, and it then has to defend itself against the world.


Archangel Gabriel
From The Second Coming
by Joel D. Anastasi
Channeled by Robert Baker

The spiritual development of the past has been based on duality, the separation between the divine and the physical. Spiritual practices and religions have been based more or less on the idea of the division between man and God, and that man must in some way make himself worthy of that connection. Allow mankind to see that they are not separate, that they are a part of all things, that nothing is divided from anything else, nothing is separate. It is an illusion of division and separation because human beings fight for their isolation rather than sustain their individuality. The universe is a unified whole. Nothing is separate. 

Yet, human beings defend their separation, fight for their separation because they haven't become attuned to their individuality. Their individual needs, their individual feelings, their ability to contain their own sense of self, to be autonomous on all seven levels of their being, all seven stages of self development of childhood. Each level of consciousness is united with every other level of consciousness. Separation is something that can only be understood from the perspective of the reality that embraces it. 

From the God force, it cannot be understood. It cannot be understood that I have to separate myself in order to experience myself as an individual. The God force cannot be understood from the ego perspective in that sense. The ego force cannot understand how individuality can be sustained and maintained without a strong independence or separation. And that is because they (human beings) have been unable to see being as it really is and that is at one.

When you are in opposition to something, you are trying to stop the movement of its life force. When it tries to move, it will feel your opposition, and it will oppose you. Therefore, the more pressure you place upon it, the stronger it becomes because the harder it has to work to oppose you. What you resist persists.

Begin to embrace a new level of conscious awareness of healing the world's soul and serving the divine where your soul is concerned, taking your place in the divine plan. This is an alternative that celebrates the formation of, the honoring of, the integrity of the individual.

This is up to you. You are the brave new world. You are the mapmakers and the dream weavers. You will unfold the future of your earth. And so, as the dream weavers, you must entertain the dream. You must dream the dream. What appears to be taking place now is to prevent you from dreaming the dream. What must you do to dream that dream, to explore it, to cause yourself to be activated, to be stimulated, to live a dream through your independent, individual self, self-contained, self-empowered, making choices based upon your contributing your life force to something greater, to something that includes you but is not all about you? It's something that is about the whole of humanity, the whole of the world, something that is going to create a new world, where the questions are different and so are the answers.

Remember that consciousness wins out. Any focus of energy that maintains and sustains itself as a resonant field, a dominant field of vibration that operates at a high frequency, will begin to entrain itself to the higher vibration, not the other way around. That's the advantage you have if you're working at a higher level of vibration. You have a greater influence.

Therefore, you have the capability of changing your reality at will once enough people embrace a cause, causing a resonant effect, a resonance.


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  2. Dear Jerrelyn,

    What a beautiful name you have. Of course, there are no easy answers to questions this deep and complex as yours. Archangel Gabriel tells me in my book The Second Coming that emotions are feelings in motion and the only way we can move past them, move out of us is to feel them intensely, painful as that may be but it is necessary. As our beloved Archangel Michael tells us, we are either having what we want or avoiding a feeling. I see that you are devoted to Archangel Michael. My Life Mastery book is all based on the teachings of Michael and one of his foundational teachings is that our love for ourselves powers our ability to be who we are. Without that self-love we are condemned to looking outside of ourselves for the love and fulfillment only we can give ourselves. I encourage you to read Michael’s wonderful teachings in Life Mastery. They are rich and as comprehensive a body of teachings about our personal process as you are ever likely to find. Archangel Gabriel told me something that I have always found to be particularly valuable, “Challenges reveal your potential. They reveal those places where potential is blocked or thwarted or unconscious. In what you call the negative experience, or the frustration of the challenge, lies the redemption because in it lies the answer to what you’re looking for. Behind every negative experience is redemption, revelation and inspiration."

    God Bless you and love yourself if you are to love another.

    - Joel Anastasi

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