Friday, April 25, 2014


by Channel and Author, Phillip Elton Collins 

The most significant connection I would make at this vortex was with Adama, my personal spiritual guide. When he spoke to me, his intention was to speak to all of human-kind.

“Welcome, beloved proxies, to our spiritual and physical home. Even though your Michael has advised you not to expect, you have been waiting with much expectation for this journey, haven’t you? And we have been waiting with expectation for you, for only through your ascension and advancement can we advance, since we are one. We cannot interfere with your freedom of choice and your will; nonetheless we continue to bring wisdom into your world that can make it easier for you. We have been doing this for millennia, but few have listened. Maybe now that it is essential for you to listen to higher truth, you will do so. That is our intention.

So the big question is this: Do you want to move into a higher vibration and the world that has been shown to you or do you wish to stay where you are? You can stay. You just won’t be able to do it here, for the planet herself has shifted vibration and all those upon her body who would stay must do so also. It will be much easier to choose to shift to a higher frequency than to stay where you are. There is going to be much change upon the surface of this planet in order to affect the necessary shift into a higher vibration. This is the way the planet will cleanse and clear herself.

Let’s go through a few teachings we have learned that may help you now, if you choose to shift your vibration. Can you give up all the thoughts, words, actions, and needs that keep you in the third dimension? In the fifth dimension we have learned that there is nothing you need or have to do. Everything is always a choice. 

Can you choose to change the thoughts, actions, and needs that have created the world you have now? Moving from the third dimension to the fifth dimension requires willingness to leap into the unknown, to surrender to not-knowing. Surrendering allows for all possibilities and probabilities to exist.

Can you be open to possibility as a new way of seeing, perceiving, doing, and being? Put the state of beingness before doingness. Are you ready to live in the now moment (since that’s all there is) without expectations of particular outcomes. We expected you on the mountain, but we have no expectation of the outcome of your visit. Holding on to what you have known (which is not always the truth) will keep you in the third dimension. Can you see yourself as good enough, worthy enough to be open and have the equality, harmony, and balance of the fifth dimension?

What is needed is for you to integrate and apply the teachings that we and Michael have given you, rather than for you to move on to learn other truths without applying these. We call that ‘metaphysical masturbation.’ The heart already knows all you need to ascend; the mind and body just need time to integrate this wisdom. It’s simple to shift; just love yourself enough to come all the way home now. And if you don’t know how, turn the matter over to the energy of higher realms that can transmute what prevents you. Almost everything you have learned in the third dimension won’t serve you well in the higher vibration of the fifth dimension.

Here’s the formula. Become the love that you are + embrace the higher vibration all the way + let go of the old = ascension = fifth-dimensional reality = coming home.

Are you willing to release everything you know, that which you have learned in the past, which no longer serves your highest good? Are you willing to trust yourself and step into the unknown, where everything you have ever dreamed of is waiting for you? We await you.”

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