Monday, April 28, 2014


Archangel Michel channeled by Jeff Fasano

Photographer and author of JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART

Highlights from the forthcoming LAW OF BEINGNESS:

To create new parameters.   To create a new paradigm of beingness for the love of the self.

It is a body of teachings that will enable you to define and refine why you are giving and why it is important for you to receive love.

Each of you has attachments that are in your blind spots

Law of Beingness will allow you to connect with the energies of mother Earth and ground yourself in Mother Earth. You have chosen to be in the 3rd dimension and to complete your purpose and fully connect with your soul’s divine plan.

Essential in 2014 to ground your energies into what you call Mother Earth and be the grounding rod. Entrain in yourself the impulses and vibrations of Mother Earth. For that is where you are. It is through this that you will then be able to ground yourself in the beingness of where you are and then fully connect the multi-dimensional energies in a pure sense of doing that.

We will take you through a process to see if your attachments are still in the 3D realm because it is time to make a clean and perfect by-pass of the low density vibrational energies of the old world of form.

You will look at your old fears and feelings.

Are you connecting with and feeling your feelings? You are feeling beings.

Remove clutter from your mental body and fully immerse yourself in your heart space to know yourself as never known before.

Up to you and to look when mirror is held up to you.

It is about the full disclosure of you. By disclosing you you will be being you.

Are you really living We consciousness? Can only attain it by dropping and releasing the mask and needing validation outside of yourself.

Also about looking why your are in or not in a  relationship. Move into the Beingness of Self.

How you communicate with brethren.

Look at where drama still is in your life

It is a comprehensive look at you, if you are available to look at yourself.

How available are you to face yourself?

Vortex opening up.

Michael: This is a teaching of the heart. Have you moved into your heart space? Are you allowing yourself to feel those feelings? The vortex will be opening May 1st and ending on the Summer Solstice around June 21st. The format we suggest is to find the pointed aspects of the vortex itself.

Do it on the third day of each week.

The first Wednesday after May 1.

Many would benefit.

Can be an open forum if you so choose. Allow guidance to move through you and your need and needs of the endeavor.

Series of a body of teachings that will allow you to move deeper into your heart space.

Interactive can work with another. You will be picking a partner to do this with.

Choose partner after teaching is given. Can archive it.

Vortex opening planet wide.

Covering expanse of Mother Earth. Vortex open on May 1st through Summer Solstice so your population can receive the download.

Teachings moving from Realm of Michael to the expanse of the Earth.

The Beingness of Self or the Law of Beingness.

About creating this in oneself.

One law being love of self.

Help each person to ground self into Mother Earth so they can receive multi-dimensional frequencies.

When you receive the transmission you will be a conduit of frequency of the multi dimensional realms into Mother Earth so that can be transmitted to many.

It will help raise your consciousness about your soul plan that has been activated and that you are living. It will allow you to connect even more deeply to that soul plan by releasing aspects of yourself that you hold in place of the old--the old consciousness, behaviors, rituals, habit and patterns, and the old conditioning.

We are taking it one step further. It is not just information that you can store in your mental body. We are bringing it to you so that you can experience it. That’s why you are doing it with a partner, so you can experience it through each other.

You can create greater intimacy with yourself so you can move out of narcissism and self centeredness of self. See how another is affected by you as you are affected by another. Full transparency and authenticity.

Pair off in the process.

We the (Realm of Michael) are simply a frequency to help you fulfill your divine soul plan.

This frequency has no plan, we are here for your sustenance. We are here to move through a channel for you to experience our frequency and the teachings of this frequency.

These teachings have been brought through in various golden ages.

We ask each of you to begin with gratitude.

For Jeff, the channel: Stay the course for you know your purpose. Jeff is making a full recognition to God force, divine experience.

This teaching will allow you to fully connect with the Christ Consciousness energy which will be revealed for all souls who take the process. So you can bypass the low vibrational energies of those who still may be deified in your 3D realm.

You have been warned of what is to come. We ask you individually to move into your heart space individually and collectively and ask yourself, "Am I ready to be revealed?"

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