Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coming Home to Lemuria: Message from Archangel Michael

by Phillip Elton Collins, Channel and Author

Archangel Michael: Go with what you feel in your heart space, as opposed to feeling yourself through self-imposed limitations in the head. When you move into your heart space, do you feel any self-conditioned limitations? No. Allow for the joy of discovery and you’ll allow for the joy of living life. Allow for the joy, the excitation of the magical inner child you connected with in your first ritual. You’ll also find where you are still trying to control everything outside of yourself based upon the feelings that you are continually looking to avoid because you are, naturally, never in control of anything.

The reason why you move from your heart space to your mental body is to try to figure it out, to try to put down rules, regulations, and the way it should, could, might be. Deep-seated and deep-rooted feelings come up when you move into your heart space and release trying to control it all.

Can you contemplate breaking free of the wounded child? What we ask you to do is to picture yourself breaking free. This is an important turning point on your journey where you are breaking free. When you do, look at your urges and feelings. Where is your focus on “me, what I’m to receive, what I am to get, and how I am going to change”? Is there an equal focus on the “we,” the tasks, the mission?

Also, have you found your purpose? Do you see your purpose? Do you care about your purpose? Is your purpose important to you? Or is it important to you to allow yourself to stay in lack and limitation, and to struggle to survive life? Do you see a bigger picture for your life?

You’ll be writing this down in your journal.

Begin now to see this as well, for in silence you’ll have an inordinate amount of free time to begin to focus on what is important for you and important for the new group order.


Phillip: With Michael’s words swirling in my body and soul, I went to my bedroom window once again to kiss Mother Mountain goodnight. Tomorrow would be another adventure upon her body.

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