Sunday, April 27, 2014

COMING HOME TO LEMURIA: Archangel Michael Message

Michael’s Message (Channeled by Jeff Fasano):

Welcome. You are beginning to find your pathway, all you people enjoying this wonderful evening. Meandering about at the beginning of your pathway, that new pathway into the realm of the unknown, you can now move out into the world with your talents and gifts and begin to give to the world. Each and every one of you is looking for the new beginning on the new pathway. You are being rebirthed and you are meandering about, looking to find that place, that specific place where you need to begin, where you need to build a foundation. Some of you have the foundation you seek. Some of you are not quite sure what the foundation is. You’re beginning to look for the foundation.

Each and every one of you is curious about what your life holds for you as you go forward and toward your new life, for each and every one is looking to build a new life. Many of you are not quite sure what that new life has in store for you. Yet, the most important aspect of where you are is building a foundation so you can use it as a springboard toward a new life.

First, it’s important that you realize who you are. It’s important to go through a process of moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space to find out who you truly are. It’s important to learn to love, honor, and value yourself in the deepest sense you could ever imagine. This means coming to love every aspect of yourself fully, even those which you shame and judge. You have been conditioned to shame and judge these aspects by Mom and Dad. You’ve been taught by Mom and Dad.

It is time now to fully move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to learn about you, to love you, to honor you, to value you—and to the greatest extent you have in your life. When you do this, you can look in the mirror and know in full who you are and what your talents and gifts are.

What are your talents and gifts? What are the things you simply love doing and giving to the world? What are they? Do you know what they are? All of you know there’s something or many things that you do that you enjoy and can bring into the world. Now you can begin to look at all of these things with a new meaning, value, and purpose. You may know what your talents and gifts are, but you’re not quite sure what meaning, value, and purpose they have.

It’s time to embody you, to begin to know what your needs are. Begin to know that as you move out into the world, it’s important to give to yourself. Give to yourself that which you say you want. 

Live the life that you say you want to live.

Are you living the life you say you want to live? It’s an important question because you are all living the life that you have right now. Is this life you are leading the same life you say you want or are you just meandering about in your life getting by, struggling to survive your life? This is about giving to the world from the depth and breadth of your heart space so as to create the life you say you want to create. Are you creating the relationships you say you want? For others, getting to know you is about getting to know the relationship you’re having with yourself.

What is the relationship you are having with yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you honor yourself? Do you value yourself? Are you using the relationship you are in now to get something? Are you using the relationship that you are in simply to resist moving out in the world as an individuated adult having the life you say you want? It is quite important that you move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to know who you are. Then you can move to a place of realizing, remembering, and rediscovering your talents and gifts.

You are all ready to change. Some change to a greater extent. Some are subtle changes, some drastic because you’re all realizing that the old lives have lost their meaning, value, purpose. Some are asking, “What can I do? How can I live? Or more so, how can I give? What can I give in a third-dimensional world of upheaval? What are my talents and gifts to give and who am I?”

As you move through the process of discovering who you are, discovering and remembering your talents and gifts, you move to a place of peace to find your purpose in the third dimensional realm. What is your purpose in this lifetime, the lifetime you chose to live, the lifetime in the human condition you choose to live? Moving forward is quite practical. It’s practical in looking at your brethren, your fellow man and fellow woman around this room, wondering, “How can I give to make this world a better place to live?” since this is the lifetime you are living.

It’s most important to ask yourself questions as you now look for this new life, as you stand at the doorway, at the precipice, at the intersection, at the crossroads to the new life. Do you honor, value, and love you? Do you even know what that is? Can you give to yourself the life you say you want? What is the life you are living now? Can you see your talents and gifts? Can you remember your talents and gifts? Can you discover your talents and gifts?

So we ask you simply, what brings you the greatest joy in your life? And what we ask you also to do now is to write down that which brings you the greatest joy in your life. Realizing that you are often looking for an outcome, how, when, where, and who will this come from? Can you simply be in a place of finding that which brings you the greatest amount of joy? Then, once you have identified that, ask: What talents and gifts do I possess that bring me the greatest amount of joy in my life? This will lead you to find out why you are here. Because the natural state of being is being you, can you be you? Are you fully being you?

Reveal who you are to the world. Reveal the depth of you and who you are. Are you revealing who you are, the essence of you, the depth and breadth of your heart space to the world? Are you revealing yourself to the world? If so, are you enjoying, valuing, and honoring the process of revealing yourself to the world by simply being you?

You see, moving into your heart space and revealing to the world the depth and essence of who you are is the greatest, most joyful process you can ever be in. To be that essence in the world is the greatest state. The greatest sense of joy comes when you allow yourself to release the layers of the mask you’ve created around your heart space.

Perhaps you created those layers to be someone else or perhaps so you could be who you thought another person would like you to be, so this person would love you.

You see, moving forward now is simply about being you. But first you must know the essence of you, know the depth of you, so you can walk into your new life simply radiating with the effervescent joy from your heart space: being you, and then, along with that, bringing forward your talents and gifts. What you love doing in the world is embodying your talents and gifts. There is joy in doing whatever it is you do, using whichever talents and gifts you utilize out in the world. What do you enjoy? What are these talents and gifts? What brings you joy? When you do all of this, you’ll move organically on the pathway toward realizing your purpose.

You see the only way in which you can find your purpose in life is through embodying your divine soul plan in this life-time. When you have fully honored, valued, and loved yourself and embodied the depth of you and your talents and gifts, you have activated your divine soul plan.

You see you are all moving to this precipice. So we ask you again, do you love you?

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