Sunday, April 27, 2014

THE SECOND COMING, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age: Origins of Man

by spiritual journalist and author Joel D. Anastasi

with Channel Robert Baker (1948-2013)

Joel: I’ve been reading about the population trends in our country. Apparently, what we refer to as minorities as a percentage of the population will become the majority by 2050. And the implications of that, it seems to me, feed into the original intentions of the United States.

Gabriel: Yes, exactly. You see, if you look at it from a different perspective, if you look at it from a higher perspective, if you look at it from the perspective of the North American Indians, they spoke of their prophecy of the return of the rainbow tribes. The return of the rainbow tribes is also referred to in the Jewish religion as the coming together of the twelve tribes of Israel and the discovery of the New Jerusalem. Both of those references are related to the coming together of the twelve star systems, which produces the ascension of your planet because your planet is originally made up of twelve star systems. This is the first planet ever that has decided to create a process of evolutionary ascension by bringing together twelve star systems in one unit.

Joel: We discussed that it would be valuable to create some context or big picture of man’s journey here on earth, man’s origins. It sounds to me like you’re doing that now. Could you restate what you have said in a clear way?

Gabriel: Each of what you call stars now in your immediate solar system and galaxy, what are now stars, originally were planets. Each of those planets went through a stage of evolution—as Earth is going through now—from a primitive phase through an advanced phase. Each of those planets eventually came to a point of ascension, which is where it went into light. That is why it is now a star.

Each of those planets became stars as the populations of those planets ascended individually. In other words, the Sirians ascended as Sirians, the Orions ascended as Orions, the Pleadians ascended as Pleadians independently. Then the intergalactic community—we’ll call it that—decided, “Let’s create an experiment in this new solar system where twelve of our star systems that have recently ascended get together, and let us create a (physical) body that we can all descend into with all of the qualities of all of our star systems. And we will create an ascension process that creates a unification of twelve star systems, and we will bring those together.” And so that unification of the twelve is the ascension process on your planet. This is also why you have different ethnic backgrounds and traits. Those are some of the ethnic traits of some of the star systems that have bred into the one body the star systems chose to inhabit, the human body.

Joel: Is there any special reason why it was twelve?

Gabriel: Yes, because twelve is the number of completion. Twelve is the number of wholeness. It is the number of ascension into spiritual unity. The twelve star systems are encoded into the physical body of each human being through the endocrine glands and the twelve power mind centers of the body. As the power mind centers awaken and the endocrine glands awaken, it will awaken the information of the star seeds within each person. So each person now, because of the interbreeding over the millennia, is now interbreeding all of the star systems, and all of their genetic material into the body of each individual. So eventually you can have the awakening of the entire ascension of all twelve star systems in each human being, although some beings are predominantly in their origins from an original star system.

Joel: So the ascension of the human race would produce the ascension of all twelve star systems.

Gabriel: That is right. 

Joel: And that was their goal and what they intended to happen? 

Gabriel: Exactly. 

Joel: Why?

Gabriel: So they could have a communal ascension, which had never been done before. Each of the star systems chosen has a specific archetype that relates to the divine plan. So it’s a way in which God, God that’s all there is, is able to bring together the twelve main archetypes of its being into physical form in the ascension experience.

Joel: Why those twelve star systems?

Gabriel: Where your earth system and your evolutionary process through soul development are concerned, those twelve star systems are the best possible archetypes to choose for this experiment. It is to bring together twelve archetypes of the divine plan that are related to this particular solar system and the part of the divine plan it represents.

Joel: Is it just an experiment, or is there some larger good or purpose associated with it?

Gabriel: Well, its larger purpose is to integrate twelve archetypes of the divine plan. But it’s an experiment in the sense that it’s never been done before.

Joel: It’s never been done in other galaxies or any way? 

Gabriel: Not in this way, no. 

Joel: Is there another way of explaining what was to be achieved by combining the twelve archetypes? So the archetypes are combined. So what? 

Gabriel: Well, it allows you to experience twelve aspects of the divinity of the force of love, tolearn through those twelve aspects and to bring a communal experience. 

Joel: How did it all get started?

Gabriel: It got started by the seeding of the twelve star systems through the star gate of Sirius. Sirius is the star gate into this solar system.

Joel: What is a star gate?

Gabriel: It’s a dimensional opening in time and space. All the star systems came through the Sirian system and created a common vision, a common plan, a united nations, if you will. Isn’t it interesting that you have created something you call the United Nations on your planet, which is a physical manifestation of an attempt to realize the integration of those star systems? And in making it an experiment that is experiential, the divine gave this solar system freedom of will so that all star systems would have their own freedom of will to sustain and maintain their own progress and process of development into this intergalactic wholeness.

Joel: When did this start? 

Gabriel: Millions and millions of years ago.

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