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The Angel News Network Library: Joel D. Anastasi

A summary of books by Joel D. Anastasi 
and some questions.
The Second Coming, 

The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age

Two thousand years ago, the Archangel Gabriel announced the coming of a new age with the birth of Jesus, the Christ. Now, Gabriel is proclaiming a new 2,000 year age, one of man’s spiritual unity. This New Age was born January 23, 1997, when planets aligned to form a six point star, the same configuration that announced Jesus’ birth 2,000 years ago. 

In this New Age, humans will follow the pattern of self mastery that Jesus demonstrated to awaken the soul. This, Gabriel says, is the Second Coming. It is not, “The Christ, the man, coming to rescue and save you…What he was telling you was that the Christ lies within you. You are the Christ. The time in evolution has come for the Christ Consciousness, the soul, to awaken in all humankind. We come to give you the step-by-step process for the awakening of the Christ Consciousness in all humanity.”

In this in-depth and intriguing interview, Joel D. Anastasi has transcribed wisdom received from the Archangel Gabriel, who communicated to Joel through trance channel, Robert Baker, his spiritual advisor. Working from hundreds of pages of interviews, Anastasi not only shares Gabriel’s wisdom on great spiritual themes, but also provides Energizing Exercises to prepare you for the awakening of the soul.

Creating Your Life and the Courage to Live it


The Life Mastery Program is a guide for empowering you to create the life you want and the courage to live it. Joel Anastasi developed this sixteen-lesson self-help program from teachings of the Archangelic Realm of Michael channeled by Jeff Fasano. Life Mastery helps you consider the meaning of your life and, if you choose, guides you to develop a new life path by exploring the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? The program begins to shift your consciousness in a way that will change you and your life forever.

A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God


The Ascension Handbook is designed for those who wish to explore the boundaries of their humanity and expand their consciousness so that they may know themselves as far more than human. The Handbook was created for those who seek to know themselves as God.  This material was dictated by the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, the spouse and twin flame of Jesus, through channel Jessie Keener. Joel Anastasi interviewed the Marys and prepared the material for publication. The Handbook offers a guide to help the student evolve from someone who may have some mastery of life to begin to master themselves as God.

Although I did not plan it that way, my three books present a kind of progression explaining the world of spirit and how our journey as human beings fits into that spiritual context.

The Second Coming presents a large compendium of information about the spiritual world that I developed from a two-year long series of interviews with the Archangel Gabriel channeled through Rober Baker. I deal with questions such as:

Who is God? Who are we? What are we doing here? A history of man’s experience here are earth. What this new age that is just beginning is about. How the USA fits into the overall picture of man’s spiritual evolution. How the USA’s spiritual evolution has been temporarily undermined by powerful forces that are to keep mankind separated and in conflict with each other. Plus many other subjects such as Illness and healing, how we create reality, how we pray, abortion, homosexuality plus what Gabriel has to say about religions and how they are creations of man, not God.

Life Mastery was developed as a 16 lesson self help guide taken from the teachings of Archangel Michael channeled through trance channel Jeff Fasano. The objective of the program is to help us develop our full potential as human beings.

Michael recently described the program this way:
“We are connecting you to the invincible power of the God within you expressed through your unique abilities, gifts and talents and to help end the struggle with lack and limitation.”

The program begins by helping us examine and release old habits, patterns, routines and attachments that do not serve us. It then guides us to identify and express the gifts, talents and personal qualities that make us individual, unique expressions of God and to take them out into the world in ways that bring us joy and fulfillment.

The Ascension Handbook, A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God was dictated by the Two Marys through conscious channel Jessie Keener. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ spouse and twin flame. I conducted the interviews and edited the material that ended up in the book.

The ecstatic union with God refers to reaching the consciousness of oneness, recognizing that we are all parts of one soul. It requires an enormous leap in consciousness to move from understanding that intellectually and living it. The Marys teach that we are God expressing and that everything in life is a test for what we are here to learn. They give us tools and practices to help  “manage” and dissolve the thoughts and emotions that keep us separated from each other and to help us connect with others through the bonds of love—especially when the circumstances of life seems to conspire to keep us apart. Being able to conquer the forces that separate us is what mastery is all about and what ultimately produces our “ecstatic union with God” consciousness—each other and all that is. 

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