Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Message From the Combined forces of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

We are reaching out to you through this combined energy of acceptance and compassion and assertiveness through acceptance and compassion. To move into acceptance of that is through assertiveness.

Balance both energies within as a wounded child would call out to the figurehead of its mother.

This is a combination of the teachings of Jesus being brought forth through the Two Marys as we greet you. We are available for this healing process. Accept compassion for yourself and your behavior by mirroring back this back to your brothers and sisters. 

Call on the Jeshua energy of brother Jesus.  We are all brothers and sisters moving out of deification towards equality, community and harmony.

The Two Marys are not here to be deified. We are not holier than thou… Jesus had been incarnated in human form to follow a similar path as you.

We come to you as you are moving though a process of releasing old patterns of behaviors by asking you to look at yourself in those mirrors.  We serve you by bringing acceptance and compassion. The wounded child is seeking out the mother they have needed to allow them to work through acceptance and compassion.

Conditioning and behaviors are being brought to the surface and are all acceptable through compassion. It is important to look in the mirror when these behavior patterns are brought to the surface. It invites others to see the mirrors of their own behaviors. This may be a reflection of all your endeavors moving out into the world.

Impeccability of word and self are the reasons for the exercises in your Life Mastery book and The Ascension Handbook. This will help you to move into core aspects of yourself, to bring old habits and behaviors patterns to the surface so you can see habits, patterns and rituals you may be blind to.

We come to you through the combined assertive force to bring in acceptance and compassion for the old meaning was that acceptance and compassion was weak. Feminine energy is about how the assertive can implement acceptance and compassion with assertiveness.

The assertive feminine, powerful feminine is Mary Magdalene. Mother Mary is compassion, Combined as figureheads, they can implement with assertiveness acceptance and compassion without judgment and shame. That is what a wounded child always asks mom to do.

Now it is about looking at old behaviors you may be blind to, unconscious of, so that others can support and guide you to by making you aware how your behavior affects others and you. Together we can move you through this process.

Can you be open to the mirrors of your brothers and sisters who may be able to present you to you, and who have love of you?

Am you open to seeing the mirrors? Am you open to seeing your blind spots? Are you open to receiving the love of others to have yourself revealed, which needs to be revealed for the greater good of the soul family. 

Where are you still shaming and judging yourself and then transferring this to others?

We are here to help you move from narcissistic "me consciousness", fully accepting and valuing you and what others bring to you, which you may not like to look at, but may be important. It is for the highest good of your brothers and sisters that you see you as you see them.

- Assertive Mary, compassionate Mary.

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