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Transcribed/Edited by Joel Dennis Anastasi
Channeled by Jessie Keener 

TWO MARYS 8-19-11

Headwaters of the Sacramento River, Mt. Shasta, CA.

M: Greetings beloved Joel

J: Hello, we’re in Mt. Shasta.

M: Indeed. We are in Mt. Shasta. We are in a most majestic portion of your United States. We are pleased to entwine with you here with these frequencies and to enjoy the abundance of nature with you as we partake in this conversation.

Before we begin with addressing specifically the work you have been doing on The Ascension Handbook, we wish to simply say that we rejoice in the levels of compassion and acceptance you have been initiating within yourself and magnifying within yourself. We understand that this is a result of much endeavor and intention, and we acknowledge that. At the end of the day, no one in your humanity is receiving enough acknowledgment. Therefore, as part of the Two Marys relationship with you and as part of the Two Marys appreciation of your divine soul plan, we wish to point that out.  Your work is magnificent.

J: Thank you. Working with you and working with Jessie and the teachings has been so rewarding. It’s feeding me in expected ways but, what is really interesting, also in so many unexpected ways. I find an awareness of your teachings popping up in the most unexpected times as I encounter different situations and people in my life. 

M: Indeed, and that is how it works. That is the blessing of putting the yoke on and becoming the disciple, becoming the disciple of the work. It will, as you say, pop up in unexpected ways. That is, of course, your higher self’s intention, that you be adept not only in predictable ways but in the unpredictable ways, for that is the nature of humanity, to have the familiar confronted by the unknown over and over.

J: You told us how valuable it would be to experience the intertwining of the masculine and the feminine and the rewards the feminine would bring on this trip. We have been experiencing it right along, but we experienced it very powerfully this morning when the six of us got together. The feminine energies led it with an exchange of feelings that was more profound than I have experienced with our group so far.

M: Indeed. It may surprise you to know that for the three female entities, that is the norm of their work. They are most used to these types of experiences. They understand that it is only through the deepest surrendering into the chaos that the ecstatic union occurs. So for them this was not exactly matter of fact; yet, they understood going in that no matter how scary, no matter how confrontational it might become, they knew from the onset that this was their way, this was their truth and that less than that would be withholding themselves from their soul family. And they knew that was not acceptable.

J: My colleagues took the initiative with a huge payoff. And as far as the fear issue is concerned, obviously we all feel that to some degree. 

M: Indeed. For each of those delightful human beings have, as do all humans, barriers to being completely open in the unknown. If and when they decide to truly embrace the materials of The Ascension Handbook, they will accelerate their process in being open for they both perceive themselves as quite open.

And it is true. They are very open to multidimensionality of being. That is a stronghold for each of them and it is one of their greatest comforts. However, they still, as do all humans, this channel included, you beloved Joel included, have barriers to being open. So therein lies enormous potential for growth, chaos, surrender, for ecstasy.

Our beloved Archangel Michael said very clearly as you were organizing for this journey that it was imperative that you learn to function as a community, and community stands for the greatness of others even when it takes great risk in speaking truth, risk that they will be abandoned, kicked out. In our times, humans were truly stoned, to death at times, for standing in the truth and the power and the glory.

So it is the same in your soul family and you will have in your DNA remnants and remembrances and cellular memories of what it means to stand in your truth and be persecuted. And yet, as this beloved channel said today to her soul family, today is a good day to die, euphemistically speaking, metaphorically speaking, of course. If, indeed, one is going to stand in their truth, they must be willing to allow their ego to die.

And so it is for you, beloved Joel, as you continue to stand in your truth of who you are and why you are here, and you are allowing yourself the discomfort of watching your ego want to move in one direction and yet using your tools and all the teachings that resonate for you to remain in your truth versus running into the control of the ego.

J: You nailed it. (Laughing.)

M: Indeed, as is the nature of the Two Marys to absolutely not mince the words.

J: We love that. Jessie and I have been laughing about some of the wonderful ways you will make a point, using some of your humor and some of your witticisms. What is so refreshing about it is, you have heard me talking about working with entities that have not been human. Sometimes if feels very humorless. You know how it is to make a joke and no one laughs. One of the remarks I made to Jessie is I really feel that I’m just talking to another human, one with an awful lot of knowledge, of course, which is so refreshing.

M: Indeed. When the Mother Mary the one you know as Magdalene was working with the disciples, often she would use humor only to have it fall on deaf ears. Literally at times they would not comprehend the humor.

They would look at her with their mouths open, scratching their heads and shifting uncomfortably in their seats, not recognizing that this was a gift of spirit, of great enlightenment; for it requires enlightenment to adeptly use humor.

J: It does. Jessie and I just had lunch. I said to her, you know I really have had no idea where my scribing would go because I think I have exhausted the Archangel Gabriel source, and the Archangel Michael source is primarily The Life Mastery Program, and I don’t resonate with working with Archangel Michael so much. With the Two Marys it’s so easy to have conversations where I ask a question. I get a direct, clear answer and it sets up the next logical thing to talk about. I said that seems to be the avenue where the most opportunities are to explore. I see working with you as being where a good deal of my future is going to be with my work.

M: Indeed. For it is all about resonance, is it not? It is a culmination of everything that you have ever been. This is your truth. It is a culmination of lifetimes with us in the physical, lifetimes with elements of our teachings, and lifetimes of knowing deep in your heart that there is a stirring, an awareness of a great compassion of the feminine way.

Indeed, it is a culmination of all of this that sets you at this opportunity, and you will make much of this opportunity, beloved Joel. You have noticed that you and this channel work together in a very balanced and harmonious way. There is no accident about this; everything from the lifetimes that you have spent together with this channel; to your own personal training and development as a facilitator, presenter, student and as a teacher. And so it is that you become the master teacher as you go forward.

J: I wonder if master teachers think of themselves as master teachers.

M: In earnest, they do not, much as when we walked on your earthly plane. We had no idea that later humans would recognize us as Master Teachers. We were simply doing the mission with a clear understanding that many did not comprehend. Many ridiculed us. And you will see this for yourselves, you and this channel. You’ll notice that there is resonant causation. There is magnetic attraction and there is repulsion to others. And there will not be much of the grey area.  It will be attraction or repulsion.

And that is comforting to know that from the 5th dimension, we anticipate this. We recommend you have a capacity for comfort within that. This teaching of the Two Marys and subsequent teachings are not for everyone. They are for you. They are for this channel, and they are for those who magnetically resonate. So you will see the same way this project unfolded with much ease, much grace and still to be recognized fruits, the subsequent materials will be the same.

There is a resonance of ease and grace, a resonance of simple unfoldment. No, it will not always be easy, but even within duress you will notice there is ease and grace.

J: I’ll add one other observation about when Jessie and I work together. We really have fun, which is a nice ingredient to have in the mix.

M: Indeed. And that is how it was often between the Two Marys themselves. Yes, sometimes it was not so fun because we were in our fears and commiserating with each other about our fears. Quite often it was simply enormous fun.

J: Well, that’s the part they left out of the bible (Laughing.)

M: Indeed. For who was the bible written by, not by the Two Marys, not by the Jesus Christ consciousness itself. It was simply a mish mosh of various teachings that were pared down. Some remain in tact but most of them do not. Therefore, it is simply to say that the bible was not written from the intention of the Christ Consciousness. It was written through the distortion of humanity.

J: One of the wonderful things about your teachings, there are many, many of course—we were raised to encourage good feelings and discourage bad feelings, or things that were labeled as bad thoughts. You invite them. Bring them on. Feel them 100%. Explore them. Let them pass. You give us exercises for dealing with them, surrounding them with compassion and love. That is not the first time I’ve heard this of course, especially in the light of the Archangel Gabriel teachings, but I find them so liberating and helpful.

M: Indeed, why do you think our beloved Jesus went out into the desert for forty days and forty nights? Was it so that he could work on his suntan? Indeed not. He needed to go deep into the dark side of his being to completely express that at 100%, to let go into it, to let it consume him. This gave him the platform to fully assume the Christ Consciousness. He had been shaped and cultivated by many mentors, but it was actually that final piece of letting go, that final surrender to all of the ravages of the dark side, to embrace it and say: Yes, take me for you, too, are God. And to come through that with a clear understanding of what it takes to be an example of the Godhead in humanity, to be the clear example. It is not either or. It is all and, and all, all and, and all.

And this is what his beloved bride understood perfectly. You see, she understood it through different methodology, such as the pain of menstruation, the pain of child bearing. And within that child-bearing process is the microcosm of the forty days and forty nights. So she understood this. She embraced this aspect of her man who understood his need to take that process away from his soul family so he could come back to his soul family and teach it and demonstrate that not only did it not destroy him, as was the perception of those times—duality, separation, the devil versus the saints. He demonstrated the full integration. This is the way of the Ascension.

J: That was so powerful, especially when you alluded to Jesus in the desert; I assume he incorporated the tools you’re teaching in the program.

M: Indeed.

J: And maybe I could just summarize a little piece of what you just said in The Ascension Handbook to illustrate how Jesus used the same tools in his own life.

M: Indeed, we would actually recommend that as part of the forward, beloved Joel, to wet the whistle, so to speak, of the student.

J: Speaking of the book, Jessie and I have gone over what I have done. She seems to prefer what I did over what she did because I have done so much editing. Are you able to make an evaluation of what I have done and what Jessie has done? What are your suggestions?

M: First the evaluation. Both of you did exactly what was necessary to get to this point. That is the most important thing. This channel energetically determined what content remains, what content goes. What must be in the discourse, what must be out of the discourse. Most of that is similar to what you did initially. However, your gifts and talents as a scribe have ascended to the next level. This is not something that you would see for yourself. That is why we are telling you.

Your gifts and talents as a scribe, as you like to say, as a content person, have risen to the next level. So therefore we acknowledge that the published outcome will be much of what you have done, which is similar to what this channel did with the exception you have made it clearer. You have created much more flow of the content, which was not the intent of this channel. Her intention was simply, this resonates for the discourse; this is extraneous.

So the good news is you are both on the same page, as you like to say.

J: I said I edited out a lot of my comments and questions, which contributed to the flow. I asked about leaving some questions in because it is a conversation. What are your thoughts about that?

M: Indeed. We wish for you to remain on occasion as the questioner in the content. This allows the student to see themselves as the questioner, to embrace that part of themselves. It also allows the student to take a much needed pause in the flow of the content to regroup. This content is electromagnetically charged with Ascension frequencies, very high level frequencies. And as we have taught in the discourses, humans cannot retain those frequencies for very long. Therefore, to occasionally impart a question allows for breathing room, so to speak. Does this make sense?

J: Absolutely, yes. 

M: We wish to add another suggestion for you and the channel at the end of each discourse. Much like books at the end of a chapter have a little symbol or a little diagram that denotes the end of a chapter, we wish for one word to be at the end in its own space of each chapter. That word is BREATHE.

You see how this assists the students. Those frequencies are so intense and so not familiar as sustainable frequencies. So reminding them at the end of a chapter to breathe will be most helpful for all the students involved.

J: You have talked a lot about the power of the breath to integrate the teachings, and it’s good advice for me too.

M: Indeed. For everyone who lives on the surface of your planet.

J: I’ve said to you before how sometimes I feel like my brain is a sieve. I just can’t visit the material too much. I seem to have difficulty retaining it.  I just keep rediscovering and rediscovering the information some more.

M: And, within that, a larger context to hold that in, can one ascend too much, beloved Joel?

J: Well, that’s rhetorical (Laughing.) Would you have a helpful motherly hint or observation to make to our group about our trip here? Anything you would like to share?

M: Indeed. Do you recall the information we imparted on your first day of your ceremony where we spoke about children? And we spoke about going forth into the world once you have declared yourselves as Light Workers, as Way Showers. Do you remember the message we gave about being the children? Let us revisit that discussion for that is our recommendation for your soul family.

The message was as follows. As you go forth as Way Showers and Light Workers, as you integrate the magical child with the wonder child, which is what going forth as Way Showers and Light Workers truly is. It is the integration of that in addition to always remember the wounded child for that is the place where you as Light Workers, Way Showers will connect with others. People will only resonate with you, with your soul family as one mission or as individual outreaches when you include the wounded heart, the wounded child.

That is the place that most will recognize themselves. Remember as you go forth imparting the wonderful information from the 5th dimension, that you stay ever present to the memories that you each have of your wounded child. Not to be stuck in the wounded child, rather to use that awareness that this is where your audience is, whether they say so or not. For you in your hearts to recognize and have that clear memory, much as we use the notion of having walked on the surface of the earth as humans. As you have pointed out how useful that is to literally demonstrate to your audiences your awareness of the wounded child as the gateway in.

J: I have to do a short introduction tonight of the Archangel Gabriel book and The Life Mastery Program and Archangel Michael talks about the wounded child running our lives so this gives me some ideas for incorporating in my introduction. I referred to the woundedness that showed up in our meeting this morning among us.

M: That is accurate and in a true community that recognition of that wounding is not enough. The wounding must be out in the open. The tendency for the ego to pull the mask up, even when the wounding is known amongst each other.

Oh yes, I know that is his story. Oh yes, I know that has been the theme of her life. That is not sufficient to carry the day. What is sufficient is the continuous group embracement, the group awareness, the process within the group much as the three feminine energies insisted on this morning.

They were not asking if you wanted to. They said this is what we need before we start the channeling. It is so easy for even more astute spiritual Light Workers to hide behind their wounding. As we have said in the discourses on The Ascension Handbook, it is much as if there is a gravitational pull. It is invisible but it is a force much like gravity. So this process must be ongoing. It cannot be superficial. It must be deep. For it is only in the depth that the integration occurs.

J: I can circulate this to all the members after this trip because we have to have an ongoing relationship working together.

M: Indeed. It is still much in the unknown the true mission of this soul family. We declare that boldly. Some within the soul family think they know exactly what the mission is. Those are only components of the mission.  The actual mission has no words at this time, although certainly to be beacons of bliss, certainly to be Way Showers for the Ascension Process is to be congruent for every member of the soul family, whether they use the word Ascension in their every day communication or not.

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