Wednesday, August 13, 2014



Received Through Om Ar

And the rains came down and your soul was washed and lifted high into the heavens, unburdened and unbridled from your self-imposed servitude, from your own chains and shackles of the mind because you finally saw the light beloveds! You finally saw the light shining bright within your hearts! How could you not after that beautiful super moon you all made affirmations on? Did you hold your tremulous hearts within your tired, calloused hands and declared your freedom? I AM FREE! FREE AT LAST! What a journey to that emancipation it has been… You have given yourselves away to others pushing their energy upon you with their controlling ways--all a product of their own childhood wounding. They never meant to harm, hamper or hinder you and yet they did, only because you gave them the power, the license to move and sway you in any direction they wanted and you let them and why did you let them? Take ownership now… To be loved and validated. 

You are now realizing that you are loved and that you are not alone in your struggle and your support because we are here for you, inside you, around you. Love and support is everywhere. The universe is your community. The universe wants you to feel loved, happy and joyful, not enslaved to your addictions, which are comforting and safe, which keep you from completing your endeavors. (It is no longer about, "Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't know.") The universe wants you to thrive, to feel wonderful and not to be in limbo. Nothing gets accomplished in limbo. All your gifts and talents whither and die like seedlings without sun and water. They will never reach or touch the sky. 

Pick yourselves up beloveds and reach for the stars! Demand love with all the trimmings. Sure there has been failure in your life, but these stumble blocks have only helped you to grow. However now declare that you no longer need suffering and pain to grow. You can now grow and flourish out of love, out of faith and knowledge, applying your wisdom won through so much heartache, self-afflicted and otherwise. You are here to learn and learn you have and learn you must because that is the agreement that is part of your soul plan, your cosmic contract, a karmic contract you have made and completed with some and still need to complete with others. 

Now the road is clear for further adventures, further teachings and learning, if you so choose. Let the sun shiny day of your existence rise in the horizon of your new life. You are divinity in motion. You are progress made manifest. You are the saving grace of the future. You are the past reconciled into a ball of energy--a powerful God Power made incarnate in man pushing forward, raising your vibration, moving towards your ascension. Finish what has already begun in you--what you know needs to be accomplished. Stay away from the naysayers, the vampires of your joy, the ones who keep telling you what you need to do. Only you know what you ought do if you go deep within, sweating out the pain and the karma. Cleanse it! Purge it! Once and for all. 

And to those you need to and must leave behind… Bless them, wish them well, wish them love, joy and happiness on their spiritual pathway. They are not your responsibility any longer. They never have been. They were a need you were trying to  fulfill within yourself. "If I take care of them, they will take care of me. They will love me all the more for my taking caring of them." Well, it didn't quite work out that way did it? Because you lost yourself in the process. Thank them for the learning. And yes even thank them for the conflict and the chaos they produced because now you are sailing on calm waters and no one and nothing will disturb your peace and forward momentum again with their sad and unfortunate wretchedness--their choice to live and learn in this and perhaps many lifetimes. They will find their answers in their own time. 

You are victorious! You have freed yourself from lifetimes of the incarceration of your wounding to see and live a new paradigm of love, equality and freedom! A community of childlike purity of thought, feelings and intentions committed to only experience all the beauty and bounty that only love, joy and happiness can create. Now go out and play with your new toys and tools and wear a smile on your face full of satisfaction and gratitude for getting a new lease on life! For getting a chance to be free and serve the world with your God Power! 

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