Friday, August 1, 2014

You're somebody! Who are you? Are you somebody too?

Received Through Om Ar

You’re somebody!  Who are you? Are you—somebody—too? Declare it to the world, loud and proud. “I am somebody. I am somebody, essential, entitled and entwined in the mechanizations of life, the world, the universe and god itself because I AM god itself, experiencing itself!” Didn’t that feel wonderful? Now that doesn’t mean you’re perfect or complete—not yet! Because you are still growing, you are still learning how to fully realize yourself on this plane and return to all that ever was, all there ever is, all that ever will be and boy what a great gift you will be giving to others by fully realizing yourself!

You love, you hate, you covet, you cherish, you give, you take, your lust, you sanctify and the list goes on and on because you are multi-faceted, multi-talented and multi-tasking in this incarnation. You are a culmination of all your lifetimes and they are all encoded in your DNA. Just take the test and find out. The sooner you accept this and embrace it the faster you will move to the next level of consciousness. You may arrive at a level where you may become a beacon to others because of your fearlessness to just be you, all of you. What a better way to affect others than by example.

You are a witness to a lot of what you would call negative behavior and it may sadden and disturb you perhaps because you may feel helpless in some cases or in other cases you may feel compelled to act and yet what good will that do? If a person is being unique and wholeheartedly themselves, you might just want to get out of their way and let them rip and roar. In fact you might want to even encourage them to go further because they can’t help it and neither can you. You may as well as they are using their discernment and resonance to fully express all that is inside.

Don’t you feel sometimes you want the world to be perfect? To have all those around you that you love and sometimes not act perfect? To do the right thing? To be perfect like you? I know you may be laughing but of course they cannot be like you because they have to be like themselves, a wonderful mirror for you to behold all your triumphs and foibles. It’s like watching a play. Can you watch the drama and the conflict and still not be a part of it? You are in the audience and it wouldn’t be appropriate to step on the stage and assume a role that was not designated for you. That is unless that is the case and then you’d better be prepared to play your part to the fullest because the audience can spot and smell a phony performance, or at least the critics can and critics alike only know what they like and don’t like based on experience and personal taste and agendas.

So if you reach a point in your life when you feel free to be yourself no matter what the cost, you are in good company because everyone yearns for the same thing. You are not necessarily trying to hurt anyone by being yourself, you are simply fulfilling your divine soul plan, perhaps as an example to others, a catalyst for some, a quiet voice that needs no explanation other than it just is. Go ahead fill the shelves with your wisdom, with your gifts and talents. Shine on beloveds. You were made to shine and not live in the shadows afraid of your truth. The sooner you shine the quicker others will follow suit!

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