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TWELVE LIFE LESSONS: Lesson Three, Archangel Michael/Metatron; Responsibility & Consequence

By Jeff Fasano


Archangel Michael / Metatron; 
Responsibility and Consequence

Archangel Michael                                 

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you, as you are moving deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space. You are moving to various levels of inception and conception in your life and taking another step in the re-birth process from the wounded inner child into adulthood. In taking this next step into adulthood We are here at this time to bring our messages and teachings to you in this twelve step process.  These messages move through the Christ Consciousness energies of Jeshua and Pleiadian energies.

We come to reinforce the aspects of acceptance and compassion through the feminine Pleiadian energies so you can remain in the softness in your heart. The message We bring you now is about responsibility and consequence.  As you take the next step into adulthood and move out into the world to the next level and to greater levels there comes with that a level of responsibility and with that consequence. Along with this comes the integrity and impeccability of the word.  It is important to follow now a pure path where you are resonating at a higher vibration, a purer vibration and stating your needs, setting your boundaries and making new choices.  This third teaching is about new choices and within those new choices comes responsibility, consequence and the impeccability and integrity of the word.

We will begin with consequence. Look at the choices you are making in relationship to others. In your relationship with others how do you relate to them based upon the level of integrity and impeccability of your word?  We ask you to look at the level of integrity and impeccability of the word in your relationship with others. Is there integrity and impeccability of your word as an adult or is there a lack of it? With this comes consequence.

When you step from the wounded inner child into various levels of adulthood it is time to know that there is a level of responsibility to your actions and as well a level of impeccability of your word when you speak it. When you speak your word and do your actions, consequence comes with what transpires there. There is responsibility to what you do and how you speak your word in conjunction with what you are bringing to the world. 

This process is a maintenance process of refining and defining. What comes through the various multi-dimensional realms in this process are reminders.  You may think you are moving backwards at times in this process, yet you are stepping forward because these reminders will help you refine and define you to move to an acute awareness and consciousness as to where you are headed in adulthood.

It is time to look at your actions, how you speak the word and the impeccability and integrity of the word in your relationships with others. If you have chosen group consciousness and to move into a new soul family it is important to raise your consciousness in your interactions with others. It is time to become aware that your actions as an adult along with your word have an affect on others. See now how your word and actions affect others to be conscious of this. This will show you where you are in relation to the narcissistic me and how you remain in a place where you still make it all about me.  This is the aspect of the child.

We come to speak to you about awareness, responsibility and consequence. Your word and actions = responsibility = consequence. 

It is now time for you to be aware of the impeccability and integrity of your word and actions in relationship with others. Are you aware and conscious as to how your actions and word affect others as you bring it out into the world?  This simply reflects the relationship you are having with you that is based upon shame, judgment, conflict and negativity. 

Is the way you are treating others based in shame, judgment, conflict and negativity? Thus it is about the narcissism of “the Me”. When you speak your word and do your actions are you aware that others affected by this?
If you see this, you will become aware of the power of the word and the power of your actions. If you have chosen to be the Light Worker and Way Shower it is no longer plausible to allow the wounded little boy and girl to run your life. It will at times yet it is about being conscious and aware of your behavior, your habits, patterns and rituals.

We ask you:

Are you aware of your behavior?

Are you aware that your actions and word affects others?

- Or -

Are you stuck in an aspect of the narcissistic me where in your present consciousness you are unconscious of this? 

Are you now adult enough to take responsibility for your words and actions?

An aspect of growing into adulthood is taking responsibility for your actions and your word, thus impeccability for your actions and your word.

If you are making the choice to bring the message, lessons and teachings of your choice out into the world you have a responsibility to those you are bringing this to. If you have chosen to be the light worker and the way shower there is a greater responsibility here. If the choice you have made with what you are doing is to affect others, it is important to know that you do affect others. Your behavior, actions and word affects others. We are not asking you to be super human; you are therefore human, yet you are continually raising your level of awareness and consciousness to your behavior and your actions. It is important to know your powerfulness within this. You may not be aware of your powerfulness. If you have taken the oath of the light worker and way shower you have seemingly stepped into a powerfulness.  

Are you now ready to take full responsibility for your actions and your word? When you propel your actions and word out into the world it is time to know that they have an affect on others and thus a consequence.

You are having a human experience within a high vibrational spiritual experience. It is now time to be aware of your level of consciousness as it relates to your actions and your word.

It is time to walk a pathway that is of a high vibration where conflict and negativity is at a minimum. Where the purity of the energy is based upon championing the other’s highest good if in fact you have chosen to be a messenger, a light worker, a way shower.

It is about growing up into adulthood to realize that if in fact you are choosing this path you are ready to take responsibility for you and others.  Your part is taking responsibility of your behavior, your actions and your word. The narcissistic aspect of this is the wounded child thinking they can do and say anything and not taking responsibility for it. If you are looking to take yourself and your endeavors to higher realms in your third dimension it is time to look at responsibility and consequence.

So We ask, are you fully taking responsibility for your actions and your word? Are you aware of your actions and your word and their power? Are you aware there is a consequence and responsibility with your actions and your word?  Look now at your level of consciousness here.   Are you aware of your powerfulness? Are you powerful? Do you think you are powerful?

It is time to move from the low vibrational energies of drama and glamour in your life. It is time to make a choice, a decision and an agreement with those you are moving out into the world with. If you have chosen to move en masse in group consciousness, in a new soul family, in unison, to bring messages, lessons and teachings out into the world, it is time you take full responsibility for the impeccability and integrity of your actions and your word. This will affect the group endeavor. The actions and the word when propelled out into the universe by you will be a reflection of your endeavor. 
As you move forward and toward with your endeavors whether they are in group consciousness or in singular consciousness, be aware of the impeccability and integrity of your word and actions. See at what level your consciousness is where taking responsibility for your word and actions. Be prepared with acceptance and compassion to see where consequence lies. It is important now that if you choose to heed this message.


Through passages of time this is the Lord Metatron and We come to you with a message of support and guidance. These messages come to you with support and guidance because it is time to streamline this as you move along the pathway in this process. This process is for your highest good as you ascend to the highest level in your ascension process. The ascension process is a process of ascending within. As you ascend within in this lifetime of your human incarnation, you are ascending to higher levels of resonance, consciousness and higher levels of being-ness. Through the schooling of this process, if you have made the choice as an adult to participate in it, there is a level of responsibility each step of the way.  As you undertake this process the level of responsibility will grow within you. This twelve-step process is another part of your ascension process.  The ascension process is worldly and it is universal. It is a process you chose when you incarnated into the human form. Your soul in the soul’s divine plan made the choice to continue the ascension process through various lifetimes and then in this human incarnation. Many of you have chosen to move within and ascend within. Meaning you are raising your level of resonance and vibration, consciousness and awareness to incarnate into aspects and fragments of the Christ Consciousness. You are attuning yourself through various levels of attunement patterns. In this process the attunement patterns are at a level of vibration akin to 17.8, 19.8, 20.8, 22.8, 25.8, Megahertz per second. You are moving towards these attunement levels within your vibrational being-ness of self.  These are the increments of ascension.  They are important if you are looking to rise to that level as mother earth is beginning to rise to that level. Many are finding that you are beginning to reverberate at a higher level and realize your vibration is shifting and it could be antagonizing the movement forward and towards in relationships. Others in these relationships will do their part based upon their vibratory resonance. Unmet needs, unmet feelings, unmet emotional trauma holds you in the old vibration and resonance. As you move to higher levels of resonance you may be seeing this with those in old relationships and perhaps you are no longer vibrating at that level. At times you will find yourself moving from fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth dimensional realities and when in old relationships find yourself dragged into a fourth dimensional “old world of form” existence in your third dimensional reality. Through the vibratory patterns of old relationships, this will hold you in old habits, patterns and rituals. Thus it is important to take responsibility for this.  We’ve come to make you aware of this.

The ascension process is what you have chosen and incarnated into this human form to continue. You are ascending within to higher vibrational levels of resonance on your earthly plain to complete your mission, your purpose and live the soul’s divine plan that is part of this fragment’s incarnation.    
Message Three

Archangel Michael

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and we come to you, as you are moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space. You are moving deeper into your heart space now and into a place of truth and honesty that you have never known. It is a level of truth and honesty with self, and as you look into the mirror it is now time to measure this level of truth and honesty as you move through this process.  

It is not about looking outside of yourself to see the truth and honesty “out there”. Or about looking outside of you to measure yourself based upon those outside of you. It is how truthful and honest you are with you.  It is time to look directly into your own eyes and ask yourself:

Am I being truthful with myself and being honest with myself?  Because now it is time to take that responsibility. 

Am I fully being truthful with myself and am I fully being honest with myself as I move through this process?

You have now moved through three aspects of this process and We ask you to look at truth and honesty. We have a simple exercise for you:

Take a mirror, a physical mirror and look at your own eyes in that mirror and ask this question as you gaze directly into your own eyes: am I being truthful with myself and am I being honest with myself? 

It is up to you now to be impeccable with yourself.   The impeccability and integrity of the word begins with you, everything, begins with you.  It has nothing to do with anyone outside of yourself. 

Once you begin to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space to fully know you, to fully love you, to fully honor you, you then stand as an individuated adult, powerful in the knowingness and the truthfulness of you.  And here at this point you realize you have choices, you have choices as an adult, you have choices to move on the pathway of powerfulness into bringing you to the world as you are, without looking to others for gratification and validation.   This process is about moving into individuation and into the knowingness of self, to stand in that powerfulness so you can now choose to take your next steps in your individuated adult life.  So it is about truth and honesty, dear ones. Are you taking steps in your life based upon truth and honesty of self or do you move into the mental body when you are faced with the next step in life and wonder what mom would think, what dad would think, what they “out there” would think?  I have this choice in front of me; can I choose to make this choice based upon my love of self?  Am I making choices in the world based upon love of self or am I still looking outside of me wondering if my choice affects others and will I still be loved and staying in the quagmire of that existence?  This message is about you moving into your powerfulness of self.  Are you tired of remaining in the quagmire when you are faced with choices and wondering when and if you make that choice if it will affect others gratification and validation you? 

You are now ready to stand in the truthfulness and honesty of self.  So We ask you to look into the mirror, look into your own eyes and ask yourselves, how truthful am I with me, how honest am I with me?  Am I making choices based upon the reaction others will have with those choices if I make them, thus remaining in an aspect of the narcissism of me, thinking it is all about you.  If I make this choice it will affect her. If I make this choice it will affect him. That is the mind of the wounded little girl; the wounded little boy who thinks that everything they do affects mom and dad. 

You see, dear ones, the choices affect you.  When you are making choices as an adult, they are choices based upon love of self.  Are you making choices in your life based upon love of self?  Are you making choices in your lives based upon how much you love you? This is why We asked you to look directly into your eyes in the mirror and ask: am I being truthful and honest with myself?  Am I loving me, am I living my life based upon sense of self and love of self? 

Once you begin to move into the depth of loving yourself you will then know what it is to truly love another.  Loving another is simply allowing them the freedom to love themselves.  It is not up to you how your choices will affect the depth of love that they have for themselves or the depth of love that they may have for you.  It is no longer about making choices wondering what the effect will be on others and if they still will love you. 

Are you being honest with yourself?  

Are you being truthful with yourself?  

Honesty and truthfulness are based upon love of self.   Full love of self means that you will be honest and truthful with you and once you are honest and truthful with you, the impeccability of your word and your integrity will follow.

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