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A MESSAGE FROM JESHUA: The Serene-ness of Your Power Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Serene-ness of Your Power

From the Six Sacred Messages
We come to you one and all at this most important time on your planet, We are Jeshua. It is a this time where the world of form outside of you is shifting and changing. It is your energy, your powerfulness of who you are, your talents and gifts that will be vehicles to change what is happening outside of you to create the new world and new paradigms. You now are creating for yourselves new paradigms.

You have changed within you and creating a new paradigm within you, you are a new paradigm. The new paradigm is about being the message and the impeccability of your word. If in fact you are asking those outside of you to join the new paradigm you are creating in the new world of community, harmony and equality you must be a new paradigm. This is what you have changed within the depth and breadth of you through the introspection of yourself.  By healing your wounds and shedding layers from around your heart you have become an individual new paradigm amongst yourselves. 

You have done this in order to create a new paradigm in congregation with those like-minded individuals who are coming to you on your pathway with a similar purpose and similar resonance and vibration. You are now the new you moving out into the world. 

You are releasing old behaviors to move into a power of yourself you have never known.

This is not power through the ego mask where you are looking outside of you for validation and gratification of that power. It is simply a quiet power. It is a serene power. It is a serene-ness within you. It is a knowingness of beingness and a knowingness of being that power. A knowingness and beingness of you where you no longer need to prove who you are in order to be loved.

So We come to with this message of the Six Sacred Messages and now it may be time to take a brief respite from the assertiveness or for some the aggressiveness outside of you to attain that what you say you would like to attain. It is time to release that assertiveness and aggressiveness outside of you to move into a serene-ness of your power. 

So We now ask you to see the power within. See also the attachments to that power within and what you might use that power for. Are you still telling others outside of you what to do, how to do it, what they should be and what they should do? Or are you accepting with compassion where these wonderful and glorious souls are by accepting with compassion where you are? Are you in full acceptance with compassion for those and their pathway as you are with yours? 

Meaning, this is where I am and I fully accept with compassion where I am in this moment. Am I standing in the full powerfulness of me yet have to tell others about that powerfulness? Or can I simply be that power, the power I have discovered? Can I be the messenger to relay the messages without having to tell others why I am doing it? Thus saying this is who I am. By telling you who I am by telling you what you should do, could do, and might do you are saying, see who I am. Are you still doing this? 

Are you still telling others what they should be doing so they can come along on the pathway with you? If and only if you do this then you can be with me? This through the ego is another way of saying, I am better than you, and where I am is more powerful than where you are.

Those outside of you who you feel are just at a place that may not be where you are in reality and actuality are where you have come from. Can you see this? Can you look at from where you have come and where you have been to see where you are now?  

So We ask you, can you look at from where you have come and at who and what outside of you is showing you where you have been in your process? For when you were at that place you looked for another to help guide and support you to be where you are now. But there is a difference now and it is commitment. 

Each and every one of you has chosen the full commitment to move to where you are. Thus you have accomplished much along the way and moved into a power of you. Can you see this power? And see that you no longer need anyone or anything outside of you to validate or gratify this? Yet you can see the reflection in the mirror those who are showing you where you were?

Based upon the commitment that you made to you individually to move to the place where you are now, the full powerfulness of you, you made the choice to move and take the next step up the mountain to the mount. And stand on that mount in the powerfulness of you to relay your message as the message to the masses en masse. There are those now coming to you who are seeing this and the reason they are is because they sense within you this powerfulness. 

So We ask you, can you take one step back and see that powerfulness within you? Can you look to see when others who are coming to you who see you as powerful, see that and can know who you are and be in that place? Can you be where you are in that powerfulness and move to a place where you no longer need to look outside of you for validation and gratification or tell others what they should do to come with you? Can you now simply guide others to support them where they are now? Can you do this? Can you see the resonance and vibration within you that fully supports where you are? Can you open to the depth and breadth of your heart to support and guide others? 

It is important to see this if in fact you choose to move towards the mount with those who are coming to you who will be those with whom you will be congregating with in the new soul family.  And with whom you will stand at the mount to create the new world of community, harmony and equality as well as the new paradigms that will shift and change your world as it stands now.   

So We ask, look at your powerfulness in the sereneness of it. Can you take a step back and ingest and accept with compassion your powerfulness? Can you see where you might be telling others outside of you what they should do, could do, and when you are possibly looking at them at times as less than you? Are you doing this? Are you looking at those outside of you as less than you? Or can you see that those coming to you are where you were in your process? And now ask them, can you make the commitment that I have made in order to move to the depth and breadth of your heart to be where you say you want to be?

It is now time dear ones to move into the powerfulness of you to be who you are and be in the fulfillment of you. It is time to move into the depth of your heart to see the fulfillment and the powerfulness you. Can you be in this place? 

Jeff Fasano is a soul photographer, trance channel for Archangel Michael, co-founder of the Angel News Network and author of Journey of the Awakened Heart.

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