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A NEW CREATION STORY by Phillip Elton Collins

With The Galactic Federation of Worlds
Received and Messaged by Phillip Elton Collins

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free,” has echoed throughout the ages within your spiritual wisdoms. Now beloved humans of the beautiful planet Earth, We of The Galactic Federation of Worlds come to you at this time of ascension on your planet to paint another view of yourselves: where you truly came from that will allow you to more truthfully know where you are divinely headed. As with all truth and wisdom (applied knowledge) you will discern through your freedom of choice and will what resonates and what does not.

We of The Galactic Federation of Worlds (GF) are an immense federation of civilizations from a diverse range of planets, galaxies and multiverses working together (Unity Consciousness) for the harmonious existence of all life (your divine destiny). The GF for your Milky Way galaxy is located in the Sirius star systems. Your sun is a star gate to that system. The Milky Way Galaxy Galactic Federation is the oldest GF in this Universe. It was established at the end of the first Great Galactic War that was fought in the Lyra Constellation (the original Lyran home of the messenger we are coming through now, and the reason this messenger's soul plan includes revealing the following truth with you) between the beings we shall later discuss in this message. The supposedly fictional STAR WARS stories reflect much of what actually happened. Our messenger at this time had an extensive film career with the divine soul who brought these ‘open-heartedly-received-stories’ to humanity. Now you humans through the present ascension energies, advancement of your sciences, consciousness and communication abilities are ready to receive the truth as the truth. Things about to be said could not have been imagined or accepted earlier.

There is much history and details of our Galactic Federation available to you but we do not wish to overload you with the vast names and events at this time; know that each race, civilization and planet has a council within the GF to represent them. Suffice to say, for the information about to be shared, the Galactic Federation has grown and become a very empowering federation of worlds devoted to universal peace and prosperity which you are in the process of achieving on this planet. This message is to support that process.

It is the intention of this body of truth and wisdom for you to know the truth that will set you free from your past and present. Much of your present genetic coding/DNA configuration has to do with your often unknown origins. Your lack of love within duality, attempting to control one another, confrontation and killing has been passed on for eons. The ascension process of your planet along with the awareness/consciousness of your past will assist in the healing and positive alteration of your present. If you so choose it is time to heal the past that has factored into the present for generations. This rather new creation story for many does not discount your divinity or a loving creator who has factored in your freedom of choice and will as learning tools. Accept with compassion, forgive with no judgment and take ownership how you have chosen to learn what you need to learn. All of this is a divine ascension process of you and your planet moving into a higher frequency of existence.

This information has always existed for any and all who have been ready to receive it. In fact, all of what we are about to share exists within many of the ancient documents that have been hidden or have been or about to be revealed to the masses. There are billions of you on this planet now and the only way you have been controlled has been through deceit and secrecy. As you increase your awareness more of you than ever before desire peace and equality but there are often hidden forces of power wishing to keep control.  Again, the information sharing within this message is to assist in your freedom of creating a world of true equality, harmony and balance. We urge you to set aside all drama attached to conspiracy theories and know the truth. There are many messengers bringing you the truth now; use your resonance and discernment to know what is true for you.

Knowledge is indeed power. It is time within your ascension process, if you so choose, to desire true freedom; to speak the truth, express your needs and set you boundaries against non-truth. To now make another choice in regard to those who wish to control your world through fear and duality. In the past, war and religion were successfully used as separation-control tools. Now with nuclear weapons that can destroy much of your planet, war is no longer an option (there has been almost complete destruction in the past which we shall discuss later). With religion not holding the power it once did, the power of money and controlling economics and cyber war are the new methods to attempt to control the people usually through hidden forces.  As we have a universal view, we see you are in process with creating new criteria for selecting those who govern your world. The higher realms of creation have sent you many teachings and tools to assist in your mastery of self, and freedom that can reflect into manifesting a new world paradigm of unity consciousness. Often the messenger has been quieted or killed by prevailing forces. Are you ready to receive and apply the given tools now?

It is the further intention of this message to shine a great bright, white light upon the vast and ancient powers of often hidden, other-world-beings, and humans of an  unthinkable/unbelievable power-elite whose mission has been to control and stop the divine ascension of humanity (long before your recorded religious or spiritual histories). It is your destiny to activate your soul plans (reason to be here) through truth and once and for all become free. You have simply chosen this way to learn what you need to learn, that you are eternal divine beings of light intended to be in world and universal service for the good of all.

Dear humans, as we share the forthcoming new story of creation, please know telling the truth is a way to break the codes of secrecy that have controlled your world.  By knowing what those controlling power’s think their possibilities are, you can free yourself from them. They plan to continue to accumulate all the power and wealth they can (a small percentage already controls the vast majority of your wealth and power). They have the intention of continuing contact with ancient advanced being creators. In some cases they have been in contact with advanced civilizations and are being guided and in some cases controlled by them. Some who control you now are the original ancient creators of humanity. As quantum physics/mechanics has proven, your awareness of all this will shift and change it. Human beings are not destined to be a slave race lost on a paradise planet in a small galaxy. How you began does not dictate where you end up, dear humans. From seemingly humble beginnings extraordinary things can and do grow; from a seed of an advanced civilization you are destined to create your own mighty beingness, and ascend from whence you came.  You have already advanced more in the last one hundred years than in the past one thousand years and it is speeding up even faster.

We realize that what is being explained now may be very challenging for some. If it resonates please allow this story to unfold and at the end of it through your resonance and discernment know what is true for you. Humanity is a divine aspect of an advanced civilization that is in the process of fully awakening to its own divine soul plan to manifest the reason you came into existence; to become the master teachers of this world and beyond. This is the reason you chose the path of creation you did. It is all in perfect divine order  no matter how it may appear (your world at present is  filled with old DNA upheaval that you are in the process of clearing and cleansing, and awakening  new spiritual DNA that will facilitate your destiny).

None of what is said previously or about to be said denies the existence of a universal all loving creative God Power, a Beingness of all energy and existence. The awareness of this one God Power that created all that created you wishes you to remember there is more to life than this three dimensional, material existence and all you are experiencing now is a preparation to move into that higher frequency of being to be in service to it all.

Beloved humans who we have been observing since the beginning of your creation, please remember and know that all we are about to share also exist in many of your ancient documents particularly from the Sumerian culture since they had a form of clay tablets writing which has been preserved into your present time. Many of the mysteries revealed concerning your creation did began in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It is interesting to note that the Sumerians were located in what you now call southern Iraq where you have so little access due to current conflicts.  The records of what happened are recorded and preserved in cuneiform clay tablet writings and during the past 100 plus years are slowly being revealed to you. The Sumerian culture seemed to appear from nothing, lasting six thousand years and again vanishing.

The Sumerians received (from an advanced civilization) what appeared many ‘firsts’ for your world such as: (1) the first writing system, (2) the wheel, (3) creation of educational institutions, (4) development of history, (5) a code of laws, (6) governmental structure, (7) taxation, (8) astronomy, knowing the cosmos thousands of years ahead of other cultures, (9) metal money, and (10) social sciences and reforms.  How did a civilization that lasted 2,000 years do this as well as ‘create’ 60 minutes in an hour and advanced cosmic calendars beyond present wisdom?

The one thing that all your ancient cultures believed in were gods who had descended to Earth from the heavens above and could come and go at will. Now that humanity has begun to explore outer space and astronauts are preparing to land on other worlds, it is not impossible for your world today to believe that a civilization from another planet more advanced than yours is capable of having been here or still is here.

Dear humans, when you read the Sumerian tablets you quickly learn they never considered those who brought them knowledge as ‘gods,’ this only happened later in your history with the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.  Sumerians called them Those Who Came To Earth From Heaven or Anunnaki. Your Old Testament Bible speaks of ancient heroes who were products of sexual relations with heavenly beings and human women. There is a constant theme and concept running throughout human recorded history that during the planet’s ancient past, advanced beings from other civilizations came to this planet and affected the evolution of humanity. There are many structures remaining today from this past that you do not have the technology to build nor fully understand. It is your destiny for this to change.

This is the Galactic Federations history we wish to share supported by ancient Sumerian literature. More than four billion years ago, a roaming, rogue planet called Nibiru entered your solar system crashing into another large planet bombarding the other planet with its many moons. These particles created what you call your asteroid belt while the other half of the planet was knocked into a new orbit closer to your sun. These fragments over eons coalesced into your planet Earth. One of Nibiru’s moons became your own moon. This information explains why your planet is missing much of its crust and the origin of your asteroid belt. The waters from these colliding planets created your oceans.

As you know life on your planet Earth is based upon one year cycles around your sun, one solar 365 day calendar year. Life on Nibiru was based on a one year orbit around the sun of 3,800 Earth years, allowing life to evolve sooner than on Earth. The difference in the two planet’s timetables/life spans explains how one world could be perceived by the other as immortal. Your short-lived insects see the human life span the same way.

During Earth’s second major ice age, when the two planets came closer together again, the advanced civilization of Nibiru made a water landing on planet Earth (not unlike your astronauts of today).

Thus, almost 500,000 years ago an advanced galaxy-galloping- group of humanoid cosmic beings found their way to Planet Earth. From Sumerian readings these beings came from a twelfth much larger planet in your solar system they named Nibiru. Since the Sumerians had already identified all the planets in this solar system and they counted your moon, and sun they arrived at the number twelve.

As with your present day astronauts these ancient spaceman needed to find a base camp which offered a source of water, fuel and decent weather. It was Mesopotamia (southern Iraq that still offers these today) that met their needs. The Nile and Indus Rivers offered backups. It is interesting to note that where your initial world visits took place is still largely inaccessible today due to human conflict. More wisdom lies there to be discovered.

The advanced peoples the Sumerians called the Anunnaki began an organized colonization of Earth. Later in relationship with the human subjects they would assume the role of ‘gods.’ Being advanced beings did not prevent disagreements and divisions amongst the Anunnaki and affected much of their behavior. Over thousands of Earth years but only a few years to the Anunnaki, an established colony of these ‘space pirates’ was set and they began to focus on their purpose in coming to Earth: to mind Earth’s mineral wealth, especially gold for use on their home planet. Just like you humans today the Anannuki had damaged their planet’s ozone layer and needed micro-flakes of gold to repair their upper atmosphere. Recently your scientists on Earth have come to know that minute gold flakes are the best way to heal Earth’s atmosphere.  At present proof of ancient mining has been revealed from the Persian Gulf to (South) Africa, to South and Central America. The Anunnaki mining efforts were worldwide and can explain the early diffusion of humans. There remains today ancient ‘cave paintings’ of this time.

The raw mined ore was transported by spaceships from vast Earth distances back to Mesopotamia for processing; engraving of the gold ingots is numerous in archeological digs around the fore mentioned areas. Problems eventually arose amongst the Anunnaki due to the laborious efforts needed to mine and process, not to mention some extreme climate shifts that were taking place on the maturing Earth.

After some 100,000 years of body-breaking mining themselves the Anunnaki realized they needed to create another way to obtain Earth’s gold and other minerals. Their scientists huddled and agreed they needed to create a primitive worker, they called an Adama. Today you can find remains of a Homo erectus humanoid in the mining areas earlier mentioned. The High Councils of the Anunnaki approved what became the genetic manipulation of an existing species, not the creation of a new race. With the scientific knowledge (cloning) you have today you can fully understand this. Earlier in your history no one could have accepted what is being said here.

Through laboratory experimentation many mutated creatures (the sphinx, half humanoid, half lion) were created (the basis for some of your mythological creatures and super humans). Eventually a humanoid was created with an existing primitive African female hominoid and fertilized her with the sperm of a young male Anunnaki. The fertilized ovum was then placed inside a female Anunnaki for the pregnant term. A healthy young male Adama hybrid was produced for the first time on Earth, bypassing the concept of evolution. Dear humans of today, these early humans behaved more like animals with a shorter life span than their creators, and an inability to reproduce (the Anunnaki feared future competition from this new human being; little did they know what was to come from their creation!) The Anunnaki went on to produce a series of non-reproductive Adamas, male and female. These Adamas were the first test tube babies.

These Adamas were not destined for lives of grace and ease but one of toil at the hands of their ‘gods.’ Slavery in human life has been common from the first known civilizations until now. The concept of slavery was imprinted in human DNA and has been passed on for human generations to this day. The word ‘worship’ is a mistranslation of the ‘work-ship’. These ancient humans did not worship their gods, they worked for them. The ancient humans saw the Anunnaki as gods since they possessed super powers and seemed to live forever.

Know dear humans while the Anunnaki had seemingly little compassion for the plight of humans, they eventually did decide to grant humans their first  Sumerian civilization after further adjusting of the human genetic code and an unsuccessful attempt to exterminate all human life. What the Anunnaki did not realize is that the upper human genetic code is sacred and they could never have full access to it. Only the Creator who created that code has full access.

As humans today have often treated work animals without compassion, the Anunnaki treated the first humans the same. Since these early humans were prevented from reproducing (a fear of them taking over), new individuals had to be produced all the time. The in vitro fertilization and birthing process was time and labor consuming. It was decided that the Adama-race would have to reproduce itself in order to be more productive and labor efficient. A human reproductive lab was created to further manipulate the genetic code to allow sexual reproduction. This procedure involved obtaining life-affirming Adama DNA; male Adama DNA was combined with a female Adama rather than an Anunnaki, (through DNA sequence splicing, a procedure within your technology today).

The successful result was a male Adama who could reproduce with a female Adama through sexual intercourse. The continued DNA manipulation reduced the human life span (even though through Anunnaki DNA, the humans lived much longer than you do today), and mental body capacities. Now that the human population could grow on its own, the Adamas were transported to the far-reaching mining operations throughout the globe. This explains human expansion throughout the world. As a result of human expansion, reproductive capacity, and closer contact with the Anunnaki, there began some interbreeding (changing Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon) and some Adamas even escaped.

Remember the early Adamas had many of the Anunnaki genes, thus they lived thousands of years but much less than the Anunnaki. This human life span slowly declined as interbreeding continued and the effects of life on planet Earth had their effect. But the much longer life spans of the pure Anunnaki ruler/masters allowed them to continue to appear immortal. The life spans of the Anunnaki were even further increased by anti-aging technology.

Within your timelines, the first human, Adamas were produced some three hundred thousand years ago. As mentioned, after additional genetic manipulation, Anunnaki males began interbreeding with human women some one hundred thousand years ago. As the planet was continuing to mature, a new ice age dramatically reduced the human population (not even the Anunnaki could control this).

What you call Neanderthal vanished while your so called Cro-Magnon survived solely in what is now your Middle East. Your present science confirms this.

Humans fathered by Anunnaki with human women were eventually allowed to govern in controlled and selected cities (some fifty thousand years ago). There are many ancient civilizations that reflect this evolution that came and went. Not all Anunnaki thought this a good idea and internal disagreement and discontent grew.

Mother Earth continued her dramatic weather shifts (some twelve thousand years ago) and the Anunnaki also knew the soon return of their home planet Nibiru’s orbit (gravitational pull) would compound these severe weather patterns. This advanced race would not to be able to continue their mission on Earth for the moment. It is important to note again the Anunnaki were not the only advanced civilizations on Earth. Extraterrestrials had come and gone on this planet for eons.  This particular period was also the late Lemurian and Atlantean eras (more on this later).

The Anunnaki had no other choice but to wait out Earth weather events in their evacuation spaceships orbiting the planet. The majority of the governing Anunnaki planned to allow the weather to destroy the humans since they felt the entire experiment had grown out of hand. But not all agreed. Some had come to love their creation and generations of inter-marriage created family connections.

Many of your histories/religions are filled with ‘flood stories’, as well as creation stories. If it resonates you can accept or not accept the following flood story. Since some Anunnaki had developed affection for their human creations and were genetically connected to them, there were forces who wished to save what had been created and some began to love. Most of your flood stories are a version of what actually happened. There was a construct of an ark but it was not to actually have a live specimen of each species.  

Some of those who had been involved in the genetic engineering of humans took DNA samples of all living things, rather than an ark-load of live beings; thus the ark was filled with scientific vials. This was much easier to transport and insured survival since no one knew how long the weather conditions would prevail. The Anunnaki who represented ‘Noah’ and three ethnically different surrogate wives produced three sons to represent the various races of the world. Those who were curious about the ark building were told the samples would be taken back to the home plant for future enslavement. But the true secret of the plan to saved humanity for Earth was successfully kept from the ‘master-gods,’ the Anunnaki.

The ‘Great Flood’ was not solely the result of heavy rains. Because of the returned planetary pull of the large planet Nibiru, there was hurricane force winds, and darkness from erupting volcanoes. There was worldwide catastrophe but not all parts of the planet were under water, even though the Nibiru gravitational pull caused the polar ice sheets to slip into the oceans, raising seas levels all over the planet. Even now most of the original Anunnaki cities in Mesopotamia remain deep under water waiting for your further discovery.

After many days of the heavy storm events things began to settle down but still no land was seen. A short while later the ark landed atop a mountain, as the water continued to recede.  As Noah and his family began to leave the ark they drew the attention of the returning Anunnaki circling the planet. It was not in the divine soul plan of the humans to be destroyed but a choice they had made in higher realms to be ‘created’ this way. Confronted by the reality that the humans had survived and perhaps some karmic remorse for past actions, the Anunnaki chose to relent and further permit human expansion and growth on the planet.

This flood story explains the sudden absence of a large portion of the human population some ten thousand years ago due to the Great Flood, echoed in almost all your ancient histories. With the flood waters continuing to lower and the planet Nibiru moving further out of the solar system, the Anunnaki and a (divinely) chosen group of remaining humans set about creating a new world.

Since the Anunnaki (and humans) had not yet evolved into a peaceful, loving culture, the post flood world was even less peaceful than the previous one. These non-peaceful, non-loving aspects of self remain within your DNA today and are in the process of evolving and healing. This message may assist you in understanding current events in your world at present.

Before the flood the majority of humans worked directly for the Anunnaki, any remaining humans were nomadic hunter-gatherers. Because of the post flood changed the landscape, humans were forced to transition into farmers. This explains the sudden appearance of certain artificially manipulated food crops (never seen before) some thirteen thousand years ago. This reshaped all the rest of human history.  The humans began to cultivate the land and domesticate animals because they were forced to do so. This was a strategy by the Anunnaki to survive remaining on the planet until they could resume mining its natural resources. With farming and plenty to eat (the flood had created rich soil) came the concentration of people in villages and cities much larger and more complex than before the flood.

Each new city was ruled by an Anunnaki official, being considered a ‘god’ by the humans. In addition to ‘godship’ over humans, agriculture and animals, the Anunnaki did began to allow and grant leadership to certain humans. As humans grew in numbers the Anunnaki knew they had to take measures to maintain control over their creation (this control factor is also in human DNA today). It was decided to split up the human population within three geographical locations; Mesopotamia and the Nile and Indus Valleys. The Sinai Peninsula, the new Anunnaki space flight command was held as a non-human, holy, sacred place. Please pay attention to how your past history and current events continue to take place in these three areas.

Now that the humans were in various locations and building communities, separate leaders were needed. Thus was created the concept of ‘kingdoms,” human rulers chosen by the Anunnaki or ‘gods’ to represent them. The structure of dynastic kingships/kingdoms based on a royal lineage traceable to the gods was born. Think how this has dramatically affected the development of countries, governments and religions to this day. This practice began the Sumerian civilization and affected the Egyptian, Aztec and Mayan and others later as well as the Lemurian and Atlantean before these. Again it is worth noting that the Anunnaki were not the only space visitors on Earth; the planet had many beings from many worlds throughout its history. For this message we are focusing on the original creation of the planet itself and the Anunnaki involvement.

The name Mesopotamia is a combination of ancient words that connotes the idea of a ‘vehicle that flies up’. The Tower of Babel actually was not about language or names but a launching pad for spaceships. The true story is that humans at one point attempted to build their own spaceships tower, launch pad to rebel against their rulers and determine their own fate. Needless to say, this increased the Anunnaki desire to break up (disperse) the humans even more, and destroy any such tower. Through the further relocations of humans at the hands of the Anunnaki different languages did develop over the eons. Humans were taken by advanced transportation systems to Africa, Asia, Arabia, Indus Valley and the near East to do the bidding of the Anunnaki, as mining of Earth’s resources resumed. Again there are ancient cave paintings depicting this.

Peace was possible with the further dispersion of humanity as new communities, cities (kingdoms), and food supply increased but alas, the Anunnaki ancient gods were no more able to maintain and sustain peace any more than you humans are today.  Now you know where it came from within yourselves.

Remember the flood waters were continuing to recede and many of the earlier Anunnaki space flight and other facilities were still under water. These ancient gods were constantly looking for natural landmarks and sites to build telecommunication/energy centers and launching stations for their space travel needs. The twin peaks of the two great pyramids of Giza were built for such needs. The Sphinx was the central control center for the pyramids.  Even though the great pyramids (and Sphinx) have long been de-activated from their original electro-magnetic force fields, and side shields and gold capstones removed. Modern day astronauts confirm the pyramids still serve as a beacon and radar reflector from outer space. This powerful reflector served as a ‘lighthouse’ for approaching space ships and still does! You can use your own reasoning as for the existence and purpose of pyramids in other cultures throughout your world’s history. Many of these structures in a reduced state still exist and their mysteries await your discovery. The truth of you past history will further allow you to create a new world of equality, harmony and balance…to set you free from your past…

The ancient and lost meaning of the word ‘sin’ is moon.  Remember your moon was one of the planet Nibiru’s when it crashed into another planet (Tiamat). This moon also contained organic material that was used in the hybrid creation of humans in the Anunnaki experiments. This material still exists in your moon today and it is your destiny to learn how to harvest it for the good of humanity.  When some of your religious historians came along they reiterated the story that you were born in ‘sin’.  They were correct in that statement but conveniently left out the fact that sin referred to Moon, one of the sources of your genetic material/makeup. This was the beginning of organized religions judging, shaming and blaming humanity in order to control you.

By the time all the repair work was completed from the great flood, new generations of Anunnaki were actually born on Earth, remember the long life spans of these people that was far greater than humans. Because the Anunnaki were technology advanced, did not mean their ascension process into Unity Consciousness was complete. Like a script out of one of your science fictions movies, such as Star Wars or Avatar,  there were many civil wars, and conspiracies, brother against brother, sister against sister (like your American Civil War). See the pattern of repetition being passed on!  These confrontations and rebellions eventually involved the humans, thus providing the first human exposure to lethal combat which is continuing as we speak.

From this point on some of your history is accurate with many missing details. As stated earlier there were many space-faring beings on the planet during this time. Each of them including the Anunnaki influenced other advanced Earth civilizations such as Lemuria (to learn more about Lemuria see this messengers’ book: COMING HOME TO LEMURIA, AN ASCENSION ADVENTURE STORY  and Atlantis. 

The Anunnaki were very involved in the creation of the ten island Atlantean civilization located in the Atlantic Ocean. The destruction of Atlantis was due to their extreme power abuse (tactical nuclear weapons) that threatened the survival of the planet Earth. From Atlantis what we knew as Egypt was created. Since Egypt is better known to humanity today, we shall continue to focus on it rather than Lemuria and Atlantis.  From Atlantis, one of the major Anunnaki leaders gained sovereignty over what became Egypt and was known as Ra.  Ra’s children created the lineage for future pharaoh’s by marrying each other. Thus famous rulers such as Osiris, Isis, and Seth came to be. 

Much family rivalry and wars with outsiders were passed down from earlier times. Armed conflict, which began with rivalries and intrigues between Anunnaki god-kings, were fought by their human subjects, who were being mind-controlled, coupled with their required religious obedience to the Anunnaki. All this was quite successful in keeping the unaware, unconscious humans in control. The names may be hidden and have changed but this is still going on today.  It is time to wake up if you so choose.

The intermarriage of Anunnaki  and humans continued and there were many family feuds and civil disputes experienced over the years that have been echoed in much of humanity’s classic literature such as the Greek god epics  and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tales. The divine DNA aspects of the humans which the Anunnaki could never access continued to awaken and their quest for freedom and power grew.  With the help of sympathetic Anunnaki another human hybrid was also created and supported by higher realms and beings such as Pharaoh Akhenaten/Moses, (this messenger also has a karmic incarnational connection to this human being), came into being to receive higher consciousness energy to further support the evolution/ascension of humanity into its eternal oneness (a process that is continuing today).

The Anunnaki became even more threatened by the humans and nuclear weaponry was employed again. This was the second nuclear blast the planet had endured. This occurred before the year 2000 B.C. Your Earth rocks still contain the radioactivity of this event. Today humanity does not know how to handle/store the manipulation of one of the universe’s most powerful energy sources, nuclear energy. The divine energy within nuclear power was never intended for destruction but construction through love. This corrupted use of creation’s energy through the unhealed Anunnaki DNA is as essential aspect of humanity that is in the process of healing through the activation of spiritual DNA the Anunnaki could not shut down. Never forget you are all divine beings on a sacred journey to servicing your world and universe. You are learning ‘what is’ through ‘what is not,’ your choice through your freedom of will.

At this junction in human history the biblical patriarch called Abraham incarnated (divine destiny of humanity). Abraham was much more than someone wandering in the wilderness. He was a high ranking Sumerian who met with pharaoh’s court, made treaties and commanded troops to free humans from Anunnaki control and stopped their advancement in other areas. Abraham’s god Yahweh (God of the Mountains), and a loyal Anunnaki, kept in communication with his chosen (human) people through a radio transmitter-receiver otherwise known as the Ark of the Covenant. 

The Ten Commandments received by Moses were placed inside as the power source to activate the Ark, whose code the Anunnaki could not break. The nuclear blast that was also described above (2000B.C.) was an Anunnaki reaction to this behavior. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah echoed this nuclear explosion turning flesh into a pillar of salt, nuclear vaporized.  Abraham, many miles away witnessed this extraordinary misuse of energy.  Surrounding villages were abandoned for several centuries (2050 B.C.). Today the fresh water near the Dead Sea still contains harmful levels of radioactivity. The Anunnaki used further weaker nuclear devices to destroy space launch stations and other equipment keeping them from falling into disloyal Anunnaki or human hands. Much of this unnatural scarring of the Sinai Peninsula can be seen from outer space today, as well as burned rocks. The vortex of Sinai still contains the astral Anunnaki energy and continues to release its effects in the world today.

As with nuclear blasts, the aftermath created a radioactive storm which traveled throughout Mesopotamia killing all life and ending the Sumerian civilization. Standard history cannot explain how such an advanced civilization appears and disappeared without explanation. For those willing to see the truth, the Sumerian texts tell another terrible tale.

The original Mesopotamian writing recorded the truth. This history was later rewritten to form a base for early religious cults which became Judaism and later Christianity. The corrupted/adapted new histories were so different from the truth that the truth became mythology or untruths.

With the Anunnaki’s nuclear Armageddon in full force, and their eons-old ‘Garden of Eden’ blasted to bits, most decided to return to their home planet, leaving the hybrids and humans behind. To humans all this happened in ancient times, more than four thousand years ago, to the Anunnaki this was just over a year of their life span/time.

Those who survived the blast went through an extreme regression into primitive culture and loss of knowledge. The survivors began recreating a world/civilization without the advancement of their ‘gods/masters.’ Abraham’s people moved far away from the devastation and with his hybrid genes at one hundred years of age fathered a son, Isaac. Isaac’s son, Jacob, also called Israel became the name of a people and today a country fighting for its existence within the vortex energy we speak of now. The name Israel is a combination of the Egyptian gods Osiris and RA and the Mesopotamian god EL. After almost forty generations of Israelites, now with a written language a version of the above was written in Hebrew.

This is not a complete history of your world but one of its beginnings. Everything shared here has existed for a long time and been revealed by others. Through resonance and discernment, perhaps more of you will be ready to accept with compassion and forgive how you have all chosen to learn what you needed to learn. After the aforementioned events, the Christ Consciousness energies came into your world through a human being reminding and teaching you how to love one another. Are you ready to receive and be this love and create the true paradise you are meant to be? The United States of America (USA) is destined to support the creation of a new world of Oneness through the creation of the New Jer-USA-lem. (Jerusalem).

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