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THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK: Your Talents & Gifts!


From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dear Humans Being Talented and Gifted,
Here’s the divine deal, dear ones: as cosmic eternal beings of light you have been given talents and gifts that are essential fragments of your soul plans. Within each incarnational cycle you have learned, or not, how to bring these out into world service; to demonstrate who you are and show why you are here. The world and universe are incomplete without the full expressions of these within you. In effect, they make the world and universe go round.

There have been many reasons through various wounds and defenses why you have or have not been able to bring these gifts and talents out into the world. We of higher realms have gifted you many tools and teachings to allow you to access your talents and gifts (see LIFE MASTERY).

When they are activated, your feel a great joy and know your purpose in being here. Are you ready to access whatever is within yourselves to bring the unique greatness of you forward?

Your world and yourselves are involved in an extraordinary process called ascension, where your home planet is raising her frequencies to return to being a body of light; thus, all within and upon her body will be of the same frequency or be relocated elsewhere. There is a great opportunity and need for all your talents and gifts to come forward, for every one of you are the manifestors of your future. Without your talents and gifts, you are missing the opportunity to create communities of equality, harmony, and balance. If you so choose, through your freedom of choice and will, we invite you to heal whatever needs to be healed within yourselves in order to bring your talents and gifts out into the world, which will make an essential difference. It all begins individually inside, with each one of you bringing it outside—a process of inside out, not outside in.

We higher realms know only too well what a special ascension opportunity is being afforded humanity. You are each being given the opportunity and tools to show to the world your desire to be in world service through your cosmic talents and gifts. You are uncovering and discovering that you are more amazing than you ever imagined, dear ones.

We of the Archangelic Realm of Uriel are watching to see who stands up and is willing to make a difference; who has enough compassion and love for themselves to reflect that out into the world, to see you are all one, and begin to free yourselves from all the lack, limitation, and duality of the past and present. Know you are not alone in this endeavor, dear ones. You have always had the love and support of higher realms. Are you ready to fully receive us now by simply asking for what you need?

Within each of your hearts is the DNA of your talents and gifts. With every beat, your heart is asking you to bring the true you out into the world. You are all teaching what you need to learn in order to heal self and your world, and to become the master teachers of the universe.

Dear ones, we are all divine beings on a sacred journey. Do you choose to ascend to the full frequency of your divine self or stay in the world you see around you? As you awaken to embody your eternal divine self, remember that you are the only one who can prevent or achieve success.

It is time to be fearless (in complete love of self and others) and bring your creative, innovative talents and gifts into the world. This will shift things, releasing, not fighting (what you resist persists) the old, but allowing the new paradigm of equality, harmony, and balance to organically flow parallel to the old and replace it (sometimes quickly, sometimes gradually).

Success is yours for the taking, through your self-empowered talents and gifts. Let us join our eternal oneness and be the divine beings of light we are.

Know, dear ones, the light is your heritage and true home; know that by experiencing the absence of light you can now lift the veil of darkness that has been your teaching tool. Sealed within your heart is the eternal brightness you can choose to shine out into the world now through your talents and gifts.

You are children of the stars, sons and daughters of the Sun. Know that wherever you inhabit you are One with the stars. Your emotional, mental, and physical bodies are like planets revolving around your soul, the Sun. As you are again remembering your talents and gifts, they will shine into the darkness and you will see and be one with the light again.

Dear ones, you are not of the Earth, but a child of the Conscious Cosmic Light; your talents and gifts were born here. Once you remember this, you will know your mother and father are the light. You then can finish healing yourselves and world, and move into your master teachership of the universe.


Humankind walks in the forgetting of our Greatness,

Not remembering what Power and Knowledge lies

within each of our souls.

We walk through Life unaware of our Talents and Gifts,

Seeking secrets already known within us.

We are Eternal Beings of Light,

Awaiting our Awakening and En-light-en-ment.

Wisdoms once known will now awaken

Within each of us in World Service,

If we so choose in our observance.

All that ever was and still is

Is waiting to be born in WE CONSCIOUSNESS,

If we can just get the me out of the we,

Creating worlds of equality, and harmony.

Are you ready? I AM.

How, Why, and from Where the Teachings of Michael Come to Us

Since the gift of trance channeling was revealed to me in 2002, I have been a messenger for this non-physical energy known as Archangel Michael. Michael comes through me with powerful messages of guidance and support for all those who are on a personal path of self-mastery and moving towards fully realized lives of world service. He imparts wisdom, guidance, and support so we can move into the depth of our heart to know who we are and reveal our talents and gifts. Also, so we can understand why we are here and move forward together in service for the greater good of the world and our planet.

In 2007, five individuals came together to listen to a message from Michael. As part of this message, which I transcribed and entitled “The Five Aspects,” Michael gave us an exercise that led us to identify the five most important aspects of our lives at that time. It had such a profound affect on us individually that we decided to gather again at a later date and learn more. What we didn’t know was that Michael was leading us to form a group. When we gathered again, he introduced us to five agreements that would become the defining intention of this new group.

The Five Agreements were given to us as principles to embody and use as guidelines in how we are living our lives. Michael has explained that embodying them “represents a commitment of moving from ‘Me-consciousness’ to ‘We-consciousness’ and towards awakening the truth within your heart.” Our group continued to gather every week for almost a full year after that, and Michael, through the messages and exercises he gave us during this period, led us to understand how we could begin to realize our commitment. The Five Agreements are designed to raise the level of consciousness, resonance, and vibration of the world by bringing people together in harmony with all those who are committed to creating unity and equality.

Soon we began inviting others to join us at our gatherings and Michael led us through the process you are holding in your hands. It was in these gatherings that Part One, “Who Are You?” and Part Two, “Why Are You Here?” came to us in longer versions. 

I knew in my heart how important the teachings of Michael are and that they needed to be shared with the world, so I was willing to contribute my presence and serve as a channel.

Michael’s words have changed my life and they can change your life, too. If you have come to a point where the old way is no longer working for you and you need to change to go further, you can make that decision now.

The members of the soul family present when the original channeled messages occurred appeared one by one in my life. Brian was the first. Peter Frame was the second. In 2001, I had gone on a trip to Egypt led by Robert. In the first meeting for the tour, Robert gave us a partner exercise to do. We were supposed to work with someone we didn’t know. Peter turned to me and asked, “Jeff would you like to pair with me?” It was an exercise where we took turns asking and responding to the question, “What do you need?” (My favorite question.) I am so grateful to Peter for bringing me out of my shell.

Later, in a temple dedicated to the lion-headed sun goddess Sekhmet, I went up to Peter when he was crying and put my hand on his back. That was the first time I felt I was an energy healer. He helped me know who I am.

Philip Collins came into my life, but not right at the beginning of my channeling. He came later and we exchanged healing sessions. “You could be an influential healer in your lifetime,” he said. “I see that in you based on channeling Michael. There is only one person standing in the way, you. I want to work with you. I see what you could be.” In our sessions, Philip helped me release my attachment both to being Jeff the photographer and to being Jeff the channel. He helped me realize that photography and channeling were merely gifts and talents, rather than the essence of who I am.

“Just be Jeff because that’s who I love,” he told me. Philip is a tremendous coach. He had a massively successful career in which he used to work with George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Arc, and before that he also worked with photographers like Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon. He helped me put together a viable plan for advancing my photography career and my life.

The contribution of my friend and colleague Joel Dennis Anastasi was not revealed to me immediately; although I always had faith he would play a significant role in how my soul plan unfolded. In winter 2010, I traveled to Florida and co-led a workshop based on the teachings of Michael. A brilliant journalist and author of a book, The Second Coming, on the teaching of Archangel Gabriel as channeled by Robert Baker, he adapted Michael’s processes and produced a powerful transformative book entitled Life Mastery. He shared this in the workshop, and I finally had the opportunity to be present and conscious while he taught the material that I normally channel while in trance.

Joel helped me to develop a sense of self—and to develop an understanding of my purpose. And that was essential, for honestly I could not have gotten here on my own.

Another individual came into my life and helped me realize my soul purpose, and I would like to acknowledge her for her role in the writing and creation of Journey of the Awakened Heart. Her name is Stephanie Gunning. Ultimately I asked my good friend Stephanie, an author, editor, and publishing consultant, to help me shape Michael’s words into the form you see right now. I cannot imagine anyone better suited to the task because she has known me since the days of the Gabriel group and is also a spiritual healer.

Michael’s energy is not the only energy I have channeled over the years. In addition to Michael, I have channeled the energy of Jeshua, Raphael, Mary, and others. And, in the process, I have learned to be intentional about whose energy I am bringing in. I have grown up. This means I am responsible for my life. I recognize that I am the creator of my life; nobody else is responsible for me—not my mom and not my dad, not my friends, not my coworkers.

Being grown up means that after you get up in the morning, as you go to brush your teeth and look into your eyes, the person you see reflected in the mirror is the true you. It is not the mask anymore. You don’t have to portray what other people want you to portray, and you don’t have to live the life they want you to live. As an adult human being, you are in charge of your life—making your choices, setting your boundaries, and stating your needs—and, because you fully know your essence (aka who you are), you love you. And based upon that tremendous love for self, you realize your talents and gifts. Based upon that, you see there is a greater purpose for why you are alive.

My purpose is continuously evolving and it has many facets to it—so will yours. I remind myself constantly who I am by reviewing my life and my accomplishments. What really defines me…the thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction outside of my own creative process is seeing others living their passion, having the lives they say they want, and fully expressing their creativity in life. I feel incredibly excited when I am watching a live theatrical performance on Broadway and the actors are giving their all, or when I’m at a concert listening to musicians who love making music. They’re really living their lives as they’re doing their work. I love artists and performers.

I also love traveling around the world and meeting people, so that’s part of my purpose. Every single teaching and lecture that has moved through me as a channel has been encoded in my DNA, and part of my soul purpose is healing, writing, teaching and being a messenger for Michael’s messages. But I love taking pictures and I love being a photographer. It is such an important part of my life that has opened many doors for me on many different levels. Photography opened the door to Michael.

The beauty of the message in this book, and of the teachings of Michael in general, is that it reinforces the shared understanding that we’re in a new era of We-consciousness and resonant causation—meaning, once we’ve released our mental conditioning we can create our lives effortlessly from matching our vibration with the vibration of who and what is around us; we can create from love. Having done the exercises in this book more than once and having spent a good deal of time evaluating and editing them for this book, I know that when my heart feels love I am moving in the right direction. That’s where I’ll find the people who share my enthusiasm and values. And I hope you’re one of them.



Michael Speaks

We welcome you at this wonderful and most glorious time, as you are now ready to emerge into a new life of community, harmony, and equality. Whether or not you know it consciously, you have reached the point where you are ready, open, and available to all that is coming to you and to receive what you say you want. This is not necessarily anything outside of you that validates or gratifies you; it is something that resonates with you. You have previously moved through a healing process that enabled you to know who you are and why you are here. Some who are reading understand fully why you are here, and some of you are just getting a glimpse of it. The important thing is that you are ready to find within you the answer to where you are going out in the world.

As you begin the process of exploration in this book, we begin by asking: why are you here? Are you here to get something for yourself? Are you here to move out in the world to express your gifts and talents? Or are you here just to get by, endure life, and survive? In your heart, you know the answers and it is time to take the next step. You are here for the purpose of world service, and loving who you are and what you do is world service.

We, Michael, are simply a resonance, a vibration at a specific frequency, which emanates from the Archangelic Realm of Michael. We come to you with specific messages that are of this specific frequency. Each person vibrates at a certain level. Those who are attracted within the depth and breadth of their hearts to the frequency of this energy are singularly encoded with it. Thus, the frequency from your heart connects—or resonates—with the frequency of this energy from the Archangelic Realm of Michael. That is why you are attracted to reading, understanding, and feeling the energy of the words in this book.

The essence of this frequency and the message it is carrying are about making a journey from the core of your mind into the core of your heart. The twenty messages and lessons contained within this book are tools to be utilized while making this journey. As you commence reading the first message in Part One, “Who Are You?” you will begin a process of allowing your heart to become the guiding force of your life. For some, the shift in consciousness that makes this possible is gradual. For others, it is sudden. 

The process involves peeling layer upon layer of wounding from around your heart, until you have moved into the core of your heart and uncovered the essence of you, your truth.

As you release each layer of wounding that surrounds your heart, you will also raise the level of resonance and vibration within you. This is because each layer of wounding is filled with dense, lower-vibration energy, which simply represents what you learned in the past—during childhood and through trauma—about how to survive in the world and how you were conditioned. Peeling away these layers is the intention of this specific frequency and level of energy that emanates from the Archangelic Realm of Michael.

After you have completed the ten exercises in Part One, you will move on to the series of messages and lessons in Part Two, “Why You Are Here?” As you move along the pathway set forth for you, you will discover the talents and gifts you are here to give. The purpose of Part Two is to lead you to cross the threshold of a doorway of consciousness. By engaging in a discovery process, you will raise the level of vibration of the world and help to co-create a new world of harmony, community, and equality.

We, Michael, come as a level of energy of support and guidance for you on your pathway. We simply make suggestions through the wonderful and glorious soul (Jeff Fasano) who has made the choice to be the messenger (the channel) of this energy. This glorious soul is connected to the specific frequency within him that connects with our frequency, which enables him to impart our message. The frequency is consistent; it is the same for all who experience it. As this frequency moves through this messenger, the energy permeates your heart. Then, it is up to you how you choose to interpret it.

What is actually connecting with you—things uniquely yours—are the frequency in your own heart and the ways you utilize your five physical senses to interpret it. As the frequency of the Archangelic Realm of Michael penetrates the depth of your heart, it radiates outward to give you the impetus to commit to the teachings. It does not connect to your mental body whatsoever. It only connects with the frequency of your heart.



You have reached the point in this program and your life where you must decide to make a leap into a new life or remain where you are. 

You know who you are, and you are ready to put why you are here into action. 

But before you can do that, you must commit even more fully to discover your gifts and talents. 

Fortunately, as every gift and talent is revealed to you, a coinciding feeling of joy will also be revealed to you. 

You are uncovering gifts and talents that resonate with you in the depths of your heart. 

This is why we have asked you and are asking you again: What do you enjoy?


1. Write your answers in your journal:

. What do I enjoy doing?

. What gifts and talents am I using when doing these activities?

. Have I recognized these gifts and talents before?

. Where else have I enjoyed using these gifts and talents?

. Which gifts and talents best express who I am?

2. As you do what you do, notice if you are enjoying it. If you are, investigate where the 

passion is in this activity. Two questions are helpful:

. Would I rather be doing something else?

. If I wasn’t doing this, what would I prefer doing?

3. It is time to focus on the meaning, value, and purpose of everything you do. 

So ask yourself when you are involved in an activity:

. Why am I doing this?

. What is the meaning, value, and purpose of this activity?

. Is it to get something or to give something?

. Is it to prove who I am, or am I being who I am?

. Am I giving from the depths of my heart to serve the greater good?

. Am I finding joy and fulfillment in this activity?


During the next week, make two lists side by side. 

1. Each day write five aspects of you that you love. 

2. Then make a list of your gifts and talents. 

Creating both of these lists side by side will help you relate to and embody your talents and gifts in a brand new way. You will begin to see more clearly the connection between what you love about you and what you enjoy doing and do well. 

When you make that connection, you allow your gifts and talents to reveal your joy.


Look for ways to embrace and embody your gifts and talents and to give them to the world. 

You are you gifts and talents.

By knowing and developing your gifts and talents, you will be able to manifest what you want simply by you being you. 

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  1. "What do you need?” I almost cried when I read this simple question. I got chills and tears began to well up. It's as if I've never been asked this question by anyone or of myself. I'm sure I have but today it felt new. I thank you all for your generosity, courage and commitment to our develop. Big Luv