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THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK Discourse One: Develop the Discipline of the Disciple






Discourse One


M: Greetings beloved Joel. It is with great honor and pleasure that we entrain with you on this frequency for the unified field consciousness of Ascension. We greet you on this most auspicious day. We are here today eagerly beginning a conversation to create Ascension for those who resonate with Ascension on the human plane—Ascension from the 3rd dimension through the 4th into the 5th dimension. We are not here to work on the 4th dimension. That is already happening, and that is not our frequency.

We are here to serve as a bridge in communication, a bridge of grace, vibration and frequency to the 5th dimension. You have been working very diligently on yourself, beloved Joel, on your gifts and your talents and we acknowledge this. We acknowledge that you have been picking up your pen.

We acknowledge that you are beginning to feel the change in your own frequencies as you move this energy through your body and become a conduit for it. We know that you are beginning to see the power of this for yourself. More importantly, you are beginning to experience the human process of going from resistance to surrender to the gifts that are not about you but are sponsored through you. Do you see?

J: Yes. I have a question about my reluctance to use my gifts. I guess I haven’t been picking up my pen (automatic writing) to receive messages from you because, in truth, I doubted its authenticity. I didn’t know if it was you or me writing the messages. I think I’m a proxy for people who don’t understand that as you spend time with a spiritual gift, the gift develops.  Would you explain what happens when we turn to that inner place and practice using our spiritual gifts consistently?

M: It is a most valuable question, and that is why we are leading with the topic of DISCIPLINE today. It is essential for those committed to the Ascension Process to understand that no matter what their commitment, their ego will take positions adverse to that commitment.

Much like a seedling sprouts, each human has a particular gift, a particular way that they receive spirit. For each human being it comes in primary forms of expression such as automatic writing, hearing, seeing, feeling or knowing that these gifts are there to be tapped and utilized.

In the beginning it is called imagination; much like if one plants a seed or puts it in water to sprout. There is the potential for that life to exist beyond that form of the seed. As the environment encourages that seed to sprout, it moves from potential to being alive, but it is very fragile and delicate. What the environment does next will determine its ability to survive and thrive or to move to a different frequency, for this one is not suitable.

For humans, as they begin to allow their gifts to manifest, it is a fragile relationship. The environment surrounding that gift is paramount. When we speak of the environment, we are not speaking of geography or the aesthetics of a room. We are speaking of the environment of the mental body and the consciousness. These are the things that create an environment where that seedling can thrive or barely survive.  So the environment will create the consciousness that allows the gift to strengthen or perish for that individual’s lifetime. Of course, there is no right or wrong. You get many chances, many lifetimes, to determine for yourself, as a soul, whether or not you will create an environment in which your gift may thrive.

The discipline required is enormous. The discipline becomes everything. The purpose of discipline is to support your freedom, your freedom to be your gifts and talents. So we will be having a series of conversations in The Ascension Handbook, and the first one is DISCIPLINE—discipline as it pertains to spiritual growth.

We wish everyone who reads this handbook to understand that by using discipline they become a DISCIPLE, a disciple of love, a disciple of light and a disciple of universal law. We invite them to pick up that title, to own it and to feel the depth and sincerity of how that resonates in their heart. For those who pick up their handbook will remember that they chose Ascension eons ago. They chose it and it is here. So the disciple surrenders consistently. THEY SURRENDER THEIR EGO TO THE LARGER CONSCIOUSNESS.

In human terms this has been done over and over on your planet. Certainly, when we walked with our beloved Jesus that was the nature of being disciples to the Christ Consciousness. So when you are a disciple, your consciousness is not yours. Your consciousness does not belong to you anymore. This is a tricky subject that most do not speak about. Most people take the information from the 5th dimension and make it small enough to fit into their little world, which includes a PRIVATE SELF and a PRIVATE CONSCIOUSNESS that belongs to them.

In reality this is folly. For your CONSCIOUSNESS does NOT belong to you. Indeed, your SELF does NOT belong to you. This is a big part of the reason why there is so much strife and conflict on your beloved Gaia. For thousands of years the misinterpretation of self and consciousness has been that the self is private, that it is mine to own, to occupy, to treat or not to treat as a member of the universe.

As we work together, we invite you to begin to investigate and question, where am I still entertaining this private notion? Begin to look at the mirrors around you. Start to notice how limiting a private self and a private consciousness truly are.

When you start to appreciate that you are far more than you ever thought you were as a private self, when you begin to realize that your consciousness is, in fact, infinite, then you begin to understand the limitations of what society has taught you to believe about yourselfhow to look, think, act and be. You will be shocked.

The shock is necessary if you are to develop the discipline of a disciple. A disciple cannot stay in a private self. A disciple is committed to seeking the God within themselves. The more the student senses their relationship with the God within, the more discipline they will apply to REVEAL the God within.

As this process unfolds, you will start to resonate with others who are experiencing the same awareness, those who have expanded past the boundaries of a private self. You will begin to form or join small groups or gather two or more together for the purpose of developing a soul family to support the mutual discipleship.

Members of your soul family will be connecting with members of other soul families who truly see themselves as disciples—for there is a common tongue, a common note, if you will, a common place in the heart of the disciple. Disciples recognize each other.

Do not mistake people to be disciples of the Ascension Process because they may have gifts and talents, such as channeling, teaching, and entertaining, but they have not put the yoke on with the discipline and entered the state of a disciple. The state of being of a disciple says there is nothing else more important to me than my spiritual tools. There is nothing more important to me than putting my yoke of discipline on today. There is nothing more important to me than entering the state of grace of collective consciousness.

You will see great polarization for a period of time, which we will loosely call the Ascension Period. You will see many people with great gifts and talents who are NOT putting the disciple inside of themselves first. They are simply not choosing discipleship to be the most important thing. So as you continue, in the vernacular of this channel, to “move and shake” in your soul family, connecting globally with other soul families, discern very carefully who recognizes themselves as a true disciple in the mission and who is simply PLAYING with their gifts and talents. There is a substantial difference.

The Ascension Process means that the person who chooses it has understood themselves to be part of the whole, and that not choosing Ascension is, in human terms, a way of letting God down. It is a way of completely disowning their divinity. Anything less than choosing Ascension is a disservice to the very nature of their being. So, of course, when we speak from the 5th dimension from this particular frequency of the Two Marys, we will be very clear about this distinction, and you will see many not choose who say they are for their Ascension Process.

Joel: You have defined the Ascension Process in our past conversations, and I have read many definitions elsewhere. Would you define it again so that we may provide a common understanding for everyone?

The Two Marys: Simply put in very human terms: Ascension means to move beyond the present state of being, whatever that is, to a higher order of integration such that you become more whole, more complete and more surrendered to your connection with the divine for the sole purpose of expressing that divinity.

Indeed, Ascension might mean, for many humans, ascending beyond the ego. If the ego is what keeps the human trapped in lack and limitation, and indeed it is true, then Ascension would mean moving beyond the ego into limitless freedom, limitless empowerment and limitless ecstasy and joy.

That is the intention of these discourses. We give you and all the students our most enthusiastic blessings at this time as you continue on your journey of Ascension.

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