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HAPPINESS HANDBOOK: Being Present by Phillip Elton Collins


Being Present is the Present

Phrases of Presence To Set Us Free To Be... Happy


This Happiness Handbook is dedicated to the I Am Presence innately gifted to us all, a force from creation that allows us to know who we are, why we are here, where we are headed, and how to be happy.

“Being present is the most precious part of a person.” —Saint Germain


One of the most important challenges facing humanity during these times of governmental, religious, corporate, and cultural change is the acknowledgment that support is coming (and has always come) from higher realms outside human experience, awareness, and the mind. We live in a world that thinks that if we cannot see something or prove its existence through our known sciences and senses, it does not exist and cannot be true. New multiverse (as opposed to universe) sciences and the phrases in this book intend to create new truths. Remember that we once thought the world was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth.

While the exact phrases in this book may not exist anywhere else, the teachings and wisdom within these words have existed for eons in this world. I am one of many bringing these forward at this time. 

All that is here comes from ancient forces (call them what you may) beyond our current reality, which love us deeply and come to us again at present to support our highest good.

Please do not focus on where these phrases come from (unless that brings you further happiness), but focus upon what they are saying, intending, and teaching us. Use your discernment and resonance to apply these phrases in your life if you so desire. If you choose to apply them, you will be able to stand back and watch the happy things that happen! This endeavor is a marriage and mingling of the author’s spiritual and energetic training, teaching, and clinical experiences, and the teachings from those ancient, higher realms that remain out of sight.


No matter where you are at present, I think we would all agree that our personal lives and the world as a whole are going through an extraordinary change. It appears that the old way of doing things just does not work anymore and that we are in the process of creating something new, but we don’t quite know what that is going to be or look like yet. We are in process. Maybe the thing that is missing is our “doing” versus our “being.” The phrases is this book are  pathways to assist you in creating and finding both the new you and the new world and to help you recognize that this process will be one of moving from the “inside out,” not the “outside in”—the process of learning how to be present.

We often decrease the degree of our happiness as a result of not fully knowing who we are and why we are here. Understanding our purpose in being here and expressing this creates great happiness. The phrases in this book reconnect us with our true being.
There are teachings from higher realms (which have loved and supported us for eons) that say, “the mind that believes is moving back into service of the heart that knows.” This means that we are, in fact, we are learning to “think” with our compassionate hearts. This new way of thinking will allow us to transition from our past- and future-oriented way of thinking into the present. Only within the present can we free ourselves from ourselves and assume our destiny to be divine beings of the present, becoming truly happy. By focusing on the present we free ourselves from the lack and limitation, as well as the duality and confrontation, of the past and future. Even the past and the future were once the present. We can only truly evolve as a species and as a planet by mastering the self-empowerment and happiness of the present.

The “pathway phrases” in this handbook are an integration and culmination of higher-realm teachings (call them what you may) and my training and clinical experience as a light ascension therapist/life coach where I assisted others in moving into happiness and a higher frequency of existence. These phrases are an integration of my words with many ancient teachings. These exact words most likely do not exist anywhere else, but their wisdom has existed forever. Repetition is often used since we learn best through it.
While happiness may be stimulated from the outside, happiness is a natural state within us all that can neither be learned nor taught, but it can be awakened. The purpose of this book is to awaken the fulfillment of your happiness from within.

Each phrase in this handbook contains an “energetic” download/upload to assist you in moving into the happiness of the present. Breathe deeply after reading each phrase to allow it to integrate. Each phrase is a separate teaching that joins in community with all the others. You can read them randomly or straight through. Together all the phrases complete a comprehensive blueprint/template for happiness in the present. Open to a page now, and see what the multiverse wishes to teach you and remind you of in the present. There is no right or wrong way to access the presence within each phrase.
I hereby honor and recognize all who have received these similar teachings before me and simultaneously with me. We are all becoming multi-dimensionally connected. Our resonance and discernment will manifest the circumstances of  how, when, where, and why we connect with the teaching we need to master. There is nothing either special or unique about anyone bringing these tools into the world.

My previous books Coming Home to Lemuria: An Ascension Adventure Story, Sacred Poetry and Mystical Messages: To Change your Life and the World, Man Power God Power, God's Glossary: A Divine Dictionary and Activate Your Soul Plan: Angel Answers & Actions all have the same intention as this book: to assist us in waking up and knowing that we are extraordinary beings who deserve to be happy all the time.
Becoming Present is the new and necessary normal.

- Phillip Elton Collins 


How to Use the Happiness Handbook: 

(1) With an open heart, recite the following mantra: I live, move, breathe, and have my being within the invincible strength and power of the mighty presence with me.

(2) Specifically or randomly select a phrase and read it silently or aloud with an open heart.

(3) In order to allow the phrase to integrate into your being, take a deep breath, and on the exhale, drop your jaw, and release the sound AHH. The sound AHH connects us with the same frequency/vibration in which our Presence and happiness lives.

(4) Know within your true sense of self that what you have received in this present moment is exactly what you need in order to be free and happy.


1. Being Present is knowing that the only way you can receive love from another is by giving it to yourselves first. Are you being love rather than doing love at Present?

2. Your Presence is your ability to move within and to know the happy self is inside to be brought out, not outside to be brought in.

3. Your Presence knows your life’s purpose is a process of awakening to your purpose. Your purpose lives in the Present, waiting to be discovered just by being who you are. Presence knows that everything does not happen instantly; it’s a precious, Present process.

4. Presence means experiencing change as the only possibility by moving into it.

5. Presence teaches compassion for planet Earth and that all things upon and within Earth’s body are interconnected.

6. Being fully Present is forgiving everything and taking ownership of all that you create in order to learn what you need to learn at Present.

7. When you can feel your feelings, and see your thoughts, you can see the cause and effect in your lives and become Present.

8. Presence knows you need to give and receive in balance within all Present moments of your lives.

9. Are some of you still looking in the past and the future and escaping your Presence?

10. Your Presence allows you to see yourselves in others.

11. Your Presence knows who you are and why you are here in each moment of Presence.

12. Being Present is knowing that you are not your feelings, thoughts, wounds and defenses.

13. Once you access your Presence within you, you become self-mastered and can teach the same to others.

14. Happiness achieved through Presence is not short-lived like most happiness; it lasts as long as you are Present.

15. By being Present you can accept pain in life as a learning tool, avoiding suffering.

16. Presence reminds us we are moving through a personal process from wounded child to a healed self-mastered adult.

17. Presence reminds many intelligent and ell-educated people that they can often be completely not Present.

18. Most of the acutely negative events in your lives and world are the result of not being Present.

19. Being Present is waking up from a long sleep.

20. Your life, your beingness exists eternally within the timeless frequency of the Present.

21. Your Presence knows that your Presence is enough without having to prove yourself to anyone in order to be liked or loved.

22. Presence is a key ingredient within the creation of communities of equality, harmony, and balance through acceptance, and compassion, thus forgiveness.

23. A new you and a new world are created each day through Presence.

24. Being Present is knowing you are here to serve the world through your talents and gifts.

25. Without Presence all relationships are imbalanced. Remember that the only relationship you are actually having is the one with self, which is then reflected to others.

26. The purpose of Presence is to know you are the Creator.

27. Presence is your divine freedom of choice and will.

28. There can be no duality or separation in Presence; you become one with ALL THERE IS.

29. Our Presence knows you are not the only ones Present.

30. The purpose of the Divine Discussions now is for you to become Present.

About the Author

My entire life has been one attempt to be happy and to live in the present, but the past and future ruled most of my life until I finally woke up and realized how to better set myself free from the monsters within myself and humanity: the fear, doubt, and ignorance that I experienced through not being Present.

Few of us on this planet maintain and sustain a constant state of Presence, but more and more of us are waking up and releasing ourselves through the innate gift of being Present, which allows happiness.

As a trained light ascension therapist who assists in the balancing of our emotional, mental, and physical bodies, I have reached the point of knowing that being happy in life is about finding, accepting, and connecting solutions to problems in the Present moment. We (humanity and planet) are also, at Present, within what has been called an ascension process, breaking down our emotional and mental bodies that have kept us trapped far too long. This breakdown allows a break-through and a connection to this thing called Presence.

Observing our world for almost seven decades, I have seen our belief systems change, knowing that truth is consistent, but truth appears lacking in our world. In fact, much of our world and lives is often based upon untrue beliefs. The innate ability to find Presence within each of us allows us to finally know the truth about ourselves and our world.

The word “Presence” is an attempt to describe an eternal energetic frequency within each of us. We are Presence if we so choose to be. If you don’t like the world “Presence,” call it something else, but please discover it and be it, and watch what happens to your life as you move into a happier state of being Present.

I believe the purpose of our world is to become Present, and all the words within this endeavor are here to support that truth. My entire personal and professional life is dedicated to us becoming fully Present, allowing us to learn without becoming unhappy.

Time and time again I have seen Presence allow physical beauty to transform into spiritual beauty as we drop our ego-defense masks, heal the“wounded me,” and reveal the “healed we” of our cosmic being. Presence allows us to know that happiness and unhappiness are joined together in oneness (made of the same components). It’s our connection to time and distance that separate happy from unhappy. The tools (phrases) within this book will allow you to see more deeply into your self-empowerment and into your ability to create a new you and world.

Throughout my professional career I have seen Presence as a heartfelt infinite frequency/wisdom/ truth that exposes myself and others to limitless possibilities and probabilities, and creates new lives and communities of equality, harmony, and balance. (Our Presence knows we are not the only ones Present).

Our inner power of Presence reminds us that happiness is a natural state of being which we don’t have to earn; we just have to awaken it. Our Presence knows why we have chosen the path of Presence: to give to others and the world what we chose to give ourselves—love.

I bring a diversified background into this endeavor, considering that I am a co-founder of The Angel News Network, a co-founder of The Modern Day Mystery School, a teacher, an author, a poet, a filmmaker and a certified healing arts light ascension therapist who addresses the integration of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. My professional background also includes extensive management experience at Young & Rubicam Advertising in New York City, international commercial communications skills with innovative filmmaker George Lucas, as well as my role as director of marketing at Industrial Light and Magic, and as a founder of Fairbanks Films with film directors Ridley and Tony Scott.

My previous books are: Coming Home to Lemuria, An Ascension Adventure Story (which is currently being adapted into both a stage play and a screenplay), Sacred Poetry and Mystical Messages, To Change your Life and the World, containing 116 original poems and higher realm messages, and Man Power God Power, an energetic/spiritual reference volume and the latest; Activate Your Soul Plan, Angel Answers & Actions and God's Glossary, A Divine Dictionary.

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