Sunday, April 26, 2015


Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

As you move through the pathway of life you are opening to clear yourself. Clearing the obstacles and blockages from around your heart space so you can open to receive love in the beingness of self. 

And know that you can be loved and you are loved for being you. Being who you are.

So We ask you, are you and can you and will you be loved for being you?

Move into the depth and breadth of your heart space and ponder these questions:

Am I loved for being me?

Are you being you?

What comes up for you when you ponder these questions?

It is now time to open up to the core wound within you.

Move to the deepest conditioning that keeps you separated and isolated from intimacy and love.

Each and every one of you is separated and isolated in one way or another in your wounding.

If you keep looking outside of you and yearning after what it is you say you want, why isn’t that in your life now?

It is time to move deeper into the core aspects of your wounds and your conditioning. 

Ask yourself:

Am I living the life I say I want?

Am I having the relationships I say I want?

Do you know what you want?

It all stems in the depth of your heart and the essence of you in relationship to your patterns, rituals and the mask.

If in fact you are ready to look at your core wounds, can you identify the conditioning and the wound?

It is important to identify this to move into a greater depth of authenticity and transparency with yourself.

It is now time to begin feeling the feelings you have long avoided that are related to your core wound.

It is time to begin this process of healing.

You have come to this earthly plain to heal this core wounding that may be holding you in a place of isolation and separation from others.  

It is important to identify what it is you say you want. Then communicate this with others.

How do you communicate with others?

Do you clearly state your needs and set your boundaries?

Can you clearly state with transparency and authenticity what you need, your boundaries and what you want in communication?

Are you being you when communicating with others?

With your partner, begin to communicate so you can see the way in which you communicate with each other.

Communication is of the utmost importance now.

It is important to see how you communicate. It is also important to look into the mirror when you communicate.

When you communicate and the style you use to do this will indicate your relationship to yourself and your relationship to intimacy.  

Is your style of communicating pushing other away?

It is a demanding style?

Do you take into account the other when you communicate?

Are you communicating through love in the heart space?

Do you place the blame on others in communication?

Are you telling others who they should be, why they should be, when they should be and what they should be?

Look now at communication with one another and communicate your needs and your boundaries. Communicate what you want and clearly state that and what you need. 

Your style of communication may reflect avoided feelings.

As you move to the next step of beingness in your heart, are you being you, and aware of you? Are you open to being aware of you?
Are you open to the mirror to be aware of you?

You move through blind spots and may not be aware of your style of communication and they way you communicate with others. 

With your partner begin to communicate. State your needs, set your boundaries, and feel your feelings.

It is most important as you move forward in your life to see how you treat others and how you communicate with them.

Do you push your energy at others?

Do you demand others to be the way you want them to be?

Then when they are not who you want them to be, (which is based on your wounds)  or someone they aren’t, what are you communicating and how are you communicating?

Look at your relationships.

Are you looking to fit square pegs in round holes? 

In certain relationships you may be at an intersection or crossroad.  

It is time to see the relationship and the communication in it.

As you move along the path of beingness it is important to recognize yourself with yourself. In your beingness of self, are you being you in your relationships with others?

Look now at your priorities.

Are you allowing yourself to move through the flow of life based upon joy and what is most important to you in this moment?

Is your life filled with joy?

Is what you are doing in life filled with joy?

Are your relationships joyful?

Do your relationships raise your resonance and vibration?

Many come to blind spots and what you are doing in your life and the relationships you are having are done through your wounding and conditioning. Perhaps through some sort of false pretense that this is the way it should be.

Is your resonance and vibration raising in joy in connection with others?  Is it raising in your soul family and the endeavors you are in with others?   Are you being you in these relationships?

In the true authentic beingness of you, it is about raising your level of resonance and vibration in joy in life.

Are you enduring relationships?

Are you enduring in your endeavors?

This may be based upon your core wound. And based upon a sense of obligation.

If I state my needs, set my boundaries, make choices, I will not be loved.

These are attachments.

It is important to open your heart space to yourself. Look at the mirror across from you at your partner. See what you see and quite possibly what you don’t want to see.  For it is quite possibly what you don’t want to see that is your greatest lesson and will shift yourself and your relationships.

Can you take responsibility for yourself in relationships?

Are you open to take a look at yourself within your relationships?

It is time to move into the beingness of these moments. And move just a bit deeper.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is my life filled with joy?

What are the feelings that I have long avoided that holds me in a place and clogs the flow in giving and receiving in love?

It is time to move into the depth and breadth in your heat to your core wounds. Identify the core wounds. Identify the conditioning. 

Begin to identify the core feelings with your core wound. These are the feelings you have long avoided.

Allow the feelings, immerse yourself in them because what stands between you and what you say you want are the feelings you have avoided and suppressed. You may know this intellectually in your mental body.

“Yes, I know this, I understand it,” you may say.

It is time to move it into your heart to feel your feelings. Begin to experience the wound so you can move the energy and begin to heal it. So you can move to a new level of consciousness and awareness of self. And see the conditioning for what it is and move past it.

You came here to heal this. Can you heal it? Are you ready to heal it?

Take the first step. This step is identifying it.

Shame and judgment comes from unfelt feelings.

I am feeling abandoned.

I am feeling overwhelmed.

I am feeling not good enough?

I am feeling not perfect enough?

I am feeling betrayed.

If I enter into that relationship my feelings and memories of betrayal will come up.

For some of you it becomes very real, so you avoid the feelings.

Can you express these feelings?

Can you open up and communicate the depth and breadth of your feelings to another and what it brings up in you?

Do this with your partner.

Fully express yourself and notice how you communicate it.

It is time to move into transparency and authenticity with yourself.

It is time to move into the depth of your heart and feel your feelings. Experience your feelings. Express these feelings with your partner.

When doing this you may see that life may take on a new meaning.

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