Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Episode Description

Join Jessica Alstrom as she sits down with Jeff Fasano!

Jeff Fasanno is a trance channel who channels Archangel Michael, Co-Founder of The Angel News Network , author of "Journey of the Awakened Heart", Reiki Master, Light Ascension Therapist, and a well respected photographer in the Indie Music scene and Broadway Theater.

Using Your Tools

Archangel Michael received through Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you at this time as you continue moving further in the depth and breadth of your heart space.  New doorways are opening as you continue to walk on your pathway in life and into a state of being-ness of self; the celebration of self.  Some of you are now moving, ever so gingerly from "me consciousness" into "we consciousness", leaving the old fractions of yourself behind, the old aspects of yourself behind.  "Me consciousness" is where everything is about me, and the doorway to "we consciousness" is opening and you are moving into it within the self.

We come to talk about releasing duality within yourself and moving into "we consciousness" within the self so you can open up to the grandness of self, releasing either/or, this or that, good or bad, right or wrong. 

Everything that transpires in your life does so according to your soul's divine soul plan and  you have garnered tools in order to deal with what is transpiring in your life and how to respond to what is transpiring outside of you.

You have chosen a path to self-mastery and as you move through this path, it is important to move into the depth and breadth of your heart space and gather your tools.  You are at that place in time, dear ones, where you are now ready, if you so choose, to gather these tools, because you are reaching a new doorway and it will be opening for you. Your life is  a continual movement from the "me" aspects of consciousness, the narcissism of the "me" into "we consciousness". 

It is important now to utilize your tools, so when you are confronted with aspects outside of yourself  in your third dimensional realm you no longer need to react to what is transpiring, you can utilize your tools to respond to what is transpiring.   What happens outside of you, dear ones, reflects what is transpiring within you and what is important for you to heal. 

So We ask you now to look outside of yourself.  As you walk through this new doorway, you will be taking a walk outside of you. So take a good long look at what is transpiring outside of you in the third dimensional realm.  Look at aspects of your life, look at those individuals with whom you might be in relationship with and look at their actions, look at what they are saying.  As you look at what is transpiring outside of you observe how you are reacting to it or responding to it and what is it bringing up inside of you? 

You see, what happens outside of you in your third dimensional realm will now begin to trigger aspects within you that you are now ready to face, heal and release by utilizing your tools to respond to it.  Gone is the knee-jerk reaction to what transpires outside of you or what transpires in relationships.  So what We ask you to do is look at what is transpiring outside of you and how it affects and how it might be affecting the relationships with the wonderful, glorious souls in your life?  What tools are you utilizing to respond to what is being triggered inside of you?

We now ask you to begin to observe yourself. As you look at what is transpiring outside of you in the third dimensional realm, look as well at what is transpiring in the old forms outside of you.  Your governmental systems, your political systems, your financial system.   See how you are affected in the depth and breadth of your heart space by this.  What may it be bringing up inside of you that you now may need to deal by utilizing your tools in order to respond to it.  Ask: How do I feel?  What is coming up inside of me as I look outside of myself  in the third dimensional realm?  

What is coming up inside of me as I now encounter those with whom I am in relationship with?  What is coming up inside of me that I may need  to deal with?  What are the feelings that come up?  What is surfacing inside of you that just may need to be dealt with by utilizing the tools that you have?

You see, dear ones, it is now time to fully move from the outer to the inner.  Are you still looking outside of yourself in the third dimensional realm thinking that what is transpiring  out there in that world,  in quite possibly the old world of form, affects you?  How does it affect you? Are you affected by it?  What is coming up inside of you?  Are old beliefs coming up? Is your conditioning coming up? Are you seeing all of this? 

It is important now to gather your tools and utilize them and move within the depth and breadth of your heart as you observe what is transpiring outside of you and in relationships outside of yourself. 


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