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THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK Discourse Two: Balance Your Giving and Receiving Every Day






Discourse Two


Joel:  Though we have talked about this before, I would like to start from the beginning and ask some basic questions to help ground everyone in some common understandings. Who are the Two Marys, what is your mission, and why have you joined energies?

The Two Marys: The Two Marys are a specific entwined frequency of Ascension. The purpose of this frequency is to create a bridge for 3rd dimensional beings to move into higher dimensions, including the 5th dimension and even beyond if that is in their divine soul plan. We exist solely for that purpose. Therefore, we have limits in terms of how we will occur, how we will express and how we will communicate.

We exist through a channel, such as our beloved Jessie, in a very precise, carefully constructed vocabulary. The words we use are the healing agents of the consciousness. If listened to more than once, the words will alter how the brain functions for that individual.  

For those who pick up their tools and practice the various exercises such as breath, movement and sound and who practice reading the words and becoming the words, they will find that everything they need for their Ascension is all here. For this is a frequency for Ascension. There are many frequencies for Ascension. Ours is simply the frequency that expresses the divine feminine as the way.

J: When we talked about the Two Marys before, we talked about you as Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. So would you discuss the connection of the frequencies to them?

M: Indeed. The frequencies of Mother Mary and of Mary Magdalene serve on this planet as icons, as beloved symbols of divine feminine love, of true sacrifice, of transformation, of miracle consciousness. If you look at their stories when they walked on the planet, their lives were very unusual by any standard. They were not normal, average girls who became every-day wives and mothers. They were spiritual adepts who had extraordinary gifts, talents, vision and fantastic experiences.

Indeed, the whole story of Jesus being born through an immaculate conception was not the truth of what happened. It was simply the language for those times translated over time, with a little help from the church, to take one aspect of what is fantastic and remove it from public access. What was fantastic about Mother Mary was her unconditional love of herself and her connection with the divine, with her beloved husband and with her family. She was a beacon of love. So, of course, Jesus chose her as his mother.

The immaculateness of the conception was the purity of her love, which was extraordinary. And everyone who came in contact with her knew she was extraordinary.

So, indeed, through the purity of that light she had an immaculate conception while deep in the throes of passionate sexual love-making with her husband, her beloved Joseph. 

Mary Magdalene was the female equivalent of the Jesus. She was his Twin Flame. She was entirely different her whole life. She was different as a child. As children they (Jesus and Mary) were clear they were going to be together. They needed to grow up, to become appropriate ages, and then they were going to become husband and wife. They never questioned this.

Mary Magdalene was equally pure of love and had a developed intellect and consciousness that made it simple, easy and fun for her to engage with her beloved Jesus. She regularly had discussions and dialogues that, except for certain spiritual adepts that trained Master Jesus when he was traveling away from home, no one was Mary Magdalene’s equal in co-creating and conducting conversations to disseminate to the disciples to then teach to the masses. So she was Jesus’ beloved muse, but she was not passive. She was quite assertive.

So you have the frequencies of the assertive energy of the Mary Magdalene and the supreme constancy of the Mother Mary coming through today in this discussion. You will notice an assertive energy that is not masculine. It is the feminine wisdom taking the child by the hand and saying, “Let’s go this way. Let’s go over here. Let’s walk on this bridge to get over this river.”

We are conducting ourselves through other channels at this time. There will be similar resonances through every channel of extreme compassion and unity consciousness. We manifest ourselves simultaneously and globally through different nations and peoples, for that is the nature of the 5th dimension.

Because of all the distractions available to humanity at this time, we wish to conduct ourselves more in the “how to” of Ascension, as opposed to stories of the Two Marys, which can be useful. We will refer to them from time to time but only to clarify a point or make it more human. There are new books available for people to study how we evolved and ascended.

J: You can see the value of what you just spoke about though, can’t you?

M: Indeed. Integration is the key. When one can integrate, one can move forward. On the same note, we will be that assertive energy leaving the mind behind more and more.

J: Now that you have defined who the Two Marys are, would you explain your mission?  You have joined energies and have a joint mission. What would you tell us about that?

M: Our mission when we walked on the planet is the same as this mission—to escort humans into the Christ Consciousness for their Ascension.

J: How would you define Christ Consciousness?

M: Ecstatic union with divine love.

J: Why did you join your energies?

M: We have entwined our energies to provide a powerful expression of divine feminine essence. The process that is going on in our entire universe, as it applies to Gaia and humanity, is the giant rebalancing of the masculine and the feminine energies. On this planet there is so much conditioned thought—and you understand that thought manifests into reality—that is so over the top regarding masculinity. It required bringing about additional frequencies to bring a balance (of the masculine and feminine energies) into the 3rd dimension.

If you consider that the Messiah is looked at as a man, if you consider that the Catholic Church is run by men and only men can belong to the priesthood, if you consider the masculine aggression and corruption on your planet, it becomes instantly clear that additional feminine energies are required to effect change. That is simply our mission. That is why we are manifesting simultaneously to many all over the planet. It is time to join the frequencies of the Mother Earth to the Mother Energy. It is time for the Divine Mother to be known, recognized and belonged to the same way people belong to their notion of the Christ Consciousness.

J: Your definitions of Ascension in the first discourse are very beautiful, but I believe many churches could have made similar statements about the spiritual experiences they offer. To me the definitions don’t really explain the uniqueness of Ascension and why it is happening now on Earth. Something far more cosmic is occurring, in my view, that is not being captured by these definitions. Can you understand what I am saying?

M: Indeed. And we shall address that, beloved Joel. You will notice that we deliver information starting with the lowest common denominator and then moving to higher levels of distinction. So, indeed, there is a cosmic, coordinated expansion that is ongoing in the universe, which is difficult to explain in human language.

Sometimes visual art is more effective than words. Imagine it as a giant birth process, not like a human birth with blood and pain, but a giant flower blooming. If you witness that blooming in slow motion, you see first this petal and then that petal and then all of a sudden there it is in all of its glory—all the petals open, its full expression of all its incredible beauty and radiance. That is happening in all galaxies simultaneously.

So, you see, the expansion and Ascension of this planet is connected to the expansion and the Ascension of all planets. There is nothing separate anywhere. There is no little private galaxy over here that is not connected to this giant birth process, this giant collective dance, this giant self-expression. So the game of Ascension for humans is to align their self-expression with this dance, for humans have been self-expressing all over the place forever.

The vast majority of that self-expression is from the small, private self. This is not the self-expression we are speaking of. We are speaking of authentic self-expression, which occurs when one is harnessed to that I AM presence, when one is in alignment with their divine soul path, when one is a disciple to their Ascension Process. That full expression becomes the giant birth process, the giant flower that is blooming.

J: If it is engaging the whole universe, why now? What is happening in the entire universe that makes this the time of Ascension?

M: Let us discuss human birth as an analogy for this question. In the human birth process there is a point after much contracting where the child enters the birth canal. If all is going well, there is a limited time in the birth canal, and then out comes the infant. So why now is because the time of contracting has completed. It is a time of collective consciousness moving to its next order of integration. It has been that way forever. It will always be that way.

So this time—the end of all the ages, the end of duality, the end of cause and effect being what governs humanity’s thoughts, what shackles humanity to lack and limitation, greed and avarice—that time has completed. Now we are in the birth canal. So every planet, every species, everything that exists in reality, either exists completely in congruency to universal law or they are in contraction. Then there will be the birth canal and then the birth into universal law. It is the way. In simple human terms, God always wins.

There will always be a return to love. But if there is separation from love, there will be contraction. The very nature of separating from love is to contract, is it not? When one ceases to separate from divine love and enters the flow of collective consciousness expanding into higher orders of ecstasy and bliss, there is no desire to contract ever again.

J: Does mankind have any influence over this giant cosmic process?

M: Mankind does and does not. Ultimately, everything is expanding and nothing will stop that ever. That is the nature of the universal source. So can man throw a monkey wrench into the machinery of that? Absolutely not. Can man separate in consciousness from the ecstatic union of that? Clearly. Will that ultimately prevent that individual from experiencing divine bliss? No, that soul will continue to go through the contractions, through cause and effect, through laws of Karma, until it chooses to enter the birth canal. It is always a choice.

J: Does that decision have anything to do with those larger cycles of 26,000 years, etc. we’ve been told about? We’re told that this opportunity for Ascension won’t come again for a very long time. Is it up to each person to decide when to go into the birth canal or are they influenced by these larger cosmic cycles?

M: As you may have detected, there is an influence with larger cycles, and there is an influence with peer group. So there is a combination of energies moving in that direction,  pulled much like things on planet Earth are pulled by gravity.

There is a giant opening as this 26,000 year cycle completes. There are expansions within your solar system. There are phenomena that are happening including with your sun. So yes, indeed, there are natural forces, coupled with the intense duality on this planet, that are creating such a large opportunity. For humans tend not to choose transformation until their suffering is at maximum.

J: I think you have just created a wonderful spiritual context for The Ascension Handbook.

M: Indeed. To be of service truly means to be of service with the cosmic dance, not just the dance on this planet. The planet is your gateway, your spaceship, if you will. She is alive, and she is in her expansion. So it is simply about aligning yourself with this large energetic complete ecstatic bliss that has no beginning and has no end. This notion is very foreign to many who will pick up The Ascension Handbook.

Most who are attracted to spiritual communities and discussion groups in mystery schools like the one you are involved in are still completely embedded in the notion of THEIR life—this private life of mine, my mortality, and the angst and drama surrounding that versus something within their heart that recognizes a greater truth. The study of immortality versus mortality is such a taboo on your planet. Do you see?

J: Well yes. Even The Life Mastery Program* is pretty much focused on how to make the most of our life here. We refer to Archangel Michael, of course, as the source and the ultimate goal of creating a world of community, harmony and equality. But basically the program is designed to help people deal with the issues of their lives.

M: For that is where one must begin. They must begin to take full responsibility for their life, and then develop mastery of their love for themselves so that they can become a meaningful contributor to the collective. For it is truly in that contribution to the collective that your essence becomes realized. Is that not true for you, beloved Joel, when you are in the contribution of self with your students? That is when you are resonating with your divine soul plan. That contribution is where the private self has disappeared, has it not?

So as we address this question, how does one stay in contribution to the collective, we acknowledge this is an aspect of self-love. When you love yourself completely your relationship with yourself is a contribution. In your current times, you speak about it as taking care of yourself, being good to yourself and positive self-talk. Indeed, these are congruent with contributing to oneself. To fulfill and ascend, one must be in contribution to oneself, one must be in contribution to others, and one must be in contribution to the divine cosmic plan. This is the fulfillment of Ascension. It is in three parts.

* See Link to The Angel News Network.

Contribution to self, indeed, is the fundamental teaching of The Life Mastery Program. How to become a master in contributing to self such that the self expands in consciousness beyond that private self and has a desire, indeed a longing, to contribute to others. For it is only in authentic self-love that one can truly give in contribution to others.

This is discussed in everything from Archangel Michael’s teachings to every great spiritual writing and sacred teaching. If one is giving to get, one is still stuck in the private self, and one is in lack and limitation and is not in surrender to self-love. When one is surrendered in self-love, the giving and the getting are all the same.  There is no distinction. It is all beingness. It is all blissful.

J: Thank you for that wonderful teaching. Are we ready to move onto the next lesson?

M: We wish to discuss again the purpose of discipline, which is, of course, to contribute to one’s freedom. To do that one has to address the human conundrum: this is the thing I long for the most; yet, this is the thing I resist the most.

In order for us to effectively address discipline, we have to invite the student to investigate their own relationship with freedom/Ascension, to delve into and explore, what are my resistances? What are my fears? If Ascension and freedom mean immortality, what nonsense have I sold myself through the cultural mythology regarding mortality, suffering, sacrifice, freedom and bliss?

So every student must ferret out what are the ways that I, consciously or not, actively resist the thing that I desire the most? So the discipline is to stay disciplined in the inquiry. If you were baking a loaf of bread—we will use an analogy here—what are the ingredients that would belong in Ascension? The most obvious ones, besides discipline, are self-love and forgiveness:

To forgive oneself for resisting what one longs for with all their heart.

To forgive oneself for buying into the collective unconscious, the hypnotic, destructive pull of the cultural norm.

To forgive oneself for worshipping their mind as the absolute end all, thus cutting themselves off from supreme intelligence in the heart.

To forgive oneself for thinking that the cosmic collective consciousness did not matter.

To forgive oneself for thinking there were not other beings and places, interconnected, all relying on cooperation

To forgive oneself for thinking they did not deserve love.

To forgive oneself for thinking their God had a light switch that would be turned on or turned off regarding God’s love for them. When I’m good God loves me. When I’m not good, I am not loved.

So to truly love oneself, one needs to be in a constant state of forgiveness. Indeed, our lives on this planet, as the Two Marys, became powerful experiences in forgiveness. Forgiveness was the way of being that got us through—self-love, self-forgiveness. Whenever there was conflict within our group, the only acceptable response was to love and forgive—and forgive as fast as possible.

We led this discourse with discipline because everything that we shall teach from this point forward requires discipline. This discourse is not new information. It is simply being repeated in a way that is simple to understand. If you are suffering, if you are not experiencing the fulfillment you long for, then you must start forgiving yourself for not having what you long for.

So we recommend that whenever you catch yourself not in fulfillment, you instantly say out loud to yourself, “I forgive myself for that.”  Look in a mirror deep into your eyes and say, “I forgive myself for that.” Can you see how this can help you begin to take responsibility for your own reality?

J: Yes, I do. I also see how that can begin to reshape our instincts to forgive others rather than to judge or blame them.

M: Indeed. Forgive yourself for being upset at that other. For it is you who chose to leave paradise for that judgment. Interesting way to think about it, is it not? It is the individual who chooses to leave ecstatic union for the sake of separation and judgment. It is a mature individual who chooses to stop that behavior because it is in defiance of universal law, which is to love yourself completely.

J: This teaching certainly relates to the hardships you endured when you walked with Jesus.

M: Indeed. Many would point, laugh, shout and throw stones. Yet, every bit of that world was sacred. It would not serve our mission to allow ourselves to traffic in the judgment of those individuals throwing those stones, shouting hateful words. It was not congruent to our mission to respond with anything but love and forgiveness. 

J: In the light of what you have told us, it’s quite shocking how poorly Mary Magdalene has been depicted in scripture and religious teachings which have distorted our understanding of who she was and what she represented.

M: Indeed. She represents the avatar in human form. She is one of many avatars that have taken human form as female and walked on the surface of our beloved Gaia. She is truly the symbol of the female avatar.

J: What is an avatar?

M: The avatar is a master teacher who has a direct conduit, a direct pipeline, if you will, to supreme intelligence. They are an evolved soul, a multi-dimensional being, who is here on your planet as a master teacher. And so, of course, the church, which corrupted many of the teachings of the mission, cast her as a lowly prophet, for a patriarchal mission cannot have a female who is accepted and known as an avatar.

It would have been impossible to succeed as an exclusive patriarchal cult if they had acknowledged and included someone like that who, for the times, was unacceptable. Everything in that region was influenced by patriarchal religion. Even the Jewish faith as it was taught to Jesus had very strict laws regarding what women could and could not do, touch, etc.

J: Women were pretty much kept in the kitchen, weren’t they?

M: Indeed. And then banished to the red tent at certain times of the lunar cycle.  Female avatars are now surfacing on your planet because it is no longer as acceptable to subjugate and dominate them, though there is still a great deal of this. You can see the many empowered and fulfilled women serving as mouthpieces for transformational messages—transforming humanity out of the mess into congruence, community and cooperation versus competition. And they are multiplying at an enormous rate. In a way, women are using the symbol of Mary Magdalene to rise from the subjugation that is cast upon them into the role of the avatar. Do you see?

J: I see that and I also see the importance of including this information as part of the spiritual context for the balancing of the masculine and the feminine.

M: Indeed. For within the masculine is always some level of subjugation of self is there not?

J: There is for me.

M: Indeed. So the balance truly occurs when the two are connected as one.  When we say the word balance, the easy visual is a set of scales. For most, their concept of the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies would be a set of scales with one side the feminine and the other the masculine. The balancing is the constant movement back and forth. That is not what we are teaching.

We are teaching the unification of those dual aspects, so that every being has the power to shift from one to the other at any point, at any time, being in the expansion itself. It is only with the merging that there is complete congruency with the expansion of the cosmic consciousness. It is not through two things bobbing back and forth. That is not expansion into the collective.

Expansion into the collective occurs when both aspects are joined together and the individual is free to move into the expansion, bringing the feminine ability to embrace the unknown while, at the same time, being the masculine directional—let us move forward and investigate this and experience that. So this visual of the set of scales is not useful. We prefer you to see it more like the six-pointed merkaba where in the midst of all the geometry is this swirling energy. That is the merging of the masculine with the feminine.

J: We have been discussing the need for discipline in the Ascension Process. Have we completed that?

M: We wish again to say that when one experiences themselves as suffering, they are in defiance of universal law; therefore, it is their responsibility to forgive themselves for childishly acting out in defiance of divine love. They must forgive themselves, and they must surrender to divine law. It is that simple. How will they know they have surrendered to divine law? They will not be suffering.

There will be some who are more naturally attuned to this law and this truth. There will be others who require great effort, using discipline to pick up their spiritual tools, which are designed strictly for the purpose of preparing one’s consciousness for expansion. So there is always a choice.

If they are not ready to apply discipline to pick up their tools, they will not read further in this manual. That is their choice. This is a manual for those willing and able to pick up their tools. For those who are stamping their feet and throwing temper tantrums, refusing to pick up their tools, there are other places for them to go to exist.

These teachings are for adults who are clear: “I am done with suffering, with being a small, private person disconnected from the whole. I am interested in being part of a giant expansion. I am interested in moving past the brainwashing and finding out who I am as I give myself to divine love, as I give myself to the collective consciousness.”

J: That is beautiful. What would you call the next teaching?

M: The next teaching is called BALANCE THE DAY. There are many teachings in your culture about creating balance in your life. However the challenge of actually living a balanced life in your contemporary culture is something of a joke. It is not a joke to the 5th dimensional beings working diligently with the 3rd dimension.

So balance your day means literally BALANCE YOUR GIVING AND RECEIVING EVERY DAY as a statement of your self-love, as a statement of your self-forgiveness, using discipline to enact that. We are speaking to many healers out there. Do not fool yourselves. It is NOT better to give than to receive. That was never a teaching of Master Jesus. The teachings from the 5th dimension always have been:

Be in the expression of that love for to be human is to be communal. It is lawful for a human who loves themselves to give of themselves freely. However, this notion in your culture that it is OK to be harried, hurried, tense and empty at the end of the day and to wake up joyless is not being of service.

This is a giant disservice that has been so culturally accepted that it is almost like winning a gold medal in the Olympics as to who can knock themselves out the most overdoing that imbalance? If you study some of the avatars who have been spiritual celebrities in your collective consciousness, many of them are struggling because they have not understood this distinction.

They have health crises, their home life is empty, and they are drifting into their egos. Balance the day means literally every day. This channel was once confronted with gentle kindness by one of her mentors and avatars many years ago when he inquired, “When do you take your bath?” She replied, “I don’t take a bath. I have a small infant and I have a practice. I am very busy, so I take a shower.” He looked at her and said, “How do you fulfill your breathing exercises in the shower?”

The balance must be every day, not some days, not Sunday, not when you have time. If you choose Ascension, we implore you to be highly organized with your time. At the beginning and end of each day ask yourself:

Am I fulfilled?

Am I doing activities that fulfill me?

Am I giving to myself? 

Am I contributing to others?

Am I contributing to the divine plan of the cosmic expansion?

This must be the practice of the disciple.

J: Might we suggest some simple, specific behaviors that would help people bring balance into their lives?

M: The teaching is the teaching, beloved Joel. We do wish to invite you and this beloved channel to contribute yourselves in each and every one of these teachings with your own observations and suggestions. For example, to honor oneself as God might appear selfish to many. To reduce a 40 hour work week to a 25 hour work week might appear lazy to some. To honor the body as a temple by breathing, taking baths, lying on the ground and absorbing energy, contemplating nature and beauty might appear frivolous. But what are the benefits?  How do those activities bring one to a blissful, ecstatic union with divine love? For that is always what we will return to. Do you see?

J: Yes, those are simple, easy things people can do, small ways of creating balance.

M: Indeed. So you see what we just discussed requires self-forgiveness. I forgive myself for thinking it was selfish to honor my body as a temple.

J: We’re inviting people to make choices that may diverge from the cultural norms with which we were raised.

M: Indeed. The cultural norm is not about Ascension, the cultural norm is about DESCENSION! Descension into hell, we might add—how to become completely disconnected from everything that has anything to do with universal law. So, indeed, if one is committed as a disciple, one is renouncing the cultural norm. One is washing themselves of it on a daily basis.

J: That was a little jolting when you said many of our cultural norms are not about Ascension but about descension.

M: Indeed. Your cultural norms reflect what is happening on this planet. Look at the extreme amount of aggression and war on your planet. They are simply reflections of your cultural norms. The Light Workers, the Light Warriors, the avatars, whatever you shall call them, understand this and will not participate in the traffic of the cultural norm.

So, indeed, taking action each day to create that balance becomes a supreme act of discipleship, of self-love, of congruency with the cosmic plan, of love expanding into more love, of bliss expanding into more bliss, of freedom expanding into more freedom of expression. That is the purpose of making each day matter as a sacrifice to the divine, making each day sacred.

It might look ritualistic to some, such as this beloved channel’s insistence on taking a bath each morning might appear ritualistic or frivolous. But it is the consciousness she brings to that act that matters. It is the consciousness you bring, Joel, to the act of your sacred readings when you begin those each day. It is the consciousness you bring to the spiritual exercise.

When people want change, we know from the 5th dimension how to coach and to mentor them for that to happen. That is the nature of The Ascension Handbook, coaching and mentoring so that Ascension is inevitable.


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