Friday, April 24, 2015



From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel

Dear Beloved Humans with whom we are in service,

At this crucial time within your evolutionary path, let us now discuss knowledge and wisdom, and how many are not actually educating your youth, and yourselves, by not knowing the truth of your existence. In reality, you have largely not known your past and how you have arrived at your present. There have been advanced civilizations for millions of years on this planet, and none of you originated from here. Soon this will become common truth and a game-changer in your world.

During much of your past and within your present education systems, your teaching methods have largely been affected by the masculine-mind, assertive energy. You have been “telling” your students and self what it is you think you know, and asking them to repeat this back to you. And if they do not, they will not succeed. This “knowledge” has not led to wisdom (accumulated truth that can be used in the present and future). Look at your world now. There is no applied wisdom! Much of what you think you know is not truth, nor does it serve the needs (highest good) of your students or yourselves, dear ones. In fact, there has been very little truth within your world. Much of the truth has been concealed from you by the forces that have attempted to control you for eons (religions, governments, educational institutions, cultural belief-values, and corporations). This is all in the process of quickly changing.

Your students and yourselves need your souls (and soul plans) fed at this time, not just your minds, dear ones. By experiencing your soul plan, you will know who you are and why you are here. You really do not understand the construction of what you call your mind, or how the brain really works. Since the believing mind is finally returning in service to the truthful heart, this is a wonderful opportunity to revisit the entire concepts of knowing, wisdom, education, and truth. And what your soul, your eternal aspect, really needs at this time—and this is truth that will set you free from yourselves.

The heart actually contains all the knowledge you have accumulated from your past lives and allows this to be accessed through your discernment and resonance into present wisdom. Of course, another missing ingredient for many in humanity is knowing that you have had many lifetimes on this planet (another truth intentionally kept from you). Dear ones, it makes no sense that you merely have one life. Through your many lifetimes, you have experienced all you came here to experience in order to ascend into immortal beings of service to the forces that created you.

The challenge for humanity is to know that most of your wisdom and your movement forward on your evolutionary path (which is your divine destiny) has been the result of stimulation and wisdom coming from outside the human mind. From sources outside themselves, humans received the ideas, inventions, and gifts that have moved humanity forward. These were not created in your minds; they were received through the divine dance of giving and receiving (which you are learning to balance now). The mind and others have wanted you to believe that it is all there is—and ALL THERE IS, is beyond the human mind, dear ones. Can you accept this truth, and your need to maintain and sustain connection to these higher realms whose intention is to support and love you? And assist in moving you into another golden age of equality, harmony, and balance.

This cosmic consciousness of which we speak can change the entire concept of what we call wisdom and true education, and where information and truth reside, if you so choose. Cosmic consciousness knocks the ego of the “educated” back into its unknowing. By surrendering to the “unknowing” you open all possibilities and probabilities, dear ones. What is called the void is the foundation of creation; from nothing all things come. Once you can subdue (not eliminate) the human mind within educating yourselves, you can come to know truth. And that truth can set you free from all lack and limitation. The human mind can be a wonderful vehicle for moving this (new) truth forward; not saying it is the source.

Let your teachers become students and your students become teachers, and vice versa again, dear ones. For in truth, all the wisdom each of you needs to know resides within each and every one of you. You are simply learning how to access it. This will begin to feed your soul and bring joy into your awakening experience. For you are really not learning, you are simply awakening what innately lives within each of you. You see this in nature most often with your animals and plants, dear ones. Follow their example and be at peace.

This awakening is meant to be free to all. There is no need to accumulate student loan debt and joylessly memorize facts (that can change) that simply continue to imprison you, dear ones. Each one of you has an internal gyro system, your resonance and discernment, which will allow you to know what you need to awaken within you. Your joy will show you the path. This is how advanced civilizations experience life and learning, dear ones. We await you following this example.

The cyberspace communication technology that we have gifted you is meant to further assist your awakening and learning—your true education. Yes, dear ones, we gifted it to you. Someone did not invent it. But there are plenty abusing it and profiting from it. Again, many of your so-called inventions were received from higher realms to advance your evolution (creating the golden ages of the past). The sooner humanity knows and accepts this truth, the faster your advance will be and the more joyful your world will become.

Many of your educational institutions are in transition at present, realizing much of what used to work no longer does, but not knowing which way to turn. Some are holding on to the old way of being to the death. Let the teaching and reminders here allow you to create a new paradigm in learning, to access wisdom and bring more joy and truth into your lives like never before.


*The poems in this book are all from SACRED POETRY & MYSTICAL MESSAGES by Phillip Elton Collins. 


Be not proud of your wisdom,
Those who think you know it all.
For confidence is just an ego defense
Of the wounded child not feeling good at all, Being left out on the fence.

Discourse with the ignorant and the wise, 
For in reality, we are all simply teaching 
What we need to learn, and prize.

If some looking shallow Comes to you full of knowledge, 
Listen and heed
For wisdom has no greed. 




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