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The people of the world are waking up in unprecedented numbers. That is why we are seeing people challenging governments and religious, financial, political and many other systems and institutions everywhere.

This is how the Two Marys explained it to me recently. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, Jesus' spouse. They are channeled by Jessie Keener.

"The waking up that is going on right now is unprecedented, and, of course, was predicted that after 2012 there would be this massive and very quick heightening of people waking up, while all the systems that represented the old controls were being exposed, were crumbling and decaying, much like the fall of Rome."

As many of us know, increasingly higher vibration energies have been coming into the Earth plane for decades helping to raise human consciousness. That along with man's activities, including the polluting of Earth's air, water and land, are affecting the planet's energetic and weather patterns and are contributing to massive die offs of mammals, reptiles and amphibians plus incalculable disruptions of other Earth systems.

What does that have to do with us as individuals?  "If you are not experiencing disruptions in your life you are completely in denial, the Marys say, "Because each one of you is a mirror of the greater whole. You source the greater whole and you mirror the greater whole."

The Marys warn us that even more chaos is coming which, if we're not careful, can push us into more separation and conflict. So what should we do if more chaos unfolds? Come together, the Marys urge.

"There is so much excitement about what is happening in consciousness on your surface. Never before has this huge number of people been connected with all your communication devices including the Internet. It is a time of a great gathering of consciousness. Very small communities are forming all over the world working with technology, connecting the dots, so to speak. These communities will all be very different, but they'll all be coming from the very same notion, which is that it is the connection that matters. It is being connected that matters. When two or more are gathered in the consciousness of the Christ all things are possible.

"This is a very important time for humanity. The times ahead are going to be the biggest ride of anyone's life to date. There can be great exquisite joy or, if one is not careful, they could be seduced into a state of separation and the agony will be horrific.
The human body is always responding and reacting to whatever consciousness the human is sponsoring. Therefore, if one is in separation and agony, what do you think the physical form will be doing? It will be falling down with disease."

So what must we do in the midst of chaos and disruptions? Exercise your spiritual practices, the Two Marys say: Breath work, meditation, prayer, mantras, yoga, singing, spiritual readings, affirmations, exercise, joining with your soul families, etc. and "find that still point in the midst of the chaos. That is not a new theme. That is what the Buddha talked about. It is a very simple and recurring theme, finding that exquisite space, neutrality, inside one's being such that no matter what is happening, it is all love, it is all peace, it is all compassion. And that is, of course, the most exquisite dance any human can engage in.

"Beloveds just trust. Trust that the more you practice, the more certainty you will have. Understand your confidence comes from your connection with you and breathing and moving and using your mantras, your words and your affirmations. Your connection is your most precious gift. Cherish it. Start each day with the notion, ‘I cherish my connection.’ As you go through your day cherish that connection. And watch what happens just from that subtle awareness that you are cherishing that.

“Be in peace, beloveds."

JOEL DENNIS ANASTASI is a spiritual journalist and author of THE SECOND COMING, THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL PROCLAIMS A NEW AGE. The book is based on interviews conducted over several years with the Archangel Gabriel through trance channel Robert Baker.

Joel has adapted Archangel Michael's teachings to create a powerful new self-study program called LIFE MASTERY, CREATING YOUR LIFE AND THE COURAGE TO LIVE IT. He has published with channel Jessie Keener THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK, A GUIDE TO YOUR ECSTATIC UNION WITH GOD based on channeled messages from the combined energies of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, his spouse.

Joel has been a news reporter, magazine editor, VP at a major financial organization and a management consultant working with a wide range of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. He holds a BS degree in Economics from Syracuse University and an MS degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. 

Please visit The Second Coming website: The Second Coming, The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age.

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